Chapter 26 – Apple and Honey

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We went back to the inn.

 We were suppose to stay in here on the day I kidnapped Elena, but we didn’t have money that time so we gave up.

「Hello, we have 3 people, do you have any vacancies?」
「There’s only 1 room vacant, what would you like to do?」

「1 room!? My god!」
「I’m fine sharing a room with Seiji-sama.」
「Though I’m fine together with onii-chan too, but…… don’t do anything strange to Elena-san!」
「Together with my imouto however made it impossible to do such a thing.」
「If I’m not here, you would do it.」
「I-I wouldn’t.」

 Aya is staring daggers at me.
 I averted my eyes in defeat.

「How is it? Would you like to stay?」
「Oh, yes, thank you!」
「Aiyo! Then it’s 30G. There’s an extra charge of 5G per person for each breakfast and dinner.」
「Well then, we would like to ask for only 3 servings of breakfast please.」

「N? Onii-chan, what about dinner?」
「I’m going to make it after this.」


「Ah! Seiji-niichanda!!」
「Aria~ Seiji-niichan is coming~!!」

「Onii-chan, is this the church you were talking about?」
「Yes, we’re going to borrow the kitchen here.」

「Aria-san, is your sickness already fine?」

「I’m sorry!!」

 For some reason, Aria-san prostrates herself on the ground!

「What happened Aria!? Please get up.」

「I heard the story from Minya. She said that she stole the money of Seiji-san!  You have taking good care of us yet we stole money from you, that’s why I’m apologizing.」
「Please stop, I don’t mind it anyways.」

「Minya! You apologize together with me too!!」
「I-I’m sorry……」

「I don’t really mind it at all. Though I want to borrow the kitchen again, is it fine?」
「Yes, please use it as much as you want.」

「Onii-chan, onii-chan, introduce everyone.」
「Oops, I forgot.」
「Don’t forget it!」

 After introducing Aya to everyone, I borrowed the kitchen and started cooking.

 First, I finely minced the【New onion】, heat the frying pan, let the butter melt onto it and then I saute the onion until it became light brown.
 I chopped the【Chicken】into bite-sized pieces, then put oil onto a big saucepan and started frying it, then I throw in salt and pepper.
 I cut the【New potatoes】into bite-sized pieces, I cast it with【Carrot】into the pan and fry it.
 I moved the fried onion into the saucepan and fry it further.

 I’m almost finish frying the ingredients, I put water into the saucepan and let it simmer for about 30 minutes.
 I remove the pan from the fire at once, then I put apple and honey, and let it melt into a sweet sauce.

 After having it boiled for another 30 minutes, I put the entire saucepan into the inventory and advance the time for【24 hours】.
 It caused the curry to idle overnight, I take it out of the inventory, heat it once again and it’s complete!

 By the time the curry was finished, a spicy aroma permeates the surrounding and the children came and gathered.

 I also made salad in addition.
 This salad was made from canned tuna, so a tuna salad.
 As for its dressing, it’s thousand island dressing.

「Everyone, bring a plate and line up!」

 The children replied with vigor and lined up in one line while holding a plate.
 Aya and Elena, lined up at the back.
 Aria also lined up at the back bashfully.

 I take out the rice in plastic containers from the inventory, after serving rice on each plate, I put curry on it.
 The children who got curry went to the table while sniffing the fragrance and sat down on a chair in a behave manner, everyone wants to eat quickly and are fidgeting.

 I take out a number of glass for everyone from the inventory, poured milk on them and distributed them to everybody.

 After praying, we ate the curry together.


「It’s delicious!」

「It contains meat!!」
「It’s true! Meat!」
「The meat is very soft and delicious too!」

「The salad is also delicious!」
「A meat-like thing is in the salad.」
「It’s a fish, not meat.」
「It’s a fish!?」

 Everyone is making a lot of noise while eating.

「Good evening, is Aria-san here?」

 A good-looking ojiisan came to visit Aria.

 Who’s this guy!?
 What kind of relationship does he have with Aria!!?

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  4. Orages March 15, 2016 / 11:05 pm

    Makes enemies with some of the most influential people of the world, decides to spend time at an orphanage, stands out more than a neon sign, even goes as far to permeate the air with an other worldly smell of curry in case his enemies are blind.
    Yeah, only good things can come from this.

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    • LK June 8, 2016 / 2:07 pm

      You forgot walks around with a pretty lady who just happens to look exactly like the missing princesses and another girl with rare black hair and eyes witch you also have am I missing anything??????


      • Void September 16, 2016 / 6:57 am

        I think the author tries to make the story as dumb as humanly possible, so everyone who is reading this will be able to understand how little the author actually gives a f***.

        That’s pretty much the reason why I read this thing. It’s super light and it doesn’t give a damn, and tbh at this point I don’t expect any negative consequence to befall the MC and gang. Tis a light-hearted adventure BS story.
        I do appreciate the rants, though. :p spot on.


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