Chapter 266 – Kyoto Sightseeing and Mt. Fuji

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Translator: Jei
To be proofread by: DarkKnight

The Shinkansen advanced with a frightful speed.

「Seiji-sama, look, it’s【Mt. Fujama】!!」
「It’s Mt. Fuji.」
「That’s right!」

「Oh! Mt. Fuji! Beautiful!」

Everyone is delighted.
It’s sunny even though it’s the middle of rainy season.

「Seiji, as expected, I’d like to climb Mt. Fuji.
Can you manage it somehow or another?」

「It should be the start of mountain-climbing season in the Yamanashi prefecture side of Mt. Fuji, but……there’s still too much snow, so it might be difficult to climb.」
「I see~.
I’d like to climb it sometime~.」

Nancy is quite an adventurer.
Well, it’s to the extent that she went to a round-the-world trip alone.


When we were spending our time happily buying confections and drinks at the store inside the train―
we arrived at Kyoto station when lunchtime came.

「Seiji, I’m hungry.」
「Didn’t you eat confections just a while ago?」
「Confections, I have more rooms for food despite being full!」

Umu, I think the order is reversed……
well, whatever.

We entered a tempura shop near the Kyoto Station.

「Oh! Tenpura!」

Nancy is always like that.

While we were having a delicious tempura, when I checked up on the mafia I attached a『tracking beacon』with―
everyone was finally starting to wake up and was in a great confusion.

『Why does everyone have been sleeping!?』
『Saying such a thing, even you were sleeping!』

『Is this an enemy attack!?』
『Isn’t there someone who saw the figure of the enemy?』

Somehow or other, it seems my appearance hasn’t been seen by the mafias.

『But, what should we do?
We’re going to get killed if we report a failure.』

You’re going to get killed!? That’s scary.

Let’s continue to monitor them for the time being.


We, who left the tempura shop, went to『kimono rental shop』.

「Can I wear any one of all these?
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe~.
I’m in two minds about it.」

While the girls were choosing a kimono,
I, who finished changing into the kimono I’ve chosen properly, was made to wait like forever.
Well, it’s fine, though.

We, who finally finished changing clothes,
had been given a ride by『human-powered rickshaw』towards the『Kinkaku-ji[1]』.


「It’s kinkaku-ji.」

Nancy and the others are sightseeing in kinkaku-ji gracefully dressed in a kimono.

「Amazing! It looks like one can make a lot of accessories with that many gold, right?」

Nancy, the kinkaku-ji isn’t built with pure gold, but gold leaf……
well, let’s not destroy her dream.

Thereafter, we went to visit various places, had a tea, and after we had fully enjoyed Kyoto,
we went to the hotel where we were going to stay for today after returning the kimonos.


The hotel that the director had prepared was a super luxurious hotel which stood at the edge of a pond.

When we were going to check-in―
I got a call from Aya.

「The junior college was over, come pick me up.」

I had Nancy and the others to wait, went outside of the hotel and headed to meet Aya using【teleportation】from a deserted place.

「Onii-chan, meeting you is difficult.」

Why are you so bossy?

「Nancy, I’ve come.」
「Aya, did you come to Kyoto by yourself? That’s amazing.」
「I-, I guess.」

Well, Aya is just going to stay at the hotel for the night and will go back to Tokyo again in the morning.


The Kyoto Hotel was also a suite room.
And then, the view is the best!

「Onii-chan, this suite room has an open-air bath!」
「That’s good! Ask Nancy and go in with her!」

「You’re planning to peep!」
「Do I!?」

Aya and the others are kyakkya-ufufu-ing together in the open-air bath.
No, it’s nothing. I’m not intending to peep at all!! It’s true?

Since I was somewhat irritated(?),
I checked the mafias’ situation.

And then, the mafias……


were somehow being vigorously beaten by bald machos with hard-looking sticks.

『I told you not to fail like that!
Even so, all of you slept!』

The guy who seems to be the boss are scolding those guys who are being beaten.

The boss, while puffing a cigar and letting two women serve,
was bring about a dangerous-looking atmosphere.

『S-, Sorry!
But, we have gotten something or other from the work.
It’s true!』

And then, the mafias continued to be struck by the stick for a while.


「Onii-chan, we got out of the water~.」

When Aya and the others got out of the bath,
the dinner was brought in and was beautifully set up.

「Uwaa! It looks delicious!」

It’s something called『kaiseki-ryōri[2]』.
But, the hue and the arrangement of food and so on are magnificent.
It may already be called work of art.

After having a delicious dinner, the girls went to soak into the open-air bath again.
You will become swollen up if you went inside many times.
Besides, I have no timing to enter the bath, but……

Everyone frolicked too much and seemed to be tired,
they decided to sleep rather early.


After taking a little nap, I started to get up at around 2:00 at night,
transformed into a ninja again and set out.

The destination this time―
is the『Mt. Fuji』.

Using【teleportation】, I teleported to the nearest place to Mt. Fuji–at the middle of『Tokaido road』which the shinkansen took.
I went toward the summit of Mt. Fuji using【Lightning flash】from there.

Of course, I used【Night shade】so that nobody would notice me.

I made free use of【Earth Magic】on places where the foothold was unstable,
【Ice Magic】on places where the snow had piled up,
【Night Shade】,【Body Reinforcement】,【Wing Magic】,【Lightning Flash】and so on to continue climbing the Mt. Fuji―

I arrived at the summit of the Mt. Fuji in about two hours.

「Alright, let’s go back.」

I don’t have the leisure to savor the aftertaste of my first ‘climbing to the summit’ and went back to the hotel immediately.


It was 4:00 in the morning when I got back to the hotel.

When I knocked at the door of the girls’ bedroom―

「Seiji-sama, good morning.」

Elena, according to the strategy, got up.

「Is Nancy sleeping?」

I, in order to not wake Nancy up,
cast【wake up】magic on Aya and Hilda to wake them up.

「Onii-chan, morning.」
「Seiji-onii-chan, good morning.」

That’s right, except Nancy, I told the three people about the surprise wake-up operation beforehand.

I wrapped Nancy up in the futon and held her in a princess carry.

Aya and the others too, put on a thick coat and everything is ready.

「Alright, hold on to me everyone.」

After confirming that Aya and the others were holding on,
I teleported to the『summit of Mt. Fuji』using【teleportation】.


「Nancy, wake up.」
「……Uun, huh, why is Seiji in my room??」
「Look, the morning sun is rising.」

When Nancy, who was wrapped up in a futon, only poked her head out to look towards the direction where the light was pouring in……

from the other side of the sea of clouds that spread out below the summit of the Mt. Fuji, the morning sun had risen.

「Ah, ah, ah……」

Nancy had no more voice coming out at the excessive view.

Nancy who was looking at the beautiful sunrise for a while……

「Where’s this?」
「This is the summit of Mt. Fuji.」
「Lies…… Am I having a dream?」
「That’s right, Nancy is having a dream.
But, please remember this beautiful scenery well.」

While Nancy was looking at the scenery……
she was shedding tears……


「Nancy, morning.」

Nancy woke up on the hotel’s bed.

「Hm? Mt. Fuji?」
「What are you talking about? Did you have a dream?」
「Dream…… That’s right, huh……
I had a dream that I was at the summit of the Mt. Fuji and the morning sun had risen.」
「You had a good dream, huh.」

I patted Nancy’s head.

Of course, it’s not a dream,
I have Nancy to sleep again using【sleep】magic, though we have just returned to the hotel~.

「By the way, why is Seiji in this room?」

Since Nancy woke up as soon as I put her back on the bed, I let the flow as it is, but……

「Seiji is quite aggressive to attack someone waking up.」

Nancy says so
and kissed me ‘a good morning kiss’ on my cheek.

Translator’s notes:

[1]Golden Pavilion.

[2]Kaiseki (懐石) or kaiseki-ryōri (懐石料理) is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. – Wikipedia

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