Chapter 246 – The room is full of……

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Translator: Jei
Proofreader: BlackKnight

Today, I stopped by at a home appliances general merchandise store on the way home from work.

「Onii-chan! You’re late~.」
「Sorry, sorry. Just as I was leaving, I was called to stop by the director.」

Aya is angry,
while Elena and Hilda wave their hand happily.
I’ve arranged for us to meet today to buy Elena and Hilda smartphones.

Yurie-san doesn’t have that much imminent problem either,
so it’s fine to do this once in awhile, right?
「I’m looking forward to the『Smartphone』!」
「I’d like to make a『call』quickly!」


I led Elena and Hilda who were feeling cheerful,
and came over to the smartphone department.

Elena and Hilda are learning everything from the smartphone department’s onee-san.
Can the two of them properly understand about smartphone?
The smartphones which the two people chose in the end―
Elena’s was a white smartphone,
while Hilda’s was a red smartphone.
When I tried to ask the two people for the reason―

「「Because it’s pretty.」」

is what they said……

And then, it’s me and Aya’s turn from here on out!

Since Elena and Hilda can’t sign the (subscription?) contract for the phones,
Aya and I respectively sign the contracts as our secondary unit.

I signed the contract of Elena’s smartphone while Aya signed Hilda’s.

Naturally, I paid all the fees including Aya’s too.

「I can make a『call』with Seiji-sama with this!」

Elena and Hilda have gotten a hold of their own smartphones and are delighted.

「Not only me, you can also make a call with Aya, Mai-san, Yurie-san, as well as Ringo.
Not only phone call, you can also do other things with it……」
「Would I be able to master this?」

Certainly, it’s impossible to master it immediately……


We came back home, and held a ‘how to use a smartphone’ lesson.
「Let’s start from how to make a phone call.」

The students are Elena and Hilda,
while I’m the teacher and Aya is the assistant.

First, I’ve only done the phonebook registration.
It will suddenly become hard from here.

「Then, please call me.」
「Yes! I’ll do my best!」

Elena does her best to call me.

「Let me see, I do it like this here……
Next, here…..」



My smartphone starts to ring, and Elena is surprised.
Did she manage to make a call?
「Right, like this, when I received a call from Elena, my smartphone will start to ring to inform me.
And when I answered the call~,
I will say ‘hello~.’」
「Ah, that’s right.
I will make a call, and greet with『hello』!

Because it’s a phone call, you have to say hello to the smartphone.」
「I-, Is that right……
I’m sorry……」

Elena timidly brings the smartphone over to her ear.

「Hello, Elena-kun?」

When I speak to the smartphone, Elena is surprised.

「I heard it! I heard Seiji-sama’s voice!」

「That’s why~
you have to talk to the smartphone……」
「T-, That’s right……」

Umu, it’s going to be hard going……
「Then, it’s Hilda this time. Let’s try it.」
「Y-, Yes!」

「Hilda, try calling Aya.」
「Yes! I’ll do my best!」

Hilda operates the smartphone with an earnest expression.
Elena said『do your best』in a low voice to encourage her.


Aya’s smartphone rang this time.

「Hello, this is Aya.」
「H-, Hello, m-, my name is Hilda.
P-, Please treat me well.」

「It’s Hilda-chan?
How are you, Hilda-chan?」
「Yes, I’m fine!」

You guys……
Why are you having a conversation that sounds like a skit?

Well, anyhow, she seems to be able to make a call properly.

「You’re amazing, Hilda,
You were able to make a call properly.」

Hilda is so happy,
her face has become dere dere.
「Well then, what would you do to end the call?」
「T-, That’s right.
I have to do when ending the call,
uhh, uhh……」

「First, bid farewell to Aya on the phone right now.」
「T-, That’s right!
Goodbye, Aya-san.」
「Yes, goodbye.」

When ending the call, she said『goodbye[1]』!
Well, it’s fine……

「And, uhh, uhh.」

Somehow or other, Hilda seems to have forgotten the operation when ending a call.
It can’t be helped, let’s dispatch a rescue boat.

「Look, it’s here.」
「Ah, that’s right!」


Hilda pressed the end call button with power.
You don’t need to put that much power.

「I-, I was able to do it!」
「Alright, Hilda. Well done!」

When I petted Hilda’s head,
she was grinning from ear to ear.

「Seiji-sama, please let me do it once again.」

Elena comes forward to regain her honor as well.
「Alright, then I’ll go outside the house,
and you try to do it.」
「Y-, Yes!」
In the end, Elena and Hilda respectively practiced making a call 20 times, and somehow reached the point where they can do it.


「Next, we’ll learn how to take a photo.」

It was only Hilda who asked a question.
It seems Elena already knows what a photo is.
「I’ll show you how to do it first.」


I took a picture of Elena and Hilda with my smartphone.

「It flashed, and I heard a sound of something!」

I used the camera flash since we’re inside a room.
The sound is a way to prevent peeping photos.
「Look, see that?」

I showed to the two the picture I took just now.

「Ah, Elena-onee-san and I are in the smartphone!」

「This is a photograph.
It’s possible to capture the things you’ve seen during that time.」
「That’s amazing!」

「And then-!!」

I took out a certain thing from the inventory.
「What’s that, onii-chan?」
This is a【printer】!」


Aya claps her hands after she have understood,
while Elena and Hilda are tempted and clap their hands.

I set the【printer】up,
and printed Elena and Hilda’s photo I took a short while ago.

「It’s amazing!!」

Elena and Hilda are delighted looking at their photo.
As expected, it’s not just the smartphone, it’s fun if there’s also a printed photo.
Afterwards, Elena and Hilda learn how to take pictures extremely seriously.
They’ve also mastered how to print with the printer.

When I came home from work the next day―
Elena and Hilda kept on taking photos,
and the photos which they printed―

were scattered around the room in massive quantities……

You guys took too many photos……

Translator’s notes:

[1] Sayonara.

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