Chapter 252 – Mystery of reinforcement magic stone

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Translator: Jei
To be proofread by: DarkKnight

「Toki, I’d like to ask you one more thing.」
『What is it?』

「Can’t I get a【Magic stone of Toki】after all?」
『It’s no good! It will kill my fellow toki to get that.』

I have no choice but to give up the『divination』after all, huh.

『Why do you want a【magic stone of toki】?』

I explained the circumstances to Toki.

『The【magic stone of toki】is a magic stone which raises the power of the【space-time magic】temporarily.
It probably means that that person’s ability is just not enough if he can’t use【divination】without using【magic stone of toki】.
Therefore, if he can increase the power of his【space-time magic】, he will probably be able to use【divination】without using【magic stone of toki】.』

Increase the power of the【space-time magic】, huh~.
If it’s possible to strengthen the【space-time magic】in the same way as an attribute reinforcement magic stone, but……

if I remember correctly, I tried to make a reinforcement magic stone of the【space-time magic】before, but I wasn’t able to do it~.

Well, I became quite stronger than those days,
let’s try it again.

I took out a【magic stone of nullpo】,
held it between my right and left hand, and tried to channel【magic power reinforcement】to my left hand and【space-time magic】to my right hand.

I was able to do it……
and it was even a【space-time reinforcement magic stone +5】……
the magic stone was colorless, transparent and very beautiful.

I wasn’t able to make it before!

『So, this is a magic stone.
If there’s that, there’s no need for a【magic stone of toki】anymore.』

When Toki saw the magic stone, it heaved a sigh of relief.
It didn’t have to worry about its fellow getting killed anymore.

However, how did I suddenly become able make it?

The three kinds of reinforcement magic stones which I wasn’t able to make before were【body reinforcement magic】,【information magic】, and【space-time magic】.

As a test once again, I tried to make magic stones of【body reinforcement magic】and【information magic】―
I wasn’t able to make these two as before.

I can somehow understand that a reinforcement magic stone of【body reinforcement magic】can’t be made.
The magic I channel to the magic stone overlaps since one of the magic power I channel when making a magic stone is【body reinforcement magic】.

Then, it’s only these two,【information magic】and【space-time magic】. What condition I wasn’t able to satisfy when I tried it before?
And this time, only the【space-time magic】was able to satisfy the condition.

What has changed from the past to now?

Is it because my level rose from those days?
Is it because the【space-time magic】’s level rose from 5 to 6?
Is it because I’ve made a contract with a spirit?

I feel that all of them are wrong.
Then, what is it?


That’s right!
It’s the visit to the mana crystal!

The【information magic】and【space-time magic】are the only two magics I acquired without visiting a mana crystal.

And I went to visit the【space-time mana crystal】this time.
Perhaps, that must be the condition!

Then, if I visit the【information magic】’s mana crystal too……

By the way, is there【information mana crystal】somewhere?

When I was thinking such a thing―

『Seiji of the humans, do you have no more questions?』

「Ah, yes, it’s already fine.」

『Then, let’s meet again.』

When Toki said so, it was gone somewhere using【teleportation】.
Let’s go back to the town too.


「I’ve kept you waiting, everyone.」
「Ah, onii-chan.
Are you done talking with the toki?」

Aya was carrying a lot of food with both hands.
Even though I said don’t squander the gold like that……

Well, nevermind.

Thanks to it, we can now have him to perform a『divination』.」

「Is that true, Seiji-sama!?」
「Yes, leave it to me.」

We went to Exeter’s mansion.


what order do you have to this poor man who can’t perform a divination anymore?」

Exeter’s eyes are dead.
Was he that much shocked?

you don’t need to be depressed that much.
That’s because I brought something which can serve as a substitute for the【magic stone of toki】.」
「Is that true!?」

Exeter’s eyes suddenly lit up and approached.
I’m not glad at all being approached by a man.

「It’s this.」

When I took out the【space-time magic stone +5】,
Exeter snatched the magic stone away from my hand to take it.

「Can I use this?」
「Since the magic stone isn’t disposable, it’s fine for you to try and use it.」

「I-, Is that so!?」

When Exeter stood up from the chair,
he wrapped the magic stone up with his both hands protectively,
and started to chant a some kind of incantation.

Show me the future of Delaidos Kingdom!」
When Exeter shouted so, he was wrapped up in light.

The light immediately faded away
and Exeter immediately fell on his knee.

「Exeter-sama, are you alright?」

Elena rushes up to Exeter.

「I-, I’m fine. It’s just that my magic power has been exhausted.」

When I appraised Exeter,
his MP became 2 / 302.

Somehow or other, it seems he spent as much as 300 MP using『divination』.
It’s also a good thing that it’s not to the very limit.

This time, it’s Hilda who rushes up and gave Exeter a candy.

「This is?」
「It’s a food that restores magic power.
Please melt it in your mouth without swallowing it.」
Hmm, this is amazing!」

Exeter recovered his energy in an instant.

「And, did the『divination』go well?」

「Ah, I succeeded.
The result of the divination is……

『6 stone statues with 2 horns should be destroyed.』

It was the content.」

『Stone statue with 2 horns!』
There’s something like that near the dragon-kin village!
Since I haven’t seen it directly, I don’t know whether or not it’s just a stone statue with 2 horns, but surely, it must be that.

Or rather, I completely forgot about it.
The devil-kin appeared from the place where there was a stone statue.

However, there are even 6 of that?

「Exeter-san, I’ve heard that a stone statue was seen near Nippo town.
Isn’t it necessary to contact Lela and have them search around the vicinity of each town?」

「T-, That’s right.
Understood, I will contact Lela-dono.」


Since Exeter will send a message to Lela,
they will probably look for a stone statue in each town and destroy it.

In that case, the devil-kin won’t be able to attack using those.
Well, about the stone statue near Nippo town,
I will go there personally and destroy it.

I’d like to examine it before breaking it.

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