Chapter 255 – Tower of sunrise’s sixth floor boss battle

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Translator: Jei
Proofreader: DarkKnight

No matter how many『shark』I killed, the white belt sword didn’t make any progress.

When I gave priority to the place where there were monsters other than『sharks』,
we came across a huge, angular『shark』.

When I tried to use【appraisal】, it seems to be a『dogfish』.

When I defeated that fellow, the『Water attribute monster subjugation』counted.
And when we advanced for a while and I continued to defeat『dogfishes』,
I was able to clear the water attribute monster subjugation.

「Yes! I cleared one of the trials!」
「Seiji-sama, congratulations.」

By doing nothing but the trial, we will never advance!
Let’s advance steadily.」

Aya’s comment is correct as well……
when it’s said by Aya, I feel incredibly nauseous.


When we tried to move toward the place where there were only unidentified enemies……

only in that place, the foothold wasn’t wooden, but made from something like a rock.
It’s probably a special place.

The enemy’s’ reaction was indicated in this place,
but we couldn’t find the enemy.

And then, a stinking smell-!
a strange stinking smell of something hangs in the air.

When we examined the surroundings, we found out that there was a hole of some kind near the center of the foothold.

「Is there an enemy in this hole?」

At that moment, when I was going to look down into that hole-!

the foothold began to shake with *gura gura*.

「Is everyone alright?」

Because the shaking isn’t that much great,
it seems everyone is alright.


At the same time as the shaking calmed down, a mixture of air and water blew up and rose from the hole.
It was a『geyser』, huh.

「It stinks!!」

The cause of the stinking smell seemed to be this geyser,
and at the same time as the geyser blew up, the stinking smell in the surroundings intensified even more.

「It’s the smell of onii-chan!」

What’s with that way of speaking, I don’t smell like that!

「Hey, because of the smell of that hole, we need to cover it up with something.」

Aya’s opinion is indeed correct too.
It’s a fact that we can’t fight while holding our noses.

I took out an ordinary boulder which was in the inventory and covered the hole.

「With this, it will probably become less stinky.」

I finished the task and clapped my hands together to get the grit off of them.

Suddenly, everything under our feet was displayed red as the【predicted attack area[1]】.

「Everyone, get away from this foothold!!」

When I had everyone get away from the foothold―

the rock foothold began to shake violently.

「Dangerous, it’s violently shaking.」

The shaking is frightening, the water’s surface in the surrounding largely ripples as well.

And then-!


The boulder which covered the hole produced a terrifying sound and was blown away into the sky with great momentum.

「I was astonished!」

And then, when we thought that the shaking finally calmed down……
the rock foothold was slowly sinking down.

「It sinks down!」
「It’s because of you who said that we cover the hole!」
「It was you, onii-chan, who eventually did it!」

When Aya and I were arguing back and forth like that―

bubbles rose up from the water’s surface with *buku buku*.

「What’s that?」

When everyone was looking at the water’s surface―
I saw something coming up from below.

And then, the water’s surface slowly swelled out.

When I was thinking whether or not the swelling of the water’s surface will explode,
a huge white whale jumped out from within.

「A whale—-!!」

Despite Aya’s impression which was the same level as a primary school kid,
the whale flew up with a great momentum, abruptly made a half revolution and violently flung its tail against the water’s surface.

Due to the intense impact, a huge『tsunami』breaks out.

「A tsunami——–!!」

Aya panics,
while Elena and Hilda try their best to somehow do something with magic.

「Dome shape・Water barrier!!」

When I use the magic,
a dome-shaped barrier surrounds us.

And then, the tsunami covers it from above.


The water passes over the barrier with a terrible momentum.

Aya closed her eyes and crouched down,
while Elena and Hilda stared in wonder.

「What the hell are you doing, Aya?
Work properly.」
「Eh!? Uhh……」

The tsunami passed through and the whale, which identified that we were safe, opened its huge mouth threateningly.

「Hey, Aya. Enter inside that mouth and attack it from the inside.」
「I don’t wanna, it seems to be stinking……」

「Well then, think of a method that doesn’t seem to be stinking somehow or another.
Recently, you aren’t useful at all.」
「Mu! I’m going to think of something!!」

You’re going to think of something, huh.

「I got it!
Watch me~.」

*Shake shake* Aya wave about her arms.
What on earth are you doing?

When I look at the situation for a while, the wind began to rotate around the whale.

The wind gradually became faster―
and then became a huge『tornado』.

The whale hurriedly tried to escape into the water,
the tornado began to lift the water up, rendering it unable to dive even if it try.

The tornado slowly becomes stronger even more, gradually raising the whale into the sky while rotating.

「H-, How’s that!」
「Aya, has your breathing intensified?」

「Hilda-chan, give me a candy.」

Aya threw Hilda’s candy into her mouth,
and turned towards the whale once again.


Aya flung the whale against the water’s surface together with the tornado.

「How’s that!」

When I tried to use【appraisal】, the whale’s HP became 0.

「Good job, Aya.」

From now on, be useful once in awhile!

I controlled the surface tension[2] of the water using【water control】and stood like a pond skater on the water’s surface.

I glide through the water’s surface just like that with *suii*, I approached the whale which stopped moving and put it away into the inventory.

「Well, that should be the boss,
but where would the stairway towards the top be?」

When I tried to look around restlessly―

In the place where the whale was at in the beginning, *nyoki nyoki* a stone pillar grew out from under the water.

When the stone pillar reached toward the ceiling where the image of the blue sky was drawn,
a door opened in the stone pillar.

「Seiji-sama, there’s a stairway in here.」

We did it, the sixth floor is cleared with this!

Translator’s notes:

[1]Previously translated as ‘range of attack prediction.’

[2]The cohesive forces between liquid molecules are responsible for the phenomenon known as surface tension –

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