Chapter 271 – The police storming in

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Translator: Jei
To be proofread by: DarkKnight

For the time being, I healed the injured Suke-san and Kaku-san, who were hit by the boss’ machine gun.
Since it might get leaked out if I were to heal them so showily, I did it to the extent of stopping the bleeding so that they won’t die.

Then, a smartphone suddenly came out of Suke-san’s breast pocket.
Oh, I might be able to use this!

I’m going to call 110 using Suke-san’s smartphone……
though I intended to do it, it’s no good.
The voice is going to be recorded when calling 110, it’s unwise to make a call using my voice.


That’s right, I forgot that a girl was being detained in the basement.
I will have that girl to make the call!


When I got to the basement,
the director is lying down and tied up,
while the girl gets scared seeing my figure.

I removed the girl’s gag.

「*Puwaa.* W-, Who are you? What are you going to do with me!?」

Since the director is here, I can’t speak.
I will pretend to not understand Japanese.

I call 110 using Suke-san’s smartphone and bring the phone to the girl’s ear.

『Is it an incident? Or an accident?』

The girl was puzzled, but when her eyes went back and forth between my face and the 110 number on the smartphone’s screen, she seemed to have understood that I was urging her to talk.

「H-, Help!」
『What happened?』

「I have been kidnapped by strange people!」
『Is there anyone nearby?』
「There’s a tied-up oji-san and a suspicious ninja.」

『Ninja?? Is he the criminal?』
「I don’t know.
That ninja brought a phone and called 110.
Also, that ninja has the smartphone right now.」

『Did that ninja harm you?』
「No, he removed the cloth that was tied around my mouth.」

『Understood, please don’t provoke him too much for caution’s sake.』
「Y-, Yes.」

『May I ask your name?』
「My name is『Yachiyo Megumi』.」

『So it’s【Yachiyo Megumi】-san. Understood.
Then, do you know the location of the place you are in right now?』
「Uhh, it seems to be a basement of some kind.」

I give up, how should I inform them of the location……

『Understood, please wait for a while since I will search the place here.』

Oh, if it’s the 110, they can search the location of the phone that was used to make call, huh! Do they search it using the GPS?
They will be able to manage somehow or another with this.

「Ninja-san, t-, thank you.
The call was over.」

The girl finished the call with the 110 and bowed timidly.

Alright, let’s leave the rest to the police.

Uh-oh, bad. The girl was still tied up.
I untied the rope that binds the girl.

「T-, Thank you very much.」

I handed the smartphone to the girl and started walking towards the first floor.
Although the girl was worried about the director, who was still tied up, she followed behind me.

When we leave the basement, climb up the stairs and appear in the first-floor lobby, the girl is frightened seeing the scene where many combatants are tied-up.

「E… excuse-, excuse me.
N-, Ninja-san,
what on Earth is this……?」

Since I have to pretend to not understand Japanese, I ignore the girl’s remark and walk through the gap between the tied-up combatants towards the entryway of the hideout.
Although the girl shivers like a newborn fawn, she somehow manages to follow.


The girl and I went to the front entrance of this hideout.

The siren, which could be heard from the distance, suddenly became quiet
and in a few minutes, the sound of many cars stopping outside the hideout was heard.

With the kidnapping incident, they probably turn the siren off and surround the scene of the crime.

I opened the lock of the hideout and urged the girl to go outside of the hideout.

「N-, Ninja-san, t-, thank you very much.」

The girl goes out after bowing deeply.

When the girl turned around, I disappeared with【Night Shade】and stealthily followed behind the girl.

When the girl went outside of the hideout, she was immediately protected by the police.
The girl is taken care of by a policewoman and finally shows a smile.

And then, when the girl told the situation of the hideout to the police, the police stormed into the hideout.


This time, I followed behind the police, who stormed into the hideout, while still concealed using【Night Shade】.

「This fellow is the ○○society’s boss!」

The police discovered the boss, who became lumpy.

「Eh!? This fellow is the guy, who sold a stimulant to a certain big-shot baseball player?」
「That’s right, even so, I never would have thought that he would be arrested in a place like this.」

Not only kidnapping, you were also trafficking stimulants, huh!
Somehow or other, he seemed to be considerably evil.

The combatants are dragged by the police one after another,
and some seriously injured guys are immediately carried in the ambulance.

Finally, the director was also rescued from the basement and left the hideout escorted by the police with dead-tired steps.

I’m sorry that I didn’t rescue you using my hand.


When I followed behind the rescued director and went outside……

The president have come, too.
Why is the president here??

And then, the president……
and the the rescued girl embraced each other!!

With such a young girl, you aren’t possibly-!?

「Ojii-chan, I was scared~.」
「There, there, you’re now safe.」

Ah, so it’s grandfather and grandchild relationship, huh!

According to what I learned from the contents of the police interview:

1.『Megumi-chan』, who is the president’s grandchild, was kidnapped.
2. Since the president was on a business trip abroad, the president’s wife talked with the director.
3. The director negotiated with the criminals, but the director himself had been kidnapped in the middle of it, too.
4. The president returned home in a big hurry.

The course of events seems to be as such.

As for this, Nancy and I are summoned by the police, too and it seems that we are going to be questioned about the situation……

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