Chapter 274 – Ninja Maruyama

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Translator: Jei

I, with Nancy and Nancy’s mom,
went to the sickroom of the president’s grandchild next.
There wasn’t only the grandchild in the room, but also the president.

「President, Nancy and the president of Nancy・Jewelry came for a visit.」
「Ah, sorry for having you go all the way here.」
「T-, Thanks.」

Was the grandchild’s name Megumi-chan?
She was a bit tense.

Since it was something that the president was experienced in, he shook hands with Nancy’s mom and answered in English in spite of of it being baby talk.

『This is the omimai[1].』

Nancy’s mom hand over a small box to Megumi-chan.

「Kyaa! Isn’t this the latest necklace of Nancy・Jewelry!?
I’ve made a profit from getting dragged into the incident!」

Megumi-chan is delighted at the omimai necklace.
Although she had a look that seemed to be at the point of death when she was kidnapped, she’s a cash girl, huh.

Megumi-chan was delighted for a while,
but suddenly became displeased as soon as her eyes met mine.

「Nee, ojii-chan.」
「What is it, Megumi?」

Even the president is an『ojii-chan』when dealing with his grandchild, huh.

「Who is this man, who is here since a little while ago?」

Did you just call me『this man』!?
Besides, you mustn’t point at other people.

「This man is『Maruyama』of our company.」
「Ah, he’s one of ojii-chan’s subordinate, huh.」

When Megumi-chan scowls at me―

「Nee, Maruyama.
Buy me an orange juice because I’m thirsty.」

Oi-!  A very spoiled fellow, huh.
Don’t call me without honorifics!

「Sorry, Maruyama-kun, she’s a spoiled child……
It was an orange juice, right? Wait a moment, I will get it.」

「I already said it to Maruyama!
I didn’t say it to ojii-chan!」

Being ojii-chan is also hard, huh.

「Will you stop it, Megumi?
I already said it many times that the relationship of the employee and the president isn’t like that.
Besides, this Maruyama-kun……」

The president whispers into Megumi-chan’s ear.


Being whispered into the ear by the president, Megumi-chan looked towards me in wonder.

Of what the president was whispering…..I heard a little.
It was as expected, the one who used the【Fat reduction potion】and【Huge breast potion】was Megumi-chan, huh.

She’s already not fat anymore, as for the breasts…..well, they’re normal, too.
Uh-huh, it’s good that the potion worked properly.

When I was realizing the effect of the potion――

「Where are you looking at!!?」

Megumi-chan’s face turned crimson red and began to get angrier than a little while ago.
It’s already extremely absurd.

And then, she threw a nearby apple at me.
Oi, idiot, you shouldn’t waste food!

I caught the apple, which was flying, at once.

『Oh! Nice catch!』
『Oh, thanks.』

Nancy and Nancy’s mom applauded.

Thus, Megumi-chan isn’t happy with it.


Megumi-chan struck the shelf, on which the plate of apples was placed, with all her might.


Megumi-chan’s fist didn’t knock the shelf, but the plate, on which the apples were placed.

The apples fly into the air using the principle of leverage.
And then……

Mixed among the apples was a『knife』, which was used to peel apples, and it also flew into the air.


The knife flies toward Nancy’s mom as though it was a careful aimed at.

The knife feels like it was flying in the air in slow motion,
and then, nobody at the place is able to move……

Well, I can move, though!


I caught the knife a little before it hit Nancy’s mom.

*Pashi pashi pashi!*

While I’m at it, I caught all the apples that were flying in air with the knife.
One shouldn’t waste food.

When I returned the knife and the apples I caught to the plate from before,
the eyes of the people inside the room turned into dots.

Crap, did I overdo it?
But there’s no helping it, I couldn’t let Nancy’s mom get hurt.

『Oh!!!! A Japanese ninja!!

Nancy’s mom broke the silence and began to clap her hands.

『Seiji is a ninja, huh!
That’s amazing!!』

Nancy is delighted, too.

「……N-, Ninja!??」

Ah, crap. Megumi-chan glares at me.
Because Nancy and the others are saying ‘ninja, ninja’, is she suspecting me if I was the ninja at that time?
But, at that time, I didn’t utter a single word nor make excessive showy movements. It’s fine, right?

「Maruyama, are you a ninja?」
「A-, As if~.

Dangerous. I have to cover it up somehow.

「Other than such a thing, Megumi-san.
You have to apologize to Nancy’s mom properly.
The knife almost pierced her as a result, you know?」

「Ah, eh, that’s right…….isn’t it?」

『Nancy’s mama-san, I’m sorry for making the knife flying.』

Megumi-chan apologizes in English.
She can speak in English, huh!

『Oh! A Japanese apology!
I’ve seen it again!』

Nancy’s mom doesn’t seem to be minding it that much.
Or rather, isn’t it normal to apologize when you make a knife flying?

After that, we finished our hospital visit peacefully,
and according to the result of the inspection, it was said that there wasn’t any problem in particular, so the director and Megumi-chan were discharged from the hospital on the very same day.

Translator’s note:

[1]Omimai is a gift of money in sympathy, can also includes monetary gift to an ill person as well as donations made to those who are victims of fire, flood and other natural disasters. It can also mean the act of visiting someone who is ill (most often someone hospitalized), and just like in the west, when someone visits an ill-person, they usually bring flowers or fruits, it’s kinda bad to visit someone empty-handed when you’re visiting them the first time.

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