Chapter 276 – Hentai’s prey

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Translator: Jei

「Seiji! You-!!」

Nancy’s mom grabbed me by the collar this time.
And then, her eyes become bloodshot; it’s somewhat scary.

「Uhh……i-, is there something wrong?」

「There’s isn’t but I’m asking you!
How did you make that brooch!?」
「Even if I tell you how I’ve made it……」

Still, I can’t say that I made it using magic.

「It’s just like magic……」

「There should’ve been a problem when doing the metalwork with such design.」
「I-, I’m sorry.」

Overwhelmed by the momentum, Ringo apologizes, but Nancy’s mom doesn’t seem to have heard it.

「But, you have actually completed that brooch.
It does really seem to have been made using magic!!」

As expected, its strange construction will be found out when a professional looked at it.

「Tell me!! How did you make it!?」

Nancy’s mom is scary……

I was going to ask help from Nancy, but she turned the other way.
Such a thing…cruel……

「Don’t remain silent, say something!」
「It’s a secret!!!!」

「I-, It’s a secret, you say!!!!?」

S-, Scary……

「Mama, calm down!」

Finally, Nancy joined to help.

「R-, Right……
It’s impossible to tell such an amazing metalwork technology just like that.」

Phew, she finally gave up, huh.

「1 million dollars!」

「How about for 1 million dollars?」
「W-, What 1 million dollars? 」

I have a bad feeling about this.

「Sell that metalwork technology to me for 1 million dollars!」

Umu, how much is 1 million dollars when converted into Japanese Yen?
If I’m not mistaken, the present rate is 1 dollar is about 110 Yen?
1 million dollars is about 100 million Yen, huh……
one hundred million Yen?

Calm down……it’s just 100 million Yen,
it’s the same amount I got from the president and the director previously.
It’s a great mistake if you think that I will be swayed with such amount!

「Then, how about for 2 million dollars?」

She raised the price!

「I-, I’ll have to…decline.」

「Kii-! I understand!!!」

She finally understand, huh.

「10 million dollars!!!!」
「Wait, mama!」
「Be quiet!
This will allow us to change the history of metalworking industry!
It’s enough to be worth 10 million dollars!!」

Crap, her eyes have completely lost reason.
She sidles up with a posture that seem to be ready to attack at any moment.
I’m being pushed back by the momentum of Nancy’s mom and slowly move backwards.
And then, finally, she has driven me to the wall and pushed me against it with both hands.

「10 million dollars, you don’t have any complaint with this, right?」
「I-, I’ll have to decline.」

「Kii-!! Why!!?
That’s right!
I’ll add Nancy!
You won’t have any more complaint with this, right?」

「I’ll offer up Nancy to you and you may do anything to her as you like.
So let’s come to an agreement.」
「Wai-! Mama!!」

「Although I’ve heard that all Japanese men are hentai, for the future of Nancy・Jewelry, please become a human sacrifice.」

What a cruel thing to say.

「Even if you add any condition, I’m not telling it you.」
「W-, Why!?
You’re free to do hentai stuff to Nancy, you know?」
「I’m not a hentai (probably)!!」

Nancy’s mom dropped her shoulders disappointingly.

But it can’t be helped, it’s impossible for me to say that I made it using magic after all.


Hm? Is Nancy’s mom crying?


It was different, she was just annoyed.

「I thought that my metalwork technology was the best in the world!
But for the heart to be snatched away by such technology of an Asian country!」

Nancy’s mom stomps her foot on the ground.
She’s probably very annoyed.
I’ve done something bad.

「S-, Seiji-san!」

Then, unable to just watch, Ringo spoke from the side.

「Seiji-san, can I give my brooch to Nancy’s mom?」
「Because, I feel sorry for Mama-san.」

Ringo is a good girl, huh.

「But, it’s no good!」
「Because that brooch is our『proof of friendship』, remember?
Are you going to give our『proof of friendship』to another person?」
「That’s right, isn’t it……」

Ringo hangs her head down,
then raises her face with *kui* as she realized something.

「Ah! That’s right!
Well then, can’t you make a『proof of friendship』for Nancy, too?」
「For Nancy?」
「Because Nancy is our friend, too, right?」
「Even so~.」

If I give one to Nancy, it will surely be snatched away by Nancy’s mom.

「Then, I will comply with whatever Seiji-san will say to me!」
「Eh? What did you say just now?」
「E-, E-, Even if it’s something hentai, I-, I will bear with it!!」

Wait, Ringo-san, you shouldn’t say such a thing!

「……Understood, I will make one for Nancy, too.」
「Is it true!?」
「But I’m not a hentai!!」

「Since I’ll be giving a present to Nancy, an accessory the same as ours as a『proof of friendship』, please forgive me.」
「Seiji, are you really going to give me an accessory, too?」

Nancy looks glad, too.

You mustn’t give the『proof of friendship』to other people or sell it,
in addition, you’re not allowed to disassemble it for examination!」

When I said so towards Mama-san, who had an evil look behind Nancy,
Mama-san looked the other way and began to whistle.
Is it really going to be alright?

「Seiji, Ringo, thanks.」

Nancy shook hands with me joyfully.
And then, she hugged Ringo passionately.

「Wai-! Nancy-san! It’s painful.」

Eviable! I’d like to exchange position with either one of them!

「Ringo, sorry, because of me……」
「But, because of me, Ringo has become the hentai’s prey.」

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 276 – Hentai’s prey

  1. Seinvolf October 14, 2016 / 10:20 pm

    Thank u always for ur great work…


    • Seinvolf October 14, 2016 / 10:32 pm

      It escalate tooo quickly…


  2. Drakuro October 14, 2016 / 10:42 pm

    pretty sure whatever design he did can be done with current technology. Even if he had magic, he’s not an expert at making accessory. Not to mention Ringo wouldn’t have made a design that can’t be created with the current technology, since that would be pretty pointless as a designer.


    • Nguyen Gia Thai October 14, 2016 / 10:50 pm

      It’s not the design that is the problem, since great designers are not that rare and you can do the modeling on computer all you want.
      It is the way the metal was made to follow such designs that is the problem. A professional know the limits of their technology will notice the impossible right off.

      It’s like, you know how diamond is. But how in the nine hells do you make a ring of 100% diamond?


    • xias1 October 15, 2016 / 12:34 am

      There´s at least one issue with the brooch that can´t be accomplished with the current technologies.
      When Seiji created those broches he used pure silver but at the same time he changed the silver´s colours using magic.
      If I remember correctly for example he changed Mai´s brooch to a red color because the anime character Mai cosplayed as had the fire attribute.

      And even with state-of-the-art technologies you can´t freely change the colour of silver without adding other materials.

      So the colouring of those brooches alone is impossible without magic as they consist of pure silver.


  3. Deal with it October 15, 2016 / 12:59 am

    Noooooo hateful mother in law!!!!!!!!!
    Ninja Seiji gonna be replaced with hentai Seiji…


  4. KuRuuRuu October 15, 2016 / 1:14 am

    Thanks for the chapter~
    Well, that’s a great way to formally establish Nancy as Seiji’s newest harem member 😆


  5. memerou October 15, 2016 / 1:50 am

    1. am waiting for Seiji to bring Ringo to the other world too… and make her learn Earth Magic so she can learn how to make them accessories designs of hers into real things

    2. Mama-san was willing to do everything, even making Nancy a sacrifice, to make her company richer . . . scary~~~

    3. chapters without Aya and Megumi are the best~~~ . . . . though this could be bad luck, but let’s hope them two don’t team up . . .


  6. Reaper Phoenix October 16, 2016 / 1:22 am

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Nancy GET?


  7. FuriousGeorge October 21, 2016 / 3:53 pm

    This might be my favorite chapter yet. Cracked me up. XD


  8. zarvii November 7, 2016 / 9:06 pm

    I did not expect something from the title
    really its true!!


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