Chapter 273 – Why are you apologizing?

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Translator: Jei
Proofread: Knowngni

「Hey, Nancy.
What kind of person is Nancy’s mama?」

To Nancy, who has finished a call with her mama, Aya asked a question.

「Oh, well,
she always wore jingling accessories.」

「Anything else?」
「Hmm, it’s hard to describe my mom……
ah, that’s right.
Because I’ll be holding a party, please attend. Then, I’ll introduce you.」

Nancy’s mom, I mean the『Nancy・Jewelry』’s president……
that party is going to be luxurious.

「I’d like to attend, too!!」
「Of course! Come, come.」

Ringo bit on the unexpected thing.

Since Ringo is aspiring to be a designer,
she’ll be interested in Nancy’s mom, who is successful as a designer.

「By the way, Nancy. When is your mom coming to Japan.」
「Tomorrow morning.」
「That’s quite sudden, huh.」
「It seems she was quite surprised when she heard about the incident.
She cancelled all her other work and came flying over.」

I see, although she hasn’t been kidnapped, she would’ve been depending on the situation, it’s only naturally for her to worry as her mother.

「So, Seiji, I’d like to go to the airport to meet mama tomorrow, can you come with me?」
「Ah, it’s fine.」

I actually wanted to clear the『Tower of Sunrise』, but it can’t be helped, huh.
Since Nancy was about to be involved in the incident, I also don’t want to leave her alone.

Thus, the karaoke tournament ended.


The next day, Saturday,
with us two, Nancy and I went to Haneda Airport.
The three people–Aya, Elena, and Hilda–are staying at home.
「Seiji, thank you for coming with me even though it’s Saturday.」
「Don’t worry about it.」

When we were having such a talk, a woman wearing last-boss-style jinggling accessories was approaching us from the opposite side.
That woman’s walking speed grew faster and faster with every step, finally at the speed that she was almost sprinting, she crashed against Nancy with a tackle.

「Nancy! Oh, my Nancy, it’s good that you were safe!」
「Wait, Mama! Ouch, ouch!」

Somehow or other, this person seems to be Nancy’s mom.
She’s probably so worried.

「Nancy, you aren’t injured anywhere?」
「I’m fine other than the place where mama tackled me just now.」
「That’s good~.」

Nancy’s mom kept kissing Nancy on the cheeks while saying so.

「Mama, stop it! Because I’m not a child.」

As one would expect, even Nancy is『spoiled』by her mom.

「By the way, who is that man?」
「Ah, it’s Seiji of ○○ company.」
「Ah, that Seiji, huh. Thank you.」

What do you mean by『that Seiji』?

Oh, well.

「First, I’ll guide you to the hotel since standing here around talking is hard.」

I said so and was about to guide mama-san―

「No, there’s no need for that.」
「Eh? What does that mean?」

「I’ll take Nancy right now and return to California.」

I was extremely surprised at the words of Nancy’s mom,
Nancy was also surprised in the same way as me.

「Wai-, mama, why are we going home?
What about the business?」

Somehow or other, it seemed to have been a bolt from the blue even for Nancy.

「That’s probably right,
but I sent you here because I heard that Japan was a safe country.
Also, I heard that you went to an around-the-world trip behind my back some time ago!
I’ve already had enough of you going through dangers.」

I understand the feeling, but……

「Wait a minute!
It’s us, who brought that『kind of danger』into Japan, right!?
This time, I must explain to the director-san of ○○ company and the grandchild of the president, who suffered a terrible thing from the mafia.」

Ooh, Nancy said something an adult would say.

Let’s talk about the matter of returning home afterwards.」

Nancy’s mom understood, too. After that, we left the airport.


I, together with Nancy and Nancy’s mom, paid a visit to the president’s grandchild and the director.
There wasn’t any serious injury, but both of them has been hospitalized for inspection.

First, we went to the director’s sickroom.

「Director, Nancy and the president-san of the Nancy・Jewelry came to visit you.」
「Ooh, did they especially come for me?」

Nancy’s mama said such a thing while shaking hands with the director.

『This time’s incident is a disaster, let’s overcome the difficulty together from now on.』

When I interpreted what Nancy’s mom said to the director――

Maruyama-kun, didn’t they come here to apologize?」
「Probably, I think that’s the intention.」

「It’s a strange expression for an apology.」
「That’s, because they are Americans.」
「Is it such a thing?」

The director doesn’t seem to understand it that much and looks strange.

『Seiji, is something wrong?』

They are anxious about the director and I talking in Japanese.

『It seems the director wants to hear the words of apology.』
『Apology!! What do you mean!?』

Nancy’s mom is surprised this time.

『It’s a difference between Japanese and American culture.
There’s a custom in Japan that you have to apologize first in this kind of situation.』
『Oh! It’s unbelievable.』

Seeing that Nancy’s mom making an exaggerated surprised gesture, the director is surprised this time.

「Wait, Maruyama-kun. Did you interpret the conversation awhile ago?」
「Yes, I interpreted it.
President-san said『it’s unbelievable.』」

「Hey! Why did you interpret it!?
Please tell the other party that I apologize for saying such a strange thing.」

Well, I will interpret it, but……

『The director said he apologizes for saying such a strange thing.』

Why are you apologizing?!!?』

Nancy’s mom’s eyes turned round at the excessive cultural shock.

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