Chapter 249 – Toki Town

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Translator: Jei
Proofreader: DarkKnight

We went to the Royal Capital.
I will have Aya and the others to wait here,
while I alone is going to『Toki town』.

「Then, since we’re already here, shall we meet the king?」


「Yo! King.」
Ah, did Elena come as well!?」

「I’ll have you pay me the money today.」

Well, I don’t have such business here today,
but this fellow seems to forget about it if I don’t urge him many times.

Even if an ossan says that line, it’s not cute.
「There are various damages caused by the war with the devil-kin last week,
it’s hard on the reconstruction budget so, there’s no such surplus gold.」
「Ah, is that so?
Then, sell Elena over to me.
It can’t be helped, oh, it can’t be helped.」

「W-, Wait!」

「Until when are you going to keep me waiting?」

Blah blah blah, we’ve done our usual exchange. It’s really fun to mess about and torment the king, huh.

Well, it’s the worst, don’t you have anything? I’m even accepting payment in kind.
Isn’t there a legendary holy sword handed down from generation to generation of the royal family?
Until Elena wants to come back on her own accord, I’ll pull this prank on him.
「By the way, King.
To you who is up to his neck in debt, I’ll do something good.」

「What is it!?」

I gave Elena and Hilda’s photo albums to the king.
「What the hell is this!!?」

The king nearly fell down looking at the photo albums.

「How is it? It’s well made, don’t you think?」

「Wha-, w-, what on earth is this!?
These pictures are life-like.
This book is really well made.
This wonderful Elena……」

The king admired the wonderful figure of Elena and couldn’t speak anymore.

「That ultra-luxurious, photo album set
is only 10, 000 Aurum!!
Furthermore, it’s not just that!
If you buy now-!
With two sets of each book, I will add another copy of each book,
the price is irredeemable!!」

「I’ll buy them!!」

Oi, King.
Don’t you have no money because of the reconstruction budget!?


I had Aya and the others wait inside Elena’s room.
I went southwards from the Royal Capital to Toki town using【Lightning Flash】.

When I run for awhile, the smell of salt water……
and when I run further, the sea was visible on the left.

And when I went further along the coast,
I finally saw the Toki town.


I summoned Aya and others, and everyone went to Toki town.

「It’s the seaa-!」

Aya becomes excited as soon as she saw the sea.
Although both the juniors–Elena and Hilda–behave themselves,
Aya who is the most senior is the most childish.
Precisely because the Toki town was a port town, there was a lot of fish-related food sold.
After Aya who wanted to eat food right after buying it was somehow pacified,
we looked for a person who could divine.

It should’ve have been faster if I know the name of the『diviner』or the place he is staying, but it can’t be helped since Rachel-san doesn’t seem to know that much either.

As a result of the thorough investigation(eating right after buying)―

We found out that the identity of the『Diviner』―
was a person called『Exeter』―the feudal lord of Toki town.

If it’s the feudal lord, he should’ve told us that he works as a diviner when Lela’s message came


Therefore, we went to the mansion of『Exeter』―the Feudal Lord of Toki town.

「Excuse me, I’d like to meet the feudal lord, can you tell him, please.」

When I said so to the gatekeeper―

「I’m don’t listen to such talk!
If you want to meet the feudal lord, come after having a permission beforehand!」

Was what he shouted at me.
「Errr… this person here is Princess Elena,
is it still no good?」
「I’m not going to listen to such talk either!
Don’t spout lies!!!」

This is extremely absurd……
「What should we do……?」

We don’t have anything that can prove that Elena is Elena……

Oh, let’s ask that person.


I had Aya and the others to wait,
and teleported to Lela’s place.

「I’ve returned, Lela.」
「W-, Welcome back……」

Why does this fellow’s face become red?

「Lela, I have a request again, is it alright?」
「What is it? Say anything.」

This fellow, Lela. Is she the type that can’t refuse a request?
「I’d like to meet the person called『Exeter』of Toki town, but I got turned down without serious consideration at the gate.
Can you tell him, please?」
「N? 『Exeter』?
Do you have any business with that fellow?」

「It seems he can to perform some divination.
Since we can’t get any information about that matter we were talking about no matter what, I’m thinking of having him to perform divination.」
「I see……
I’ll try to contact him.」
After a short time, Lela came back, looking a little angry.

「I contacted him.
He’ll probably meet you.」

N? It holds some hidden meaning, huh.

「Well then, see you later.」
「(Take care.)[1]」


「I had Lela to make an appointment.
Let’s wait by the gatekeeper for a while.」

「Onii-chan, since that person is scary, can I play with the others?」

Are you a child!?
When I waited for a while whilst being glared at by the gatekeeper,
a servant came out and whispered into the ear of the gatekeeper.

「The permission from the feudal lord was given.
Quickly enter.」

Although I properly made an appointment, his attitude is still haughty, huh.


We were shown into the mansion’s living room.

「My, my, if it isn’t Princess Elena. What is your business this time?」

An elderly, magician-like man came out.
This fellow is『Exeter』, huh.
Let’s use【Appraisal】for now.

│Name: Exeter
│Occupation: Feudal Lord

│Level: 13
│HP: 234
│MP: 302

│Power: 15 Endurance: 20
│Ability: 18 Magic power: 27

│ Space-time 1
│  └Divination

┌─<Space-time magic>──
│【Divination】(Rarity: ★★★★)
│ ・Shows solution to every doubt and the like.

Although his stats is low, it’s the real deal!
I’ve seen a person who has【space-time magic】other than me for the first time.
However, although the level of his space-time magic is level 1, he can use a magic with a ★★★★ rarity. It’s somewhat imbalance.
I wonder if he even did something cunning to do it?
While I was using【appraisal】, Elena talked about Yurie-san’s matter and asked for a『divination』.

「Even if it’s Elena-sama’s request, that’s not possible.」

This fellow turned down Elena’s request!


Elena calmly faced him tenaciously.

「A special magic stone is expended in order to perform a『divination』.
Because that magic stone is very precious,
it’s impossible for me to use a precious magic stone for a girl whom I know neither the identity nor where she came from.」
「Please be a little more conciliatory so that we could somehow find a way to reach an agreement!」

Elena tenaciously faced him yet again.

「My『divination』is intended to see serious matters concerning with the government.
I can’t comply with it even if it’s Elena-sama’s request.」
Do we have no choice but to give up?

Oh? A paradoxical conjunction came!

「If you subdue the『toki』troubling this town, I may think about it.」

Subjugating a 『Toki』?
「Excuse me, Exeter-sama,
but what is a『Toki[2]』?」

「A『toki』is a monster which became the origin of this town’s name, it lives in the『Toki Forest』near this town.
I’ve sent many subjugation parties from this town many times and I don’t know what to do with it while the victims increase.
Well, I think it’s impossible,
but in the event that you succeed in the subjugation, I may perform a『divination』for you, good?」

This fellow intends to demand something unreasonable to make us give up, huh.

Well, it’s fine.
I’d like to see that monster called『toki』or something like that which has the same name as the『Nipponia・nippon』that symbolizes Japan.
Let’s go to see it for a bit!

Translator’s note:

[1]Spoken silently.

[2]The crested ibis,(Nipponia nippon) also known as the Japanese crested ibis or toki, variously written in kanji as 朱鷺, 鴇, 鵇 or 鴾, is a large, white-plumaged ibis of pine forests. Wikipedia

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