Chapter 247 – Photo album

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Translator: Jei
Proofreader: BlackKnight

「You guys, what on earth does this mean?」

「S-, Seiji-sama!
T-, This is not what it looks like!
Although I’m not doing anything, the『purin-ta』prints on its own….」

Don’t worry,「although I’m not doing anything」is normal when learning PC-related things.

Also, what’s『purin-ta[1]』?
The printer and pudding doesn’t have any relationship, you know?
「Because of that, it became like this and……」
「I-, I’m sorry……
The『purin-ta』was broken too……」

「N!? The printer broke!?」
「I-, I’m shorry……」

Both Elena and Hilda shrink with *egu egu*.
But, have you broken the printer in just a day?
When I tried to check it, it just『run out of ink』.

I looked at the photos which have been scattered;

A photo of everyone from the shopping district.
A photo of children playing in the park.
A photo of a small flower blooming at the roadside.
A photo of Ojizo-san[2] standing still quietly.

And, photos of Elena and Hilda wearing a full smile at various places.
I’d like to make a photo album or something
with only good photos in it.
When I was thinking such a thing,
Elena and Hilda clung onto my pants from left and right, and broke into tears.
「Elena, Hilda, don’t cry.
It’s fine, the printer isn’t broken.」


Oh no, both Elena and Hilda are all messed up with tears.
Even so, you shouldn’t pull my pants that much.
It slides down……
When I changed its ink,
the printer starts printing again.

So these weren’t all!


「I’m home~.
*Gasp!* What’s this!?」

Aya returned home from junior college, and was surprised at the huge number of pictures scattered about.

「Elena and Hilda seemed to have print everything by mistake.」
「I see~.
Such a thing happens quite often, isn’t it?」

It can’t happen quite often!

「Ah, this photo of Elena is cute!
This Hilda-chan is cute too!」

With Aya’s appearance, it completely became a photo appreciation meeting.

Elena and Hilda who were crying until a while ago appreciates the photos happily too.

「Elena, Hilda,
I have to talk to you two. Listen to me.」
「Y-, Yes……」

The two people look dejected.
It seems they think that I will get angry.
「Can you take more photos?」

「Onii-chan, taking that much photo of the two them, what are you going to use them for?」

「That is……」
「That is?」
「I will make a photo album!」
「『Photo album』, is it?」

Elena and Hilda doesn’t seem to understand that much.

「So, what kind of photos should we take?」

「That’s right~.
Take photos
wearing various clothes,
at various places,
with various poses.」
「Y-, Yes, understood!」

Elena and Hilda understood.
I’m looking forward to what kind of photos they will take.


The next day, since I had a little spare time at work, I looked at Elena and Hilda’s situation.
……How did this happen!?
Elena and Hilda
were dressed in pretty clothes―
and were having a photo shoot with a pro cameraman!
There’s a person who has a reflector board too,
and make-up-san, and costume-san,
and a person who prepares chairs, and a person who prepares drinks, and a reasonably large number of people.

What’s this!?
Ah, the guy who has this reflector board
is innocent-faced of Japanese sweets shop!

When I looked carefully, the cameraman is the oji-san of the camera shop,
and the other people are all from the shopping district too.
I pretended that I’m going to the toilet, and called Elena outside.

『Hello, Elena.』
『Yes, this is Elena.
What’s wrong, Seiji-sama?』

『Elena, are you with everyone from the shopping district right now?
How did such a thing happen?』
『O~h, that, when I was talking about photos to everyone from the shopping district, they said that they will cooperate with the photo shoot.』

『I-, Is that so……』
『We’ll do our best to take the photos you’ve asked for.』

『U-, Un, do your best……』
W-, What to do.
Well, it’s fine……


Again, on the night of the next day, when I returned home―

there were 2 cardboard boxes in the living room.

「Elena, what are these cardboard boxes?」
「I received them from the people of the shopping district.」

「What in the world are they?
May I open it?」
When I opened it―

there were a hundred copies of the gorgeous, hardcover, full colored『Elena’s photo album』.

N-, No way!
The other box was『Hilda’s photo album』.

What the hell!
According to what I heard afterwards,
the shopping district wrestled to make the photo album in full force.
They threatened…asked earnestly the manager-san of the printing factory located at the opposite side of the shopping district.
They persevered…did their best from printing to bookbinding in just one day.

Poor manager-san of the printing factory……
When I checked the contents of the photo album―

Although there were a lot of neighboring places at the location of the photo shoot,
as one would expect, the result was wonderful, it was worthwhile that it was a pro who took the photos.

「Uwa, Elena and Hilda are beautiful!!
I should’ve ask them to make me a photo album too~.」

「Who would want your photo album, Aya?」
「There may be a person who wants my photo album!」

「Umm, if it’s Rondo, he may want it.」
「Who is Rondo?」

Poor Rondo……
And then, as for Elena and Hilda’s photo album,
apart from the one hundred copies which arrived at our house,
ten copies each were distributed to each shop in the shopping district……

Properly speaking, I’m angry at the selfish action of the people of the shopping district,
but I will allow it only this time out of consideration for the splendid Elena and Hilda’s photo albums.

Translator’s notes:

[1]Elena said ‘プリンた(purin-ta)’ while printer is ‘プリンター(pu-rin-tah).’ Uh, they sounded the same for me though. Also, ‘プリン(purin)’ means pudding.

[2]Often regarded as the bodhisattva of hell-beings, as well as the guardian of children and patron deity of deceased children and aborted fetuses in Japanese culture, where he is known as Jizō or Ojizō-sama. – Wikipedia

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