Chapter 261 – Reception

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Translator: Jei
Proofreader: DarkKnight

Next morning, when I went to the company,
someone was having trouble at the reception desk in the company.

「I can not speak English.[1]」
『You obviously can speak English!』

The person who was talking to foreigner-san,

「I’m sorry.[2]」

went away to escape with these words.

Foreigner-san who had been left behind shrugs her shoulders.

It can be helped, let’s ask her.

『Is there something wrong?』
『Oh, so you can speak English.
I’m saved.』

That woman who said so and turned around…….

『S-, Seiji!』

was Nancy.

『Why are you here, Nancy?』

『I came here for business.
Why are you here?』
『This is the company where I’m working.』


When Nancy and I were having such a conversation in English―

「Yo! Maruyama-kun.
You’re keeping Nancy-san company right away, huh.」

the Director appeared.

「Eh? Does director know Nancy?」
「I know everything, the work that we talked about last week that needs english is about Nancy-san.」


『Seiji, is something wrong?』
『No, I was surprised to hear that Nancy’s business partner was my department.』

『Is that so!?
I’m relieved if Seiji is the business partner.』

Nancy is delighted while shaking hands with me.

「N? It seems Maruyama-kun and Nancy-san’s relationship is very intimate, huh.
You’re too much of a playboy too.」

How rude!

「That’s not it, Nancy was an acquaintance from before, you know!?」
「W-, Whatーーー!!?」

Come to think of it, the first time I met Nancy was in front of this company.
She had probably come to this company on business and was on her way back at that time.

I heard that a meeting had been arranged so we moved to the meeting room at once.


※Hereafter, Seiji is interpreting.
What, I’m always the interpreter…….

「By the way, Nancy-san isn’t accompanied by an interpreter this time too?」

This time too?

『I asked a different person to interpret from last time,
but he left me behind and went home because of a sudden stomach ache.』
『Did the interpreter last time also went home?』
『Last time, it was because of a headache.』

Nancy is unlucky, huh~.

「This time, since we will have Maruyama-kun to interpret with constant attendance, you can be relieved.」

Me, with constant attendance!?

『Oh! I’m thankful for that!!』

「Director, I also have a work, though……」
「No, no! Since Nancy’s business is the top priority,
all the other work has been passed to other people!」


「Iyaa, sorry I’m late.」

Then, the president entered.

「Does the president attending this meeting too?」
「Ah, of course.
At any rate, it’s a business with that famous『Nancy・Jewelry』!
If this business succeeds, our company’s popularity will be like『an eel climbing up a waterfall[3]』!!」

Don’t mix it up!

『Nancy’s company is a famous one, huh.』
『That’s right, have you fallen in love all over again?』

『Is that so.』

『What, how cold~.
Well, it’s not my company, but mama’s company.』

As expected, she’s the daughter of the president, huh!
Come to think of it, she was staying at a first-class hotel in Egypt.


After that, we properly talked about the business.

Somehow or other, it seems the business is localizing the system that is going to be used for the Japanese employees in『Nancy・Jewelry』’s Japanese store.

The『Nancy・Jewelry』will be opening up a branch all over Japan hereafter.
I was told that the development of a network system connecting the branches with each other was the contract that our company was bound to undertake.

That’s the reason why the president and the director have become imperious.

「By the way, Nancy. Have you gone sightseeing in Japan yet?」

The director asks Nancy a question while rubbing his hands.
It’s somewhat gross.

『I couldn’t go anywhere since the interpreter last time and this time too had gone home.』
「That’s no good!
Especially since you will be going to conduct business in Japan from now on,
you will know more about Japan after a Japan sightseeing!」

「Well, as an interpreter with constant attendance, let’s have Maruyama-kun show her around Japan.」
「President! That’s a good idea!
I’ll entrust it to you, Maruyama-kun!」

The president and director suggested something strange.

「Err…I also have a work, though……」
「Business with Nancy takes precedence.
Because the company is going to give out an expense as an entertainment expense.」

Are you serious!?
Since it’s not something like a civil servant partner, there should be no problem legally, but……
I think it’s fine.

『Seiji, what happened?』
『The president ordered me to accompany Nancy as an interpreter for your sightseeing in Japan, but…….』

『Really!? That’s nice!』

Nancy happily shook hands with the president.

Somehow or other, I don’t seem to have a veto power…….


As the first Japan sightseeing,
led by the president and the director,
Nancy was brought to the『sushi shop』.

『Nancy, have you eaten a sushi before?』
『I have!
I like the California roll the most!』

Umu, it’s no good……

We were shown into a private room.

『Nancy, are you fine with a raw fish?』
『Umu, I don’t like it somewhat, I think?』

『Well then, are you fine with a wasabi?』
『What’s a wasabi?』

It’s also no good, huh……

The president and the director said「extra special, four portion」to the onee-san who had come to take the order. Listen properly to the preference of Nancy too!

「Ah, excuse me, I’d like to ask something slightly different for this lady’s portion, would that be okay?」
「What, Maruyama-kun, there’s nothing better than the extra special, you know?」

Director, please be silent.

「Since she doesn’t seem to like raw fish and wasabi,
cook everything and with the exception of the fish, a wasabi-free sushi, please.」
「I understand, I’ll ask the chef.」

「T-, Then……」

「Can you make a California roll?」
「Let me see……I’ll ask.」

It’s impossible indeed.

「T-, Then……
are there knives and forks?」
「As one would expect, that……」

It’s no good, huh……


After waiting for a while,
the three servings of the extra special sushi
and a special sushi with California roll for Nancy were brought in.

The woman who brought the sushi had a stiff face.

A fork and knife, with the permission granted by the person in the shop,
were taken out from the inventory and were given to Nancy.

『The home of California roll, delicious!!

Nancy was delighted, eating the California roll with the fork and knife.

But, Nancy.
Isn’t the home of California roll not Japan?

Other than that, she seemed to be pleased with the grilled fatty cut (of tuna belly), salmon, conger eel, eggs, and etc.

Well, it’s good if you’re glad!

『By the way, Seiji.
Why is the one you’re eating somewhat white-ish?』
『This is a squid sushi.』
That white and red one?』

『This is an octopus sushi.』
a devilfish!』

『Does Nancy want to eat it too?』
『No, thank you.』

There are various differences in the culture~.

Translator’s notes:

[1]Written in English.

[2]Also written in English.

[3]It should be a koi fish instead of eel, though I remember there’s a dragon eel in this novel. Anyway, according to the Japanese legend, if a koi succeeded in climbing up the fall, which also known as the dragon gate, it will transform into a heavenly dragon. Know more about the legend of the koi here.

Here’s linkbucks’ link. Thanks~!

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  2. Seinvolf September 13, 2016 / 7:22 pm

    Thank u always for ur great work…


    • Seinvolf September 13, 2016 / 7:39 pm

      [3]It should be a koi fish instead of eel, though I remember there’s a dragon eel in this novel. Anyway, according to the Japanese legend, if a koi succeeded in climbing up the fall, which also known as the dragon gate, it will transform into a heavenly dragon. Know more about the legend of the koi here.

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      • canaria23 September 14, 2016 / 12:16 am

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    • lowlightt September 14, 2016 / 1:19 am

      Lets be honest here, its very unlikely any American doesn’t know that a California roll originated in California. Nor is it likely that any American would not know sushi is served with raw fish. In fact most Americans would likely think ALL sushi is served raw. And while its not impossible, the fact that Nancy has traveled most of the world, would lead you to believe she would have brought her own fork, knife, and spoon with her.


      • Elementalcobalt April 12, 2017 / 3:29 am

        I also find it hard to believe she’s had sushi but doesn’t know what wasabi is, or hasn’t had sushi period as a wealthy Californian. And seriously, who eats sushi with a knife and fork? At worse, she would use her hands, which would be a mistake I see americans doing, treating sushi like finger food.


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      I think its more legit if Seiji paired with Nancy than with other member of the Harem.


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