Chapter 27 – The neighbor

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「This is『Azide』-san from next door. What is it Azide-san?」

 It seems the ojisan’s name is Azide.

「I just returned from a trip…… and smelled something delicious next door so I was wondering what it is.」

「Actually, this is Seiji-sama’s cooking, he’s treating us a feast.」

「Thanks, my name’s Seiji.」
「I’m Aya.」
「I am Elena.」
「Nice to meet you, my name is『Azide』and I live next door. Oh? Elena? I feel like I’ve heard it somewhere……」

 Crap, did he notice!?
I must cover it up somehow.

「Why don’t you join us, we’re having【Curry】?」
「【Curry】, you say? Well then, thank you very much.」

「Ah, Azide ojiisan! Ojiisan’s eating curry, too?」

 Apparently, Azide-san is on good terms with the children.
 I served curry in a plate and handed it to Azide-san.

「This is!? It’s the first time I’ve tasted something like this delicious!!」

Azide-san doesn’t seem to know the thing called restraint and had another helping.

「Oh~ I’ve been to various places but I’m surprised that there was such a dish.」
「Ojiisan, do you travel a lot?」

 Aya interrupted the story from the side.

「It’s actually peddling, I go around and do business in each of the 8 towns in this Delaidos Kingdom.」

「There are 8 towns in this country?」
「Eh, you don’t know? West of the royal capital, there is a big mountain called【Fujiyama Mountain】. There are the 8 towns surrounding it:
to the east (→) of【Fujiyama Mountain】:『The Royal Capital』,
 to the northeast (↗)『Nippon Town』,
 to the north (↑)『Suga Town』,
 to the northwest (↖)『Ikebu Town』,
 to the west (←)『Shinju Town』,
 to the southwest (↙)『Ebisu Town』,
 to the south (↓)『Shinaga Town』,
 to the southeast (↘)『Tokki Town』respectively.」

「Which temple are in each town?」
「Temple huh…
 In『The Royal Capital (→)』it’s the【Temple of Wind】,
 in『Nippon town (↗)』it’s the【Temple of Body Reinforcement】,
 in『Suga town(↑)』it’s the【Temple of Water】,
 in『Shinju town(←)』it’s the【Temple of Earth】,
 in『Ebisu town(↙)』it’s the【Temple of Recovery】, that’s all. 」

「So~ If I want to go to【Temple of Water】, I’ll need to head north to『Nippo Town(↗)』then go around to『Suga town(↑)』, right?」

「That’s right. Is Aya-san going to【Temple of Water】? I plan to go that way the day after tomorrow, would you like to come along?」
「Onii-chan doesn’t have time for long travels so I think it’s impossible.」
「I see, it’s a pity.」


 I cast【Track】on Azide-san and use【Surveillance】after realising.

 All right, with this the problem is solved.

 However, I suddenly notice something.

 It’s not only Azide-san that I used【Surveillance】on.
 The first【Surveillance】is on Elena,
 the second【Surveillance】is on the adventurer,
 3【Surveillance】are displayed on the map.
 How many【Surveillance】can I use at the same time?

To test it out, I tried to use【Surveillance】on Aria-san.

│The【Surveillance】had exceed the usage limit.
│ Please select a【Surveillance】to delete.

│・Surveillance 1: Elena・Delaidos
│・Surveillance 2: (Name unknown)
│・Surveillance 3: Azide

 A screen is displayed.
 Apparently, I can use【Surveillance】up to 3 targets. On the 4th use, I need to delete a previous one.

 Surveillance 2, I think is the【Surveillance】on the adventurer.
Those I don’t know their names will be displayed as『(Name unknown)』.

 I wonder what decides the limit of【Surveillance】?
Won’t the limit of 【Surveillance】 increase in the future?

I delete the adventurer’s【Surveillance】and add Aria-san’s【Surveillance】.

 With this, the curry party is over.

 We said farewell to the children and head back to the inn.

 On our way back, Azide-san handed Aria-san souvenirs from his trip.
It seems our meeting with Aria-san served a better purpose than just enjoying curry.

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