Chapter 254 – Tower of Sunrise’s aquarium

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Translator: Jei
To be proofread by: DarkKnight

On that day, I took out all of Aya, Elena, and Hilda’s belongings from my inventory
and they stored it into their respective【Storage Bracelet】.

Aya who got caught up in the moment stored away the things inside her room and had it emptied.


The next day, after eating breakfast and dressing up neatly and orderly,
we went to Ikebu town’s『tower of sunrise』.

The destination point where I moved using teleportation
was the『tower of sunrise』’s surface’s fourth floor.

It was the place where we were flower viewing before and got attacked by bees,
but there wasn’t any bees this time.

「Ah, it’s the flower viewing spot.
 It sure is nice when we can continue from where we left off, don’t you think?」

That’s right, that’s right.
While it may be true that we don’t need to carry our baggage anymore,
for onii-chan to be useful like this, don’t say such things like『I don’t need it』, okay?

「Can we climb up to the top by the end of day?」
「It’s indeed impossible.」

Aya underestimated it too much.

Nonetheless, since it’s for Yurie-san,
we have to do our best~.

Now then, let’s look for the stairs while looking at the map―

As I thought of that , the map to the stairs is displayed!!?
How come?

After checking the map further, the fifth floor is also displayed to some extent.
Did someone with a beacon climb up?

When I checked the tracking beacons―
in order for me to check up on the situation of the Ikebu town during the surprise attack of the devil-kin last week, I put a tracking beacon on an adventurer who was at that place.
That adventurer seems to be clearing the『tower of sunrise』.

That person was exploring the fifth floor right now.

「It looks like the stairs toward the fifth floor is over there.」

We went to the fifth floor without encountering any monsters.


「What the hell is this!?」

In the fifth floor, the atmosphere completely changed into something maze-like.

However, what one should pay attention to is the『wall』!
The wall’s whole surface is『water』.

「It looks like an aquarium.」

As Aya said,
both sides are filled with water like a water tank,
and there are also small fishes swimming.


「Ah, this, there’s no glass!」

The hand of Aya, who tried to touch the water tank, entered deeply into the water with *zubo*.

「How is this water not falling even though there’s no glass??」

Aya is thrusting her hand into the water with『bacha bacha』.

「There’s no way to explain it, but…the power of magic.」

We advanced through the aquarium maze.

「Something’s coming.」

There’s a reaction on the map and I promptly exclaim so.

Everyone takes a fighting stance……
but the enemy’s figure is nowhere to be seen.
Where is it?

「Seiji-sama, in the wall!」

When I saw the one Elena pointed at,
in the wall’s water……

a catfish was swimming.

Then, from the wall’s water,
the catfish jumped out with *pyon* and blocked our way ahead.

It comes out of the water!?

「A catfish!?」

A dot on the map indicates this catfish.
It’s probably a monster.

The catfish, which is floating a little above the floor, is swimming in the air.

When we waited for the catfish’s move―

the catfish abruptly launched a『mud』at us.

「Uwa, dirty.」

All four of us dodged the mud.
And then, the catfish charged in at the same time.


The catfish was stabbed at the back of its head by Aya’s knife.


「Well, it’s only the fifth floor
 and we also became strong.」

The catfish didn’t particularly drop any magic stones.


When we advanced for awhile, this time―

a『slime』jumped out from the wall’s water.

The slime, which seemed to be weaker than the one in the underground,
threatened us while jiggling.

With Elena’s Ice magic, it had been frozen and couldn’t move anymore.

A【Water reinforcement magic stone】was taken from the slime.

 If a slime appears next time, let me defeat it.」
「Ah, the sword of trial!


While looking for the stairs,
I gave priority in killing the slimes and undiscovered monsters nearby.

The monsters I was able to defeat were
slimes x 2 and big catfish x 5.

The white belt sword of trial had also made progress

・Water attribute monster subjugation 2 / 10
・Earth attribute monster subjugation 5 / 10

and the result was such.

By the way, the『Big catfish』was a monster one size bigger than the catfish we encountered at the beginning, but it wasn’t that much strong as well.

And then, we discovered the stairs toward the sixth floor.
In the end, we didn’t encounter the adventurer who wore a beacon.


The sixth floor, with water as far as the eye could see,
seemed as if on the sea.

The blue sky above and the water continued all the way up to the point where the horizon could be seen, but this must be an illusion~

A foothold made with logs is floating on the water
and it seemed to have become like a maze.

Are we supposed to advance through this foothold maze?

「It seems like we’ll drown if we fall down.」

Aya is carefree, huh.
You’ll get attacked by the monsters underwater if you fall down.


When we were advancing for a while, a red dot on the map was approaching.

「Onii-chan, over there!」

When I saw the one Aya pointed at―

a black, triangular『fin』was approaching with great momentum.

「That is!?」

That fellow jumped out from the surface of the water and attacked before we could take a fighting stance.

「It’s a shark!!」

Sharp teeth were lined up in a row in its gaping mouth.

When I blocked the shark teeth with the white belt sword, it made a *gachin* sound.


When I swung the white belt sword sideways,
the shark was blown off to the side
and fell into the water with *bashan*.

「I will take it out from the water.」

When Elena said so, a water column rose from the water’s surface
and the shark was thrown into the sky.


Hilda launched a flame this time,
covering the shark with fire.

The shark which was covered with fire fell onto the log foothold with『bitan』
and writhed with *bichi bichi*.

「Take the finishing blow!」

I used【teleportation】on top of the shark and dealt the finishing blow, stabbing the【White belt sword】in the crown of its head.

As for the【Sharkfin】,
how should I cook it?

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