Chapter 250 – Toki

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Translator: Jei
Proofreader: DarkKnight

We inquired the location from Exeter,
and advanced to the『Toki Forest』.
Are we really going to kill a Toki?」
「Umu, I’ll decide after I confirm the situation.
It may only be a different creature of the same name.」

what kind of existence is a『toki』
for you and the others?」

Haven’t you seen a toki on the TV or something, Elena?
It’s an endangered species
and has been designated as a special protected species.」
When we advanced through the forest while having such talk, a surprising view spread out.

A marshland which was about as wide as one dome spread out.
There, a large number of elegant toki were passing the time.

There seem to be around a thousand of them.
No matter how you look at it, it’s the same as an ordinary toki in Japan.

「It’s a toki.」
「It’s a toki.」

「I mean, it’s not a monster, isn’t it!?」
「Then, we’re not going to subjugate it?」

「It’s a genuine toki, we can’t subjugate it as expected.」

However, what kind of victims appear with this?
When I was lost in thought like that……
One toki descended from the sky.
「Uwa, what’s that!?」

It’s no wonder that Aya is surprised.
The toki which went down was an enormous toki around 5m.

And, the toki descended to the ground a little further from us.
Aya and the others promptly took a fighting stance.

「Wait! It’s not an enemy.」

The【Vigilance】magic had indicated that it’s not an enemy.

『Human, what did you come here for?』

I-, It talked-!
Its voice is that of a woman. Is this toki a female?
「Uhh, do you understand human language?」
『Yes, I understand it.』
「Onii-chan, why are you talking to yourself?」

「Eh? Do you not hear the words of this fellow, Aya?」
「Is ‘this fellow’ you’re talking about the toki?
Does this fellow talk about something?
I didn’t hear anything, though?」

Elena and Hilda shake their heads too.

Can it only be heard by me?
There seems to be a somewhat similar phenomenon before……
Are you by any chance a『spirit』?」

『That’s right,
I’m a『spirit』.』
『Well then, human, I’ll ask again.
What did you come here for?』
「We’ve been asked to subjugate toki.」

「Wai-! Onii-chan, if you say such a thing-!」
『Then, are you going to subjugate us?』
Somehow or other, there seems to be a mistake in the information we’ve been told.」

『Is that right? Then please leave immediately.』
「I’d like to ask you about one thing before leaving.」
『What is that thing you’d like the ask?』

「What do you have to do with the humans who live near here?」
『Good, I’ll explain it.』
The toki talked about how things got this way.

・The humans come to kill the toki.
・The humans want the magic stone which rarely found in the body of the toki.
・The enormous toki repelled the humans who attacked in order to protect its fellow toki.
・It work hard to save the humans’ lives as much as possible, but there’s sometimes a human who loses his life.
It seems to be like this.

I don’t think that the enormous toki which is a spirit is lying,
it’s entirely the human side who is bad.
「Understood, since I will kidna…bring someone from the human side, please talk to him personally.」

『Umu, thank you.』

I had Aya and the others to wait,
and moved toward『Exeter』who is the feudal lord of Toki town using【teleportation】.
「Uwa! What are you!?
You’ve suddenly appeared!」

「Since the toki seem to want to talk, please come with me for a bit.」

「Wa? What are you saying?
If I’m not mistaken, you’re the one with Princess Elena……」

「Stop complaining, come!」
I grabbed『Exeter』by the arm and teleported to where the toki was.


Exeter trembled with fear seeing the enormous toki.

「What are you doing? Attack that toki quickly!」
「Don’t attack it, please calm down.」

「What did you say!?」

「Look, it’s only you who is confused.」
When Exeter timidly lifted his face,
there was the enormous toki’s face in front of Exeter’s face.

「Exeter-san, did you lie to us?」

「I-, I lied, you say!?
I-, I don’t know what you are talking about.」

「It’s you guys’ side who started meddling with the toki, isn’t it?
The toki just protects itself from the humans’ attack.
Is it wrong?」

「Who said such a thing?」

「I personally heard it from the toki.」
「It’s impossible for a monster to speak human language!!」

「That’s wrong.」
「What did I say wrong!?」

「The toki is not a monster, but a『spirit』.」

「……What..did you say!?」

Well, it’s only the enormous toki who is a spirit,
the other toki are just common monsters.
「As expected, you were mistaken, huh.
Please don’t attack the toki anymore, okay?」

「……T-, That’s not possible.」

「Why is it!?
It’s a spirit, you know!?」
「The【magic stone of toki】is needed for the『divination』to be used.
If there’s no『divination』……」

「Do you plan to slaughter a lot of spirits just for the sake of『divination』?」
「It’s something unavoidable.」
「The magic stone can be duplicated if you ask the magic stone dealer.」
「No, the【magic stone of toki】is a disposable magic stone.
A disposable magic stone can’t be duplicated.」

Is that so!?
I didn’t know that.
「Then, you better not perform a『divination』anymore.
Does Elena think so too?」

This country will be destroyed if you make enemies of the spirits.
Exeter-sama, please promise me that you won’t attack the toki anymore.」
「U-, Understood……
I promise that I won’t attack the toki anymore……」
The issue is settled with this!!
……it isn’t!!
We came here to have you perform a『divination』!!


『Seiji of the humans, I’m thankful to you for this time’s matter.』

The enormous toki called out to me.
『As thanks……』

Oh, are you giving me something as thanks!?
『Let’s perform a【spirit contract】.』

『The【Space-time magic】became level 6.』


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