Chapter 260 – Transformation Magic Stone

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Translator: Jei
Proofread: DarkKnight

「Onii-chan, what is it?」
「It seems to be something called【transformation magic stone】.」

The appraisal result is like this.

│【Transformation magic stone】
│Can transform oneself when magic power is poured,
│the equipment can be stored inside the storage space.
│The things equipped on the hands and arms are not affected.
│Rarity: ★★★★★

「Eh! Can transform oneself!?
I’ll try it!」

「Oi, don’t be stupid…」

Aya, without listening to me―
raised the【transformation magic stone】and struck a transformation pose.

It looked just like an anime’s transformation scene,
Aya was wrapped in mysterious light.

Aya struck a pose with *bishi*,
and the light settled down.


What’s this!!!?」

became『stark naked』!!

Aya crouches down while covering the important places with her hands.

「Onii-chan, don’t look here!」

Aya curses while almost crying.

I should’ve had Elena try such a thing~.

Aya took out a change of clothes from the【storage bracelet】that had been left behind
and somehow regained her presence of mind.

「Mou! What’s this!!?
You said it’s【transformation magic stone】or something like that,
but it took off one’s clothes, isn’t it?」

Aya threw the【transformation magic stone】at me in a fit of anger.

「Since it’s a magic stone that can transform the user into the stored equipment,
if you use it when nothing is stored, it will naturally turn out like that.」

「Onii-chan, you didn’t say that!」

「Aya, you suddenly used it before I had a chance to explain it!」

「That’s right, but……
what happened to the swimsuit I was wearing until a while ago?」

Now that she mentioned it, that’s right.

When I checked the【transformation magic stone】thoroughly―

the image of the swimsuit that Aya was wearing until a while ago was stored inside the【transformation magic stone】appeared on my mind.

「It seems to be stored inside this magic stone right now.
Perhaps, the magic stone swaps the clothes one is wearing with the clothes stored inside?」

「I see,
then if I use it once again……」

「You will probably turn back into the swimsuit you had come until a while ago.」

「I’ll try it.」

When Aya received the【transformation magic stone】from me,
she tried to use it once again.

Then, the light that seems to be a transformation scene was emitted again,
and Aya turned back dressed in the swimsuit from before.

「Hooray! I was able to transform!!」

「Aya-san, you’re amazing!!」
「I’d like to try as well.」

Both Elena and Hilda are delighted.

「Since it’s a magic stone, we may be able to copy it.」
「Seiji-sama! Is it true?
I want one as well!!」

It’s rare for Elena to want something.

「Alright, well then, when we find the stairs of this floor,
although it’s a little bit early, we’ll stop for this week and go back home.」
「We’re going home?」

「If we don’t go home, even if we copy the【transformation magic stone】in here, it can’t be used.」

Aya, are you stupid?

「Even if the【transformation magic stone】is copied, when you used it once, your clothes would be taken off since there’s no equipment stored inside at the beginning, right?」
「Ah, that’s right!」

Ah, I made a mistake.
They may not notice it if I didn’t say it!


When the monsters that were leaving the beach one after another completely disappeared,
there was a cave at the edge of the beach and we found the stairs that led to the upper floor inside.

「Alright, well then, this week’s clearing the dungeon is over.
Let’s go home!」

We returned home.


「Seiji-sama, please make it quickly!」

It’s rare for Elena to have a very high tension.

While being hurried by Elena,
when I copied the【transformation magic stone】,
the【transformation magic stone +3】was completed.

Somehow or other, it seemed to be a magic stone series of【space-time magic】.

By becoming『+3』,
it had repair and laundry effects towards the stored equipment.
This is good.

I made three magic stones and gave one each to the three.

「Seiji-sama, thank you very much!!」
「Seiji-onii-chan, thank you!!」
「Onii-chan, it was laborious of you!!」

The three people were delighted and went into their rooms.

You don’t want to use it in front of me, huh……


When I was preparing dinner all alone―


I was called out by Elena with a lively voice.

「Oh, the meal will be ready in a bit.」
「That’s not it.
Please take a look for a bit.」

Hn? What will it be?

When I stop my hand and look at Elena,
Elena blooms with a smile―

「Import java・util・costume!」

While dancing, Elena started to chant a strange incantation in a singing manner to add intonation.

Ah, that’s right!
It’s the transformation incantation of『Apure-chan』who appeared in the『Magical girl・C』.

「New costume・initialize!!」

When she finished the incantation―
Elena was wrapped in light……

Elena was pleasantly smiling, donned with『Apure-chan』’s costume and accurately assumed her signature pose.

When I gave a magnificent round of applause,
Elena was jumping up and down in delight with *pyon pyon*.

C-, Cute……


Elena chanted the incantation for the transformation release,
and turned back into her former clothes.

「It’s amazing!!」
「Thank you very much!!」


After dinner, Aya and Elena joined in as well and a transformation show was held.

During the transformation, only for an instant, they’re nude…….

What a pity that such a thing didn’t happen, but―
it can’t be helped.

After that, I was pestered by the three people and made a ring with silver and installed the【transformation magic stone】, turning it into a【transformation ring】.

All three of you, don’t use it for something strange, okay?

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