Chapter 258 – Tower of sunrise’s ninth and tenth floor

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Translator: Jei
To be proofread by: DarkKnight

When we climbed up to the ninth floor―
it was a normal dungeon-like floor.

If anything, the humidity is somewhat a little high
and there’s a stinking smell like that of a squid.
I wonder if even orcs will come out?

「By the way, till when are you going to keep wearing a swimsuit, everyone?」

「Although it’s a little cold, I’m alright if it’s just this much.」
「Although it’s embarrassing, it’s fine if Seiji-sama is pleased.」
「This swimsuit is easy to move on.」

Well, it’s fine if the three of them are alright.

When we walked through the passage while remaining in such condition―

「What’s that!?」

What Aya pointed at was a certain lone block smudge on the passage.

「Be careful.
That’s an enemy.」

「That’s an enemy??」

When we look at the situation from a slightly remote position―
from what we thought was a black smudge, something appeared.


It was a squid-like monster that came out from the black smudge.
And then, in the next moment-

the【attack predicted area】was displayed in a straight line.

「Everyone, dodge!」

At the same time as everyone promptly dodged to the right and left,
the squid discharged a black liquid with a *bushu!*

「Iwa, it discharged a squid ink!」

With the squid ink that the squid had discharged, there was a straight line made up of black smudge on the passage.

However, the squid quickly hides inside the black smudge.

Umu, we don’t have a choice but approach it from this place, huh.

We began to advance while being completely vigilant.

The moment when we almost reach the place where the squid was hiding-

I turned back and then rush back to where we came from with a mad dash.

「Onii-chan, why are you running away!?」

Aya and the others were confused at my sudden movement,
I thrust the『white belt sword』toward the floor far off in the back.

「Onii-chan, what are you doing!?」

When I pulled the『white belt sword』which I pierced on the floor……

the『squid』was pierced in there.

「Hm? Was there another one of them?」
「No, the squid at the beginning moved.」

「Moved!? How??」
「It could probably move through the part which was smeared black with that squid ink.」

「But, wasn’t that squid ink not much thick?」
「It’s probably a special ability of that squid.」

「Special ability, huh……
then, let’s be careful on the part it smeared black.」

When I used【appraisal】, it seems to be a monster called『ink squid』.
It may be a quite troublesome enemy.

「Seiji-sama, can I wash that black part away?」
「Wash it away?」

「Yes, I think that the squid can’t hide anymore if I do that.」
「That’s right!」

We, according to Elena’s suggestion,
advanced while washing away the part which was smeared black using 【water magic】.

When the black smudge on the floor or the wall was washed away, the squid which couldn’t move from there emerged with *poro*.

It seemed that when the squid ink was washed away, it wouldn’t be able to move at all anymore
and I was able to get about twenty squids.

A big squid also occasionally appears and in addition, it was moving while smearing squid ink so that it could swim in the floor or the wall, but I was able to defeat it easily by washing it away with water.

The big squid seems to be called『Great King Ink Squid』and it dropped a【Darkness reinforcement magic stone】.

Darkness attribute, huh.
The white belt sword’s trial doesn’t have darkness attribute, doesn’t it~?

We advanced through the ninth floor with such experience,
and we were able to immediately find the stairs toward the tenth floor.


When we climb up to the tenth floor, it suddenly became cold.


「This cold is impossible.」

The three people gave up wearing their swimsuits,
took winter clothes out of their respective【storage bracelet】and wore it.

I will never forgive the coldness!

It seems that the tenth floor was a floor where『ice floes』floats on the sea.

Between some huge『ice floes』, a small『ice floe』goes to and fro.
It seems we’re going to move forward riding on that small『ice floe』.

「Everyone, be careful not to fall off.」

Using【Ice magic】, we advance while controlling the ice under our feet in order to not fall over.


「Ah! It’s a penguin!!」

When we were traveling on board the small『ice floe』and arrive at the first huge『ice floe』,
there were a lot of penguins.

The penguins didn’t attack,
but trot around an egg, protecting it.

「Are they not monsters?」

When I used【appraisal】, they were normal monsters,
but it seems they won’t attack if we don’t approach the egg.

「Since they are going to attack if we approach the egg, let’s proceed with caution.」

Aya and the others took a photo with their smartphone.
We didn’t come here to play, you know~.

Well, they’re not going to attack,
so it’s fine if we don’t have to fight.


And then, when we proceeded forward, passing through several『ice floes』,
there was a penguin which was protecting an egg right in the middle of the narrow passage-shaped『ice floe』.

「Onii-chan, what should we do?
We won’t be able to pass if we don’t approach that.」
「It can’t be helped, so we’ll fight it.」


Massive boos broke out from the girls.

「There’s no helping it!」
「Because, that penguin isn’t bad, right?」

What to do?

the girls’ swimsuit were seized by the coldness
and with the penguin grabbing hold of the girls’ hearts, it makes them go against me……

what a terrifying foe!

If I use【water magic】, it’s also possible to avoid the『ice floe』and pass over it riding on the water.
However, if Aya make a blunder and fall over and drop into the water, it may cause a heart attack.


「I’ve come up with something good!
Leave it to me.」
「Is it really alright?
Because I won’t forgive you if you do something terrible to『Pen-chan』!」

After holding myself back from dropping a tsukkomi,
I approached『Pen-chan』slowly.


『Pen-chan』started to get angry at me who was approaching the egg,
it hurled ice using magic and attacked.

「Ice barrier!」

A barrier spread out before me and『Pen-chan』’s ice attack didn’t reach me at all.


『Pen-chan』started to get angry even more.



『Pen-chan』fell asleep at my【sleep】magic in a posture that warms the egg.

「You did well, onii-chan!」

Aya and the others kept on taking pictures of the sleeping『Pen-chan』happily.
Finally, we succeeded in breaking through the biggest obstacle.

We broke through several places using【sleep】after that,
and without killing a single monster on the tenth floor,
we were able to find the stairs toward the eleventh floor.

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