Chapter 257 – Tower of Sunrise’s Eighth Floor

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Translator: Jei
Proofreader: DarkKnight

「Iya~, it’s good that we can go home during a dungeon exploration.」

Since Aya and I fell into the water, our whole bodies got dirty so, we took a bath and felt refreshed.
We decided to start again after having lunch.

Ah, don’t misunderstand because we went into the bathroom in turn, okay?
「Well, are you ready?
We’ll leave soon.」

After getting fully prepared,
we used【teleportation】toward the『tower of sunrise』’s eighth floor.


「It’s still hot.」

The eighth floor’s heat and humidity are the same as before,
and on a closer look, the『bath』which seems to be hot leads to the left and right.
A passage between two『bathtubs』seems to become a maze.

The『bathtubs』are shrouded with thick steam.
The hot water’s temperature seems to be high.
These are the cause of this heat and humidity, huh.
When I can’t endure the heat and my sweat drips―

Aya began to take off her clothes.
Moreover, Elena and Hilda as well!

「What are you guys doing!!?」

Aya wore a fearless and broad grin and threw off her clothes without stopping.

「Onii-chan, you thought that we would become naked if we took our clothes, huh~.

Aya and the others wear a swimsuit under their clothes.
If they are wearing a swimsuit, they came back from the house being in that way.
Aya wears a sexy type of bikini for competitions even though she doesn’t own a swimsuit at all.
Elena’s seems to be for resorts, the type which a pareo wrapped around the bikini.

And then, Hilda’s was a school swimsuit.

「Why bikinis!?」
「Well, I haven’t bought Ruda-chan swimsuits,
there were only these that fits.」

Well, it can’t be helped since she doesn’t own one.
It can’t be helped, ah, it can’t be helped.

When I was staring at them, my eyes met with Hilda’s.
Hilda smiled sweetly towards me.
D-, Dangerous!
I decided to appreciate Elena’s swimsuit this time.
Elena notices my eyes and feels embarrassed.

T-, The navel……
When I was appreciating it carefully,
Elena covered her navel with her hand for some reason.
Why did you cover it!! Damn it!!
However, everyone’s defensive power is low with those equipment.

Elena’s string part in particular, this is dangerous!
If she were to be attacked there, she is without the least resistance.

If she were to receive a serious damage, we can’t advance anymore.
When I was thinking about such a thing, Aya stood in front of Elena.
And then, she assumes some kind of a pose.

「Aya, what are you doing?」
「Sexy pose.」

「Ah, yeah, yeah.
『bodybuilding』is impossible for you.
It’s nothing but excessive fat, isn’t it?」
The next instant, a flying knee strike flew into my face; I got a nosebleed and collapsed.
「Seiji-sama, are you alright?」

Elena put my head on her lap and cast【recovery magic】.
However, this posture that enables me to look at the navel closely…….
My nosebleed didn’t give in to Elena’s【recovery magic】and wasn’t cured for awhile.
You’re formidable, navel!


When I was thoroughly enjoying it for awhile……

I discovered a monster approaching on the map.

I stood up straight―

「An enemy is coming!」

and everyone promptly took a fighting stance.
The next moment, the『bathtub』’s hot water exploded and something jumped out.
It was a『slime』.

However, something seems off.
It’s completely transparent other than the red nucleus in its center.

The『slime』which jumped out of the『bathtub』was falling onto my head.
Just like a moth flying into a flame.
I tried to cut the『slime』into two with a single stroke using the white belt sword……

I canceled my attack toward the『slime』
and dodged by jumping to the side with all my strength.

After leaping on the floor with *pyon*,
the slime fell into the『bathtub』on the opposite side.
「Onii-chan, what’s wrong?
Why did you not finish it off?」
It was dangerous.
The moment when I was going to attack the『slime』,
the【predicted attack area】spread out all over the place.

It was probably some kind of an area attack.
However, why wouldn’t the【predicted attack area】be displayed until just before it would attack?
Moreover, it didn’t attack in the end.

I decided to look at the situation once again.
「I may not be able to predict that fellow’s attack.
Move back a little, everyone.」

When I had Aya and the others to move back, that fellow jumped out again from the『bathtub』.
I canceled my attack
and after dodging the『slime』with a lot of leeway,
I tried to use【appraisal】on that opportunity.
It was a monster called『boiling water slime』.

I see, the transparent part of that『slime』was boiling water…
If I attack it as it was, the『boiling water』was going to pour over me from the top of my head, huh.
Dangerous, dangerous.
「Onii-chan, are you alright?」
「Yeah, it’s already fine since I understood its real nature.」

At that moment, the『boiling water slime』attacked once more.

Bowl shape・Water barrier!」

The『boiling water slime』fell into the barrier which I created with a *plop*.

「Ice throw!」

I threw ice from the top of the『boiling water slime』.
Although I hadn’t usually used【ice magic】that much, I was able to use it skillfully.
The『boiling water slime』was struggling inside the barrier……
After a short time, it had been frozen.

When I released the barrier,
the frozen『boiling water slime』fell down with *koron*.
「Eat this.」

The『boiling water slime』was pierced by the white belt sword
and when the nucleus in the center was destroyed, the『boiling water slime』shattered.

Apparently, this『water boiling slime』seemed to be a fire attribute monster
and the『fire attribute monster subjugation』counted one.


Other than『boiling water slime』, a『nicely warm water slime』appeared too.
Since the hot water of the just-right-water-temperature just scattered even if I defeat it,
Aya feeling amused, defeated it with a punch and had a good time as the hot water poured over her.
There was also no boss on this floor.
I defeated a total of four『boiling water slime』
and at the same time, the『fire attribute monster subjugation』became 4 / 10.
We discovered the stairway that led to the next floor.

Translator’s notes:

[1] lit. one pattern.

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