Chapter 277 – To another room

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Translator: Jei

When Nancy passionately hugs Ringo……


N? Who is it? Suddenly uttering something strange?

「A love between girls……dyufufufu……」

When I turned around to look at the owner of the voice……

it was『Yurie-san』who had a hentai expression.

Hn? Did Yurie-san returned to her former self!?


However, Yurie-san sat down as though she immediately had lost her strength.

「Yurie-kun, are you okay?」

Mai-san rushed over to Yurie-san immediately.

When I tried to use【Appraisal】, Yurie-san’s MP has been fairly decreased. What’s the cause of it?

「Hilda, give Yurie-san a candy.」

Yurie-san licked the candy, which she got from Hilda, and she seemed to have finally calmed down.

But, what happened to the present Yurie-san?
Is it an effect of that『black something』on her thigh??

「I saw that Yurie-san’s magic power was absorbed by that black thing on her thigh just now.」

Mai-san told me so in a low voice.
So it was after all because of that!

It seemed to be also absorbing dark emotions(?) together with magic power, huh?[1]

「Is that girl alright?」

Mama-san is anxious, too.

「Yes, she seems to be a little tired.」

troublesome things suddenly break out one after another.


「Nee, Maruyama.
 Make an accessory for me, too!」

What is it this time?
It was Megumi-chan.

「Does Megumi-san want an accessory, too?」
「S-, Since I’ll receive it, make one for me!」

「But I’m not a jeweler[2], how about asking a professional from Nancy Jewelry?」
「So-! I said that I will receive the accessory that you made, Maruyama!
 Make one for me without complaining!」

You want one that much, huh……

「The accessories I made are proofs of friendship, you know?
 Megumi-san, do you want to be my friend?」

「Well, for Megumi-san, I’m nothing but a subordinate of your ojii-san, right?
 If you’d like to make friends, I might make you an accessory?」

「I-! With Maruyama!
 D-, Don’t want to become friends!!」

Megumi-chan went somewhere in anger.
Her eyes became teary, did I went a little too far?


「Will you make one for me?」

Who is it this time?
It was Nancy’s mom.

「It’s no good.」
「We aren’t friends, are we?」

「Well then, how much do you want for you to make one for me?」
「It’s not a problem of money.」


Nancy’s mom began to laugh.
I have a bad feeling about this.

「I have no choice, but to use my trump card, huh.」
「Trump card?」

「Y-, Yes.」

Is she planning to involve Ringo!?

「You, are studying jewelry design, right?」
「Y-, Yes.」

「You, aren’t intending to become a Nancy・Jewelry’s『exclusive designer』?」

「If you are able to persuade Seiji, I’m going to make you an『exclusive designer』.」

That’s foul, Nancy’s mom is going to play dirty as expected!

「Understood, I will make one for you!」
「S-, Seiji-san, it’s not that I particularly……」

I know that Ringo respects Nancy’s mom as a designer.
If it’s for Ringo, this much is cheap.

「I did it! A designer, who seems to be interesting, and an item made of a mysterious technology.  Double get!」

I’ve been had! Nancy’s mom have probably been aiming at Ringo from the beginning!
As expected of someone who raise the Nancy・Jewelry to a big-name brand in one generation.
Oh well, Ringo is pleased, too.

「Then, let’s start designing at once!
 Ringo-san, help me right now!」
「Eh, ah, yes.」

Nancy’s mom went to another room with Ringo.
You don’t have to do such a thing in the middle of a party, though……

「I’m really, really embarrassed at my strange mama.」

Nancy breathed a deep sigh.



After a short moment, Megumi came over with the president.
Megumi-chan would probably have the president to implore me.
「I’m also fine with becoming f-, f-, friends with you.」

「So, I’m saying that I will make friends with Maruyama!」

The president is persuading me from behind Megumi-chan.
There’s no helping it anymore, huh~.

「Well then, Megumi-chan.」
「It’s strange to call you『Megumi-san』if we’re friends, right?」

「Please call me like a friend not『Maruyama』.」
「I-, I understand already!
 Seiji! This is fine, right!?」

Oh, well.

「Well then, let’s shake hands as a seal of being friends.」

Megumi-chan shook hands with me while looking the other way.

「T-, Then……. the accesso……」
「I got it.
 Ringo and Nancy’s mama-san is designing in another room right now.
 Let’s go ask them for Megumi-chan’s.」
「R-, Really!?」

Megumi-chan’s face suddenly brightened.
As expected, her smiling face is the cutest.

Megumi-chan and I went to the another room together.

Translator’s notes:

[1]Dark emotions, probably referring to her evil (hentai) thoughts.

[2]Can’t think of another term, it’s supposedly someone who works with/sells accessory not jewelry. Any help would be appreciated.

Here’s the linkbucks’ link. Thanks~.

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    Yurie definitely has level 5 dark magic!
    Darkness magic = hentai magic


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