Chapter 259 – Tower of Sunrise’s Eleventh and Twelfth Floor

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Translator: Jei
Proofread: DarkKnight

The eleventh floor was inside a jungle.
And then, the passage had a muddy water up to one’s knee and in the left and right were the jungle’s trees which had grown dense like a wall.

「Are we going to precede here?」
「It seems so.」

「Our clothes are going to get dirty!」
「It’s a problem even if you say that to me.
Do you want to stay at home, Aya?」

「What would you do, Elena-chan, Hilda-chan?」

The girls began to discuss secretly.

Well, I can easily go back to the house even though I’m going to be alone from here on out…….

「Then, let’s do that.」

The girls’ meeting seems to be over.

「So, are you going to go home?」

Aya began to take her clothes off.
Not again!

I ignored Aya
and with my utmost effort, observed Elena who was taking her clothes off bashfully
and Hilda who took off her clothes energetically.

Taking along the girls who were wearing swimsuits
and resumed the eleventh floor’s exploration.


「What happened, Elena!?」

When we were walking through the muddy water for awhile,
Elena suddenly screamed.

I’ve checked the map, but there’s no sign of any enemy nearby.
Just what on earth has happened?

「S-, Something slithered and touched my foot.」

What on earth could it be?

「How dare it touched Elena-chan’s foot!
I’ll beat that erotic monster!」

Aya recklessly stomped on the muddy water around Elena with *gashi gashi*.

「Since there’s no reaction on the map, I think it’s not a monster.」
「It doesn’t matter!」

When Aya is stomping around,
Hilda imitates her and happily stomps around Elena too.

「Giya! I stomped on something!」
「Aya-san, where?」
「It must be around here!」

It’s already an uproar.

And then, the tragedy happened.


Elena is surprised that something slithered and touched her foot again
and falls over in astonishment.

And then, Aya and Hilda who were going to help
bumped on each other and took a pratfall into the muddy water together.


Elena’s piercing scream.

「Elena! What happened!!?」

「Something slimy, long and thin
went inside!!」

When I hurriedly carried Elena out of the water―

There was an『Eel』which shoved its head inside her swimsuit.

「Oh, it was just caught in the swimsuit
when it entered, huh.
I’m certainly……」

It’s nothing.

I grabbed the eel and teared it off of Elena,
then put it into the inventory after freezing it.

「I was surprised.」
「So it was an eel!」

After that, whenever Aya found an eel, she made a fuss about it and seized it.

In that way, we finally arrived at the place with a monster’s reaction,
though it took time when we were advancing because of Aya.

「Be careful since there’s a monster here.」

That place was a room with a little wide spherical shape.
It’s filled with muddy water up to one’s knees as usual.

*Slither sfx*

Suddenly, a rather huge『eel』poke out its head in the center of the room.

「It’s a huge eel!
It seems to be delicious!」

「Stupid Aya, be careful, it’s a monster.」

It’s still smaller than the huge eel that was in the underground, though.

When I used【appraisal】―
it turned out to be an『great electric eel』.

「It’s an electric eel, be careful of its electric attack.」
「Be careful, you say. What’s the best thing to do?」

Umu, how could it be done, I wonder?

「Since we would get shocked if we kept our feet submerged into the water as is,
we should get out of the water, but……」


I had frozen the water nearby using【Ice magic】and got on top of it.

「How’s that! I won’t get shocked with this!」

Aya and the others imitated me; each of them made an ice and got on top of it.

「Alright, let the water freeze as it is and beat that fellow.」

We slowly freeze it with ice from the outside of the spherical room
and finally, froze the『great electric eel』which had been weakened by the cold,
gaining a complete shutout victory.

「Caught it–!」

Aya raised the game over head and shouted, but…..

is an『electric eel』edible?

In the end, the rest of the eel were normal ones in the eleventh floor.
We only got one『great electric eel』and finally arrived at the stairway without encountering the other monsters.


When we climb up the stairs,
the twelfth floor was a『beach』.

「It’s the sea!」

It’s probably an illusion sea.

The setting sun was just exactly about to go down in the sea.

And then, as for that『beach』,
it was crowded with starfish[1].

「Onii-chan, the starfishes are amazing, right?」
「Uh huh.」


Ah, don’t get me wrong, but……

It’s not crowded with crowd.
It’s crowded with starfishes.

In the『beach』, there was a huge quantity of『huge starfishes』in clusters.

When I used【appraisal】, it seems to be called『Extra・Starfish』.

However, the beach is filled with starfishes. It doesn’t seem to be possible to evade them to pass through.

When we approached, the『Extra・Starfishes』attacked us with water jet.

「It can’t be helped, let’s defeat them!」

The『Extra・Starfish』only had two kinds of attack which were attacking using water and flying while rotating so I was able to defeat it easily.

When we kept defeating them for awhile―
there was a shining starfish which was the only one that had different size.

It seems to be called『Star・Starfish』.
It seems to be a little strong.

When we see how the land lies, the『Star・Starfish』began to shine with tremendous light.

「It’s shining!」

When we closed our eyes shut because of the intense radiance,
we had received a few attacks from the『Extra・Starfishes』in the surroundings during that opportunity.


It was only Aya and me who had received the attacks,
because Elena and Hilda were a little further away, they were alright.

I decided to defeat it before it uses that light again.

I moved behind the『Star・Starfish』using【teleportation】―


and slashed it right in half using the white belt sword.

Serves you right!

When the『Star・Starfish』was defeated,
the『Extra・Starfishes』returned to the sea to escape.

「Onii-chan, I’ve found a good thing!」

The thing that Aya found near the defeated『Star・Starfish』was―

something called【Transformation magic stone】!

what the heck is this!??

Translator’s note:

[1]Pun lost in translation: ヒトデ can mean many things i.e crowd(人出), starfish, etc.

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