Chapter 272 – How to raise a fallen tension

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Translator: Jei

The next day, when I was summoned with Nancy and went to the company, we received an interview from the police, who came to the company.

Although I received a call from the director’s phone,
I testified with『I didn’t think that it was a telephone threat.』

In the end, I didn’t come into contact with the mafia other than the time when I transformed into a ninja, so with the notion that we were sightseeing without knowing the events, we had been released quickly.

「Sorry, Seiji.
I dragged you into a trouble……」

On the way back from the company, Nancy had become modest.

「It doesn’t particularly mean that Nancy is bad, I think?
Besides, I didn’t suffer from any trouble.
Shouldn’t that sort of talk be said to the director and the president’s grandchild?」
「Ah, that’s right.」

Well, the president’s grandchild and the director didn’t get hurt that much either and everyone from the criminal group had been arrested, so such a thing will not happen anymore.

「That reminds me, why were you being targeted, Nancy?」
「I think it’s probably because of my and mama’s company.」

「Company? Did the『Nancy・Jewelry』have any trouble with the mafia?」
「Un, it’s not as bad as……you think, though.」

It seems to be something a little difficult for Nancy to say.

「Was it by any chance hard to say?
You don’t need to force yourself to talk about it, you know?」
「Er, well, it’s not such a big deal.
Although we were able to decide in which country the Nancy・Jewelry’s overseas store should be opened, there was a debate within the company.
The last choices that remained were Japan and China.」

That reminds me, I also heard such a story.
I think that the around-the-world trip of Nancy was also related to it.

「Mama said『Japan』was good while one executive said『China』, they were having a dispute over it and neither one was willing to take a step back.
They were debating for a while,
but then, the executive, who were pushing『China』, suddenly got arrested.」
「Got arrested?」

Nancy’s mama didn’t make necessary preparations from behind the scenes, right?

「That executive seemed to be smuggling illegal drugs mixed-up with the jewelry’s material from『China』.」

I see, he was going to smuggle using the accessory store as a cover, huh?
Were they thinking that if the branch store to Japan is prevented, the discussion might come back to their place again?

While having such talk, Nancy and I returned to the house.


「We’re back~.」
「Seiji-sama, Nancy-san, welcome back.」
「Welcome back.」

Elena and Hilda greeted us.
Neither of the two seemed to understand the incident well.

We were relaxing while drinking coffee in the living room.

「Nancy, what would you do from now on?
It’s past noon, but do you want to go sightseeing after this?」
「Uhm, like, the tension has fallen,
something to raise it……
That’s right! I’d like to go to『Aki・barbara』.」

Ah,『Akihabara』, huh. Do you like such a place?」
「Right, that『Akihabara[1]』!
the『Akihabara』is famous in Japanese culture.
I’d like to go there on one occasion.」

「Is that so? Then, let’s go to Akihabara together!」


With this and that, we went to『Akihabara』.

「Oh! There’s a maid-san!!」

Nancy shakes hands with the maid-san, who is distributing leaflets.
Maid-san looks a little embarrassed. I’m sorry, maid-san.

What a maid, Elena and Hilda are very curious about her, too.
Are they interested in those clothes?
I’ll buy maid clothes for the two people next time. Yep, let’s do that.

「Seiji, it seems maid-san wants us to come to the shop!」

Umu, shop, you say? It’s that kind of shop after all?
Is it fine to bring the three girls over there?

「Seiji-sama, I’d like to go, too!」

Elena and Hilda are enthusiastic, too!
Well, if everyone said that they want to go by all means, it can’t be helped, right!?
Ah, there’s no helping it, there’s no helping it!!


「Goshujin-sama, Ojou-sama. Welcome home!!」

We were greeted by maid-sans.
Elena and Hilda, being suddenly greeted, are panicking.

「Seiji-sama, why did they call us ojou-sama!?」
「M-, Me, ojou-sama……」

Elena and Hilda are surprised at the greeting of maid-san.

「Goshujin-sama, ojou-sama, have you decided on your order?」

A maid-san came to take our order.
What! This maid-san seems to be a maid, who can speak English, making Nancy relieved, too.

Therefore, everyone orders an omelet rice and maid-san draws a picture with ketchup for us.

Nancy’s was a『chicken』, Hilda’s was a『chick』.
Elena’s was an『angel』,
and then, mine……
was a drawing of a『pig』.
Why is it a pig……?

「Moe moe~, pouring love!」

Then, the maid’s strange song and dance with『love』was put in for us, too.

Nancy is delighted,
while Elena and Hilda are trying hard to learn the song and dance.
I will have them to do it later at the house. Yep, let’s do that.


「Onii-chan, I have kept you waiting!」

At the maid cafe, where the heart and stomach had become full, Aya joined.

Surprisingly, she brought three people–Ringo, Mai-san and Yurie-san.

「Seiji-san, I’ve heard about the incident.」
「Onii-san, I’ve heard that it was something serious in various ways.」

Six beautiful girls (+one fellow who isn’t) lining up, what a masterpiece.
When such eight people paraded around Akihabara, it kept attracting attention from the surroundings.

「In this way, it has now become a crowd, where do you want to go after this?」
「Well then,『Kyaraokee』!」
「『Karaoke』, huh. Good!」

We enjoyed a karaoke in a VIP karaoke room.

Aya’s was a theme song of a drama.
Elena and Hilda’s were magical girl anime songs.
Ringo’s was a visual kei band’s song.
Mai-san’s was a sports anime song.
Yurie-san’s was a Do Enka[2].
Each became a separate karaoke competition.

By the way, I sang a song of a robot anime series, aniki style.
Why does everyone go to the restroom only during my song?

And then, if one were to speak of Nancy’s, then……

she started singing the theme song of『Magical Girl・C』in English!

Do you know『Magical Girl・C』?」
「Of course! It’s my favorite anime.」

Afterwards, with everyone singing a『Magical Girl・C』song medley with abandon, the tension greatly rose.



Exactly during a song to another, the room’s phone rang.

「Onii-chan, it seems to be the end time soon.」

When everyone is preparing to go back with satisfied-looking face……


The phone rang again.

「Hm? Again?」

When I think about it, it’s not the room’s phone.

「Ah, it’s my phone.」

It was Nancy’s smartphone.

「Ah, mama, what’s the matter?
Eh!? Un, understood.」

「Nancy, what’s wrong?
Is it from your mama?」

「Un, mama,
is coming to Japan.」

Translator’s notes:

[1]Written in katakana.

[2]A quintessential Enka.

Linkbucks’ link. Thanks~!

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