Chapter 264 – Party night

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Translator: Jei
Proofreader: DarkKnight

The room where Nancy is staying at―

was a suite!
As expected of a rich person!

Somehow or other, the hotel’s side seemed to have done something about the talk of a sudden party and let everyone through without any issues.

「Waaa, what an amazing room!」

Aya and the others were also surprised.

The suite wasn’t a single room,
there were rooms about 4LDK[1].

「The bath is amazing too~.」

Aya, don’t explore other people’s room as you please.

The living room also has a considerable size, it can accommodate a large number of visitors and hold a party.

「Spa~cious and a nice view!」

「Well then, let’s properly order the dishes.」

Nancy says so and makes a call to the front desk.

my smartphone had also gotten a call.

「Oh, it’s from the director.」
「Eh? A call to onii-chan from captain[2]?」
「Ah, no, that’s not it.
It’s from the Director of the company, not Mai-san.」
「Whaat the, I was surprised.」

『Hello, what happened, director?』
『Maruyama-kun, where are you right now?』
『At Nancy’s room.』

Why is the Director so surprised?

『Because it’s a matter between the both of you, I’m not going to say this and that!
But since she’s an important business partner of our company,
you mustn’t do the strange thing by force, got it?』
『What are you misunderstanding about!?
I’m with my imouto too.』

If it’s 3P-!!! Furthermore, your imouto!!!?』

What is this ossan thinking about……

『I’m with my imouto’s friend too.』
『The heck, just how many P is it!!!!!!?』

I’d like to hit you……

『If you don’t have any business, I’ll hang up now.』
『Sorry, sorry, I lost my self-control.
The Kyoto Hotel and Shinkansen’s reservations were made and since I brought the ticket, please come to the hotel’s first-floor lobby to take it.』
『The Director brought the ticket to the hotel personally, huh. Thank you very much.』

「Nancy, I’ll go to the lobby for a bit.」

The Director brought the ticket for the Shinkansen as well as the reservation details of the Kyoto Hotel that he printed out.
Of course, it’s for two persons, so I need to prepare one for Elena, Hilda, and Aya here.

While coming to the first floor, I check the whereabouts of the suspicious people―
it seems they still haven’t entered inside the hotel.
They are stationed in order to surround the periphery of the hotel.

Since it seems fine to enter inside the hotel, I’m relieved.

After seeing the Director off, I contacted the Kyoto Hotel and requested an addition for three people.
I have no choice, but to enquire for the Shikansen ticket directly at the station tomorrow, huh.


When I returned to Nancy’s room―
various dishes had been carried to the living room.

「Onii-chan, look, look. It’s an amazing dish~.」

As expected of a suite room’s dinner.
You can have delicious dishes of your choice.

「For Seiji.」

What Nancy handed to me was a glass with wine.

「Ah, it’s unfair that it’s only onii-chan and Nancy!」
「You’re underage!」

「Just a sip~.」
「If I let you drink things like liquor, the hotel would be destroyed!」
「I’m not going to do such a thing!」
「Not allowed!」

However, Aya is attacking just like a zombie.

「Ringo! Bind Aya’s arms behind her back!」
「Eh!? Me!?」

Ringo, although confused, binds Aya’s arms behind her back.

「Ringo-chan, let me go~!」

Even so, Aya acts violently.

「Elena! Shut Aya up!」
Look, Aya-chan, this meat is delicious~.」

Elena makes Aya eat a delicious looking meat with bone.

「Ah, it’s true, delicious!」

「Then, Hilda, the finishing blow!」
Aya-san, this juice is also delicious~.」

*Glub glub*

「It’s true, delicious!」

The zombified Aya can finally be unbound,
she becomes daze with the dish and juice.


We had been laughed at by Nancy!

「Iyaa, Seiji, thank you.」
「What is it all of a sudden?」

「Actually, I came to Japan and I felt lonely.
And, there aren’t many people who can speak English, either.
After a lot of friends come,
the loneliness vanished!」

I see, Nancy was feeling lonely too, huh.

Let’s enliven this place for Nancy.

「Aya, do some one-gag comedy!」
「Ehh, what for~?」

「Nancy is paying for the food here, right?
Shouldn’t you do something in return to thank her?」

「Well, I guess so.
Well then, I’ll perform a magic trick!」

What the, I have a bad feeling about this……

Aya stood in front of everyone and bowed.
And then, she raised her right hand’s index finger upward,
took out a handkerchief and put it over the finger.

「One, two, three, go!」

The handkerchief floated lightly as if the wind was blowing from below it.
Or rather-! The wind is blowing from below it!
It’s【Wind Magic】.
I mean, it’s not a magic trick, but real magic!

Waa- *clap clap clap*.

Everyone is clapping for Aya.
In particular, Nancy and Ringo are delighted.

「Then, I’ll do it too!」

This time, Elena volunteered.
Was she inspired by Aya?

Elena held an empty glass in her hand,
and performed a mizugei[3] using water magic.

Waa- *clap clap clap*.

「Then, me too!」

It’s Hilda this time!
Hilda’s is a magic that makes candy appear!
Nancy licks the candy that appeared;
she is delighted at the magic and the taste of the candy.

「Then, me too……」

Eh!? Ringo too!?
Ringo can’t use magic, right?

When I’m thinking about it,
Ringo takes her sketchbook out
and draws a portrait of Nancy impromptu.
Nancy is also delighted.

As expected of Ringo!

「Then, lastly, it’s onii-chan.
Do something flashy to end it!」

Eh? I’m going to do it too!?

「Onii-chan, are you just going to make the people do it,
but you yourself won’t do it?」

Shit! This fellow Aya, doing whatever she pleases, don’t try that shit on me!

Let’s do it!
Watch me, watch me~.

I stand in front of everyone and bow.

「Onii-chan, good luck!」

Aya, are you a little girl cheering for an anime heroine!?

I showed that there’s nothing in both of my hands with a sleight-like hand gesture,
then took out a handkerchief from the inventory.

Waa- *clap clap clap*.

Nancy clapped her hands in delight……

「Onii-chan, that’s all?」


The performance has just begun!」

I got worked up.

I made a full revolution in front of everyone,
whilst turning, I took out a『curtain』from the inventory during the moment I faced the back then spread it out in a flash.

「Uwa! I was surprised!」

Nancy and Ringo look considerably surprised after the『curtain』suddenly appeared.
This『curtain』is the leftovers when we were decorating from before and have been kept inside the inventory.[4]

And then, I cover myself with the curtain.

「One, two, three, go!」

Together with a shout, when the curtain fell down with *pasari*―

my figure wasn’t there……

「Uwa!! Seiji has disappeared!!!」

Nancy and Ringo are in uproar.

I, who moved to the next room using【teleportation】,
appeared gallantly.

「How’s that, were you surprised?」
「Seiji! Amazing!!」

Nancy, who was delighted……
embraced me and kissed me on the cheek.

Nancy, even though everyone is looking, isn’t embarrassed, huh.

……everyone is looking?

Suddenly, before I knew it―
everyone except Nancy scowled at me.


Translator’s notes:

[1]4 rooms, living room, dining room, kitchen.

[2]Both captain and director here are buchou.

[3]Traditional Japanese water magic show. Like this.

[4]Sorry, I can’t remember when this happened. Can someone enlighten me? The decorating here lit. means rearranging/remodeling.

Here’s the linkbucks’ link. Thanks~!

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19 thoughts on “Chapter 264 – Party night

  1. Sherrynity September 24, 2016 / 12:35 am

    Is this guy from Bakatarina faction? I mean, he has that certain… trait, of being as dense as Osmium.


    • Reaper Phoenix September 24, 2016 / 11:59 am

      Bakaraina’s denseness is cute, this guy’s denseness is painful.

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    • Yareyare~ September 24, 2016 / 4:38 pm

      give him a break. Other than Elena who propose to Seiji b4, other girls haven’t tell him of their feelings yet. In addition, their age are too far apart making Seiji putting them outside his target range. Well, his denseness is the biggest problem though.


  2. Drakuro September 24, 2016 / 12:58 am

    I thought 4LDK means 4 living rooms, 1 dining and 1 kitchen


    • Dark Jackel September 24, 2016 / 1:19 am

      I’m pretty sure the 4 normally refers to the number of bedrooms. Unless, maybe it’s how many Little Dragon Kings will fit comfortably? 😋

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  5. - September 24, 2016 / 7:06 am

    The room where Nancy is staying at―
    was a suite!
    As expected of a rich person!

    Somehow or other, the hotel’s side seemed to have done something about the talk of a sudden party andThe room where Nancy is staying at―

    was a suite!
    As expected of a rich person!

    Somehow or other, the hotel’s side seemed to have done something about the talk of a sudden party and let everyone through without any issues.


    I thought I was having a stroke when it repeated.


    • Jei September 24, 2016 / 9:40 am

      Haha! Sorry, fixed!


  6. Jupiter September 24, 2016 / 11:34 am

    Decorating was probably from when Elena and Hilda moved in or it was when Aya moved in with him in the beginning


  7. Reaper Phoenix September 24, 2016 / 12:02 pm

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    The others’ magic can still be explained as sleight of hand. That teleportation magic can only be explained if he made preparation beforehand.


  8. KuRuuRuu September 24, 2016 / 12:36 pm

    Thank you for the chapter~
    Wow I’m surprised.. How come the denser than platinum Seiji could understand what the Director’s talking about?


    • Raphalice September 25, 2016 / 11:01 pm

      Because everything the director reports about in their secret meetings are “woohoo” related, or always leads to it…



  9. Deal with it October 11, 2016 / 4:17 pm

    Lol her sudden attack gonna make girls cry!


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