Chapter 256 – Tower of Sunrise’s seventh floor

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Translator: Jei
Proofreader: DarkKnight

We arrived at the tower of sunrise’s seventh floor.

Just like the sixth floor, in the seventh floor, a maze foothold was made because of the water.

Since the reaction on the map are only unidentified monsters, a different monster will probably turn up again.

I’d also like to do the『pond skater』which onii-chan did awhile ago.
How did you do that?」

「I only used the surface tension of the water.」
「『Surface tension』??」

「Do you, by any chance, not know about it?
When you normally pour water into a glass, doesn’t it not spill when the water rise a little above the edge of the glass?
That’s surface tension.」

「I’ll try it!」

While using【Water magic】,
Aya timidly brings her foot close to the water’s surface.

「I was able to do it.」

Aya’s right foot didn’t sink into the water.

「Can I stand on the water just as it is?」

Aya placed her left foot on the water too.

「Hooray, I can stand on the water!」

Although somewhat unsteady, Aya is indeed standing on the water.

「Since I can do it, you can do it too, if you try!」

The moment I said so, Aya stuck out her chest.


Aya slipped and fell into the water with *splash!*

「I-, I’m drowning! Onii-chan, help me~.」


I jumped into the water at once and tried to help Aya.
Due to the reaction that followed when Aya clung onto me, we almost sunk into the water.

We somehow managed to return to the foothold using【Water magic】, though not until I nearly drowned.

「Aya, are you alright?」
「I’m not alright, jinu[1].」

Aya, who had returned to the foothold, had a runny nose.

「Although you can use【Water magic】, why did you nearly drown?
Thanks to you, even I is soaking wet.」

「It was *sniff*~ sudden, t-, *sniff* that’s why……[2]」

I don’t understand what you are saying.

I took out a bath towel from the inventory,
and when I wipe Aya up―
Elena and Hilda were warming us up with dryer magic.

Alright, let’s try to use a warming magic too.

I made a sphere, which irradiated far infrared rays[3], appear from a slightly remote position.

「Oh, this is warm!」
「It’s the Far Infrared Ray magic.」
「Ah, is it an electric heater?」
「Yes, it is.」

「That’s good, it’s pleasantly warm~.」

While being irradiated by the far infrared rays, we took a break and drank hot cocoa for awhile, but I discovered an enemy approaching on the map.

「The break is over.
There’s an enemy approaching.」

Aya, who has her clothes and hair half-dry, stands up and looks around restlessly.

Suddenly, a【predicted attack area】appeared in front of me.
That area was long and thin, drawing an arc.

When I had Aya and the others to withdraw and watched the area closely―


When I heard a sound of something shooting with great force,
a largish『flying fish』passed through the【predicted attack area】.

So that’s the enemy on this floor!

After a short time, the【predicted attack area】was displayed where Hilda’s head was positioned right now!

I moved in front of Hilda using【teleportation】at once and put the white belt sword over where【predicated attack area】was located.


The moment when the『flying fish』flew out with great force and hit the white belt sword……
it split vertically into two equal parts.

The『flying fish』, which has been cut up into two, falls down on the foothold with *botori* and twitches.

Is a『flying fish』delicious?

「Seiji-onii-chan, thank you very much.」

Hilda seems to be a little scared.

If that attack hit a strange place, she might have suffered a serious injury.

We decided to advance through this floor carefully.


When we advanced for a while whilst cutting『flying fishes』into two several times―

There was a reaction of an unidentified enemy rapidly approaching from far away.

「Be careful, something’s coming!」

Aya and the others took their stances at once.

This time, the【predicted attack area】was displayed, but it was aiming toward the middle of my forehead.
When I promptly prepared the white belt sword―


I-, I can’t see it……

Almost at the same time as I prepared the white belt sword, from out of nowhere,
that fellow flew in.

And, it was split into two by the white belt sword and fell down on the foothold with a *plop*.

When I used【appraisal】―
it seemed to be a『swift flying fish』.

Unlike the『flying fish』, which has two wings on each of its sides, there are as much as a total of four wings on each of its sides.

This fellow seems to be a wind attribute,
the『wind attribute monsters subjugation』counted one.


Aya is scared at its excessive speed,
but its attack damage shouldn’t be too high.

Preparing for a little damage, it’ll be a monster who can be defeated easily if I counterattack right after getting hit once.

But, I can’t afford to have the girls take a damage,
let’s defeat all of them.

In the end, there wasn’t a boss on this floor,
after defeating eighteen『flying fishes』,
and five『swift flying fishes』,
we found the stairway towards the top.


The atmosphere didn’t completely change until now,
the eighth floor was filled with terrible『heat』.

「It’s so hot~!!」

It’s hot and the humidity is terrible.
It’s totally like we’re inside a sauna.

「Onii-chan, it’s hot!
Can I take my clothes off?」

「Don’t do such a vulgar thing!
What are you going to do if there are other adventurers?」
「There isn’t any other adventurer here!

Aya doesn’t have an awareness as an adventurer……
well, she’s not an adventurer, huh.

We decided to go home immediately to change into a much cooler clothes.

Translator’s notes:



[3]Far Infrared Ray (FIR), is the ‘warm’ energy in humans, animals and plants, also emitted from sunlight.

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