Chapter 263 – Sightseeing in Asakusa

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Translator: Jei
Proofreader: DarkKnight

『Someone』is following,
but he’s considerably skilled.

He stayed at a certain distance away from us and never went to a position where he can be seen directly.

To make matters worse, they gradually increased in number,
and became six people now.

It’s difficult to use【Appraisal】with this.
Since I don’t know what their intentions are, I can’t carelessly leave Nancy’s side.

「Seiji-sama, what’s wrong?」
「No, it’s nothing.」

Oops, dangerous. I mustn’t hamper the precious opportunity for Elena and the others to enjoy themselves.

「The Sensoji・temple looks very cool!
But, I’d like to eat something because I feel hungry.」

It’s already lunch time, huh!


Therefore, we came over to an okonomiyaki shop.

「When you say it in English, it’s『savory・pancake』.」

「It looks delicious!」

When we respectively ordered, the okonomiyaki’s flour, ingredients and so forth were brought in.

「Hm? This is a pancake??」
「We’re going to cook it ourselves using the iron plate on this table.」
「Is that so!??」
「Seiji-sama, I don’t know how to cook it.」
「I don’t know too.」

Everyone doesn’t know how to cook it……?

「Alright, leave it to me!」

I quickly cook an okonomiyaki for four people.

「Seiji is good at cooking, huh!」

Everyone ate the okonomiyaki with great relish.

As one would expect, the suspicious『pursuers』didn’t enter the shop; we are safe here.

In the end, the order for 4 plus people was swept clean and everyone seemed to be satisfied.

「Well then, let’s go to the『hanayashiki』after this.」


We went to『hanayashiki[1]』.

「What’s this place!?
A funfair?」
「No, this is a respectable historical amusement park.」

「It seems to be quite old, when was it built?」
「I’ll look it up for a bit……
let me see, it seems the park opened in 1853.」


「1853 is…….
the time when Perry came to Japan[2].」

Nancy was at a loss for words, her mouth agape.
Although she guessed that it was an old amusement park, she didn’t think that it was that much old, huh~.

With continual interest, Nancy got on various vehicles and enjoyed herself.
Since this is also Elena and Hilda’s first time to something called amusement park, they are in high spirits the same with Nancy.

Let’s take them to the country of mouse sometime[3].

When I was warmly looking at the three people who were playing happily,
I got a call from Aya.

『Onii-chan, where are you right now?』

『Hanayashiki? Where’s that?』

『I will go there too.』
『Was the junior college over?』
『Un, it was over.
Can I also invite Ringo-chan?』
『I’ll try to ask Nancy.』

「Nancy, my younger sister and her friend are saying that they would also like to come, is it fine?」
「Ah, it’s Aya-chan, huh! Of course, it’s fine.」

『It seems to be fine with Nancy.』
Well then, I’ll ask Ringo-chan and go there.』

「Does Aya and her friend going to come?」
The hanayashiki is now over,
let’s go to the next place when Aya and her friend joined us.」

「Where are you going to bring us next?」

「It’s that!」

I pointed at the tower which can be seen from the hanayashiki.

「Ah! That, huh!
I was thinking what could that be the whole time.
What’s that?」

「That’s called『Skytree[4]』,
a tower that takes pride in its height; as a structure, it ranks 2nd in the world and as a broadcasting tower, it ranks 1st in the world.」
「Hou! That was amazing!」

While we were having such a talk,
we went to the『Asakusa Station』to meet Aya.


When the sun started to set,
Aya arrived at the Asakusa Station with Ringo.

「Nancy, it’s been a while.」
「Hm? You can speak English too, Aya?」

「Yes, Aya learned English too.」
「That’s right, I learned it!」
「That’s amazing, isn’t it!?」

Nancy was glad and grasped Aya’s hand.

「Now then, this girl is Ringo.
Ringo, this is Nancy.」
「N-, N-, N-, Nice to me-, meet you.
I-, I-, It’s Ringo.」

Ringo, feeling incredibly tense, greeted in English.

「Hello, it’s Nancy.
Ringo, please treat me well.」

Nancy greeted normally,
and the two people shook hands.

When they were shaking hands, Ringo seemed to be considerably tense.

「Ringo, why are you so tense?」
「B-, B-, B, Because……
That! It’s Nancy・Jewelry’s,
Nancy-san, right?」

「Is Nancy that famous?」

Nancy looks embarrassed……

「It’s mama who is famous.
I only help mama.」
「You see.」
「U-, Un.」

Ringo kept on being tense for a while
and with her being like that, we went to the Skytree.


When we arrived at the Skytree,
the sun had set and it became dark.

I’ve bought tickets to the observatory deck for a number of people,
and we hopped on the elevator.

「Second highest in the world, it’s going to be fun.」

The elevator was quiet and then ascended with considerable speed.
And then, when we arrived at the second observatory deck―

an amazing view opened.


Nancy was fascinated at the night view of Tokyo.

Elena and Hilda, as well as Aya and Ringo……
and me are impressed too.


「Everyone, why don’t you come to the hotel I’m staying at?」
「The hotel Nancy is staying at?」
「Un, as thanks for the amazing night view, let me treat you guys to dinner at the hotel.」

「Yay, dinner at a hotel too!」

Aya simple-mindedly rejoiced, but……

「Dinner at the hotel, you say, but isn’t there a dress code?」
「Ah, that’s right.
Then, I’ll have them bring the dishes to my room.」
「Nancy’s room?」

What on earth would the room Nancy is staying at be like?

In the end, when we arrived at the hotel, we didn’t come into contact with those suspicious guys who were trailing us.

Translator’s notes:

[1]Hanayashiki (花やしき, hanayashiki) is an amusement park in Asakusa, Taitō, Tokyo that has operated since 1853. – Wikipedia

[2]Matthew Calbraith Perry (April 10, 1794 – March 4, 1858) was a Commodore of the United States Navy and commanded a number of ships. He reached Uraga at the entrance to Edo Bay in Japan on July 8, 1853 and played a leading role in the opening of Japan to the West with the Convention of Kanagawa in 1854. – Wikipedia

[3]He’s probably talking about Disneyland.

[4]Tokyo Skytree (東京スカイツリー, Tōkyō Sukaitsurī) is a broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan. It became the tallest structure in Japan in 2010 and reached its full height of 634.0 metres (2,080 ft) in March 2011, making it the tallest tower in the world, displacing the Canton Tower, and the second tallest structure in the world after the Burj Khalifa (829.8 m/2,722 ft). – Wikipedia

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        • xias1 September 21, 2016 / 2:42 am

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          Then upon one of them finding her he called the others and told them where she is.
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          But upon Seiji being wary of them they didn´t get any opportunity.


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    I think this is another Japanese social mistake. Japanese tend to build buildings to only last a short time, and with limited space, buildings get demolished and rebuilt all the time. Most people buy homes new there. This is why Nancy is so impressed at a 150 yo building… Except in america, we preserve old buildings and its not hard to find buildings from even the1500s here. Nancy would not be impressed with their age, but she might be impressed possibly by their eastern aesthetic design.


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