Chapter 278 – The Problem of the Design 1

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Translator: Jei

On my way home from the company, I went to the Weapons and Armors shop of the dwarf,『Gamudo-san』in the Nippo town.

Because the designs, which Nancy’s mom and Ringo drew up, were too unique, the silver’s strength wasn’t sufficient, so I came to consult with Gamudo-san for a new metal.

「Yo, Seiji. Did you bring a liquor again?」

「Is liquor your favourite phrase…….?
Well, I’ve brought one, though!」

I held out a 96% alcohol strength vodka that I brought.

「Ou, thank you as always.」
「Since this liquor is a strong one, please be careful.」

「Don’t say such a stupid thing!
Liquor is something like a water for dwarves,
don’t lump me together with the humans.」

Is it really going to be alright……?
Well, it’s fine since the person himself said that it’s alright.

「By the way, I’ve come today because there’s something I’d like to consult you with for a bit.」
「Consultation? What is it? Weapon? Armor?」

「No, It’s a consultation about metal.」

I asked about a metal which can be used for accessories.

「Umu, if it’s that, then mithril might be good?
Its strength is higher than silver and its affinity with magic power is good, too~.」

It’s only going to be used as an accessory in Earth, so magic power won’t be used, though~.

「Then, may I have some mithril?」
「Since I’ve always get amazing liquor from you, I’d like to give you, but……I wonder if there’s some of it left.」

Gamudo-san went inside to get mithril and returned immediately.

「Sorry, there’s only this.」

The one Gamudo-san brought was a scrap of mithril around the size of a 100 Yen coin.

「Where can I go to get mithril?」
「Because of the war with the devil-kin, most of the materials have been taken and changed into weapons and armors.~
You mightn’t find it anywhere else unless you go to the Shinaga’s mines.」

Shinaga, huh. It’s where the Fire and Light Mana Crystal is located and Hilda’s hometown, but I’ve passed by it last time.

「Understood, I’ll go there now.」

「I’m sorry that I am unable to help even though I got the liquor.
Ah, that’s right! I have to try this liquor.」

Gamudo-san said so and downed the vodka with *kui*……


and fell backward just like that.

「Wai-! Gamudo-san!!
Isn’t it like water for dwarves!?」

I carried Gamudo-san to bed and nursed him.

For me, a dwarf, to fall because of a liquor!! It’s a blunder of a lifetime.
Annoying…….but, just another mouthful.」

He seems to be quite alright.

I left Gamudo’s shop and decided to go home.


Since I stopped by at the different world on my way back from work on a weekday, it had become late at night, I went back home without going to Shinaga.

「Onii-chan, were you able to get a good metal?」

Aya greeted me.
Elena and Hilda seems to be taking a bath.

「We’ve talked about if a mithril might be good, but I was only able to get this.」

I showed Aya the scrap of mithril.

「If it’s something made of mithril, isn’t there a few?
For instance, onii-chan’s sword.」
「It’s no good since I’m using it.」

「You’re not using it recently.」
「I will use it in case of emergency.」

「Then, what would you do?」

「I might be able to buy some if I go to Shinaga town.」

But if it’s you, onii-chan, can’t you create a mithril?」

Create? Metal?

「Alchemy doesn’t exist, it’s impossible to do such a thing.」
「Is that so?」

Is it really so?
I said it myself, but I felt like there might be some possible methods.

But, what’s a『Mithril』?

For now, I tried to appraise it.

│A silver containing magic power.
│It possessed strength of steel.
│It will not darken nor become dim.
│Rarity: ★★★

Umu, silver seems to be the raw material,
but when I channeled magic power into silver, it doesn’t become mithril.


「I’ve come up with something good.」
「You will be able create mithril?」
「I don’t know yet.」

I hold the scrap of mithril in my hand……


I decomposed the mithril using【Lightning magic】.

*para para……*

The resultant silver powder and transparent powder were there.

When I appraised the silver powder, it was『silver』.

And then……
when I appraised the transparent powder――

│【Powder of Magic Stone of Nullpo】
│A powdered Magic Stone of Nullpo.
│Rarity: ★★

「Are you serious!?」
「What’s the matter, onii-chan?」

「It seems I will be able to make mithril with silver and Magic Stone of Nullpo.」
「Ooh, yehey!」

I tried to【decompose】a large amount of 『Magic Stone of Nullpo』.

*Para para……*

I did it!
The【Powder of Magic Stone of Nullpo】was completed.
Afterwards, when I mixed this with silver――

The『pure silver』, which I made by【decomposing】silver coin, and the【Powder of Magic Stone of Nullpo】were properly mixed and were put together using【Metal Control】.
I had a little trouble turning back something powdery into metal, but……

The mithril was completed.
However, its quality is a little poor.

When I used【Appraisal】, it became『Mithril -1』.
Umu, did I get the quantity wrong?

I changed the quantity little by little and repeated the experiment in various ways.
In the middle of the experiment, Aya got tired and went back to her room.

And then, it was finally completed!

『Mithril +3』

It was a perfect quality.

Although it’s very light, it’s strong and has better hue than silver.
It’s certainly a perfect metal.

Just you wait and see, Nancy’s mom, I will make an accessory with this perfect metal!!

Well, the problem of the design due to Ringo and Nancy’s mom isn’t only this……

『【Smelting】magic acquired.
【Alloy making】magic acquired.』

Translator’s note:

[1]Not sure what happened to electrolysis電, but the author used 分解 throughout the whole chapter.

Here’s the linkbucks’ link. Thanks~.

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      • memerou October 15, 2016 / 5:59 pm

        go to a scrap yard and use Decomposition . . . he’ll get very rich instantly .. them gold, silver, iron, copper and platinum


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    • Gege October 15, 2016 / 8:41 pm

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        she suggested to use the mithril from his sword….


        • StealthAria October 19, 2016 / 1:27 pm

          He really isn’t using it and he should be getting a much better sword soon. Plus he probably doesn’t even need an actual sword, with all the magic he has he could probably just mass produce perfect swords from just about anything.


  4. lygarx October 15, 2016 / 6:08 pm

    I always figured Mithril was an isotope of silver not a silver alloy. that instead of heavier neutrons, it is made of magic subatomic particles.


  5. Reaper Phoenix October 16, 2016 / 1:00 am

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I’m curious what would happen if he changed silver with gold. What would gold + magic create?

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      i’ve never conidered the posibilities….

      the chapter is great except for aya…


    • Huh...? February 10, 2017 / 10:29 pm

      If, Silver + Magic powder = Mithril

      then maybe,
      Gold + Magic powder = Orichalcum
      Platinum + Magic powder = Adamantium


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    No one’s going to mention that Russians have higher alcohol tolerance than dwarves?


    • Mithgol the Webmaster (@FidonetRunes) December 30, 2017 / 11:33 pm

      It is not usual even in Russia to drink a 96% alcohol strength vodka.

      Since the 1890s, the standard Russian vodka is 40% alcohol by volume (ABV) — a percentage that is widely misattributed to Dmitri Mendeleev.


  7. Elementalcobalt April 13, 2017 / 10:19 am

    96% alcohol strength? That’s basically pure alcohol. The highest proof alcohol still considered a drink is only 95%. Rectified spirit. The highest vodka is 88%. Its described as basically tasteless. You actually can’t get dryer alcohol than 95% because it sucks the moisture out of the air. 100% is achieved by adding specially treated chemicals which is why it isn’t drinkable.


  8. laneofmagic May 20, 2019 / 6:30 pm

    He created mithril. He actually created mithril.

    Absolute madlad!


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