Chapter 245 – Jewelry shop’s Japan branch

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Translator: Jei
To be proofread by: BlackKnight

Who’s this?

「Who are you?」
「It’s Y-, Yurie……」

Well, I know, but……

What‘s this lovely creature that’s fidgeting?

However, it’s perfect for disguise if she changed this much.
Aya, Mai-san, and Yurie-san went to the junior college.
While Ringo went to the vocational school.

Oops, I have to go to the company as well.


I was confirming Yurie-san’s situation in the company, but―
she was able to go to the junior college without being found by the reporters.

Good, good.
After this, we’ll just need to wait for the guys who are waiting at her home to disappear.


Well then, I should get back to work~.

「Wa! Director!
Is there something wrong!?」

Before I knew it, I was talking to the director.

「Although it’s bad when you were in the middle of concentrating……
can you speak english?」
「Yes, somewhat.」

In order to read english documents as it is,
I learned it with【language acquisition】before.
「Is something wrong if I can speak english?」
「No, since a work which requires english will come around next week, I will probably ask you at that time.」

「I see, understood.」

Well, anything is fine, even if it’s german or french.


When I finished working, and returned home,
I was also greeted by the six people today.

「Have the guys lying in wait at Yurie-san’s house gone away today too?」
「Un, they’ve gone away today too.」

「I’m sorry for the trouble.」

The gentle Yurie-san……

「It’s the reporter who is bad, you don’t have to worry about it, Yurie-san.」
「That’s right, that’s right!」

「Well then, shall we try to watch the wide show?」
I turned the living room’s TV on.

「Hm? It’s not about Yurie-san.」

It’s not about Yurie-san in whichever channel either.
Did they already get tired of it?

「It looks like they’re talking about a famous accessory brand that will open up a branch in Japan or something like that.」
「Accessory brand?」

Hearing the word『accessory brand』, Ringo was extremely into it.
「Is this brand really famous, Ringo?」
「Of course!!
It seems they’ve had a lot of trouble deciding where in the world countries they would open the second shop.
They’ve decided on Japan, huh~. I’m glad~.
Open up quickly~.」

Eh, the brand name is『Nancy’s Jewelry』, huh.
That reminds me, is Nancy who took a trip around the world doing fine?

They have the same name, so they can’t be related, right?
Now way, right……

When I was thinking such a thing―
my smartphone suddenly started to ring.

Who could it be?

When I tried to look at the incoming (call) screen……

It was Nancy!
It’s exactly『speaking of the……[1]』, huh!
『It’s been a while, Nancy. Are you doing well?』
『I’m doing well, Seiji. How about you?』
『I’m doing fine too.』
「Ah, onii-san is talking to someone in English!」

Yurie-san and Ringo are surprised.

「But, didn’t he say『Nancy』just now?」
「He probably did say that.」

Be quiet you guys, I’m on the phone.
『So Nancy, you suddenly called, did something happened?』
『Actually, I’m planning to inform you since I’m going to Japan soon.』

『Are you coming to travel again?』
『It’s business this time.
But, I’d like to go sightseeing since I wasn’t able to do so that much when I came to Japan last time.』

『Business? That reminds me, what kind of work do you do, Nancy?』
『Since the accessory brand will open a branch in Japan, so I’ll be working there.』

『Eh, what shop?』
『Nancy’s Jewelry・Tokyo branch[2].』

Come again!?
Isn’t it the shop that they were talking about in the wide show!?

Well, I somehow had such premonition, but……

『Well, are you going to live in Japan, Nancy?』
I’m only worried since I can’t understand Japanese that well, but will you help me if I ever be in trouble?』
『Of course.』

『When are you coming to Japan?』
『The plan is monday next week.
I’ll contact you again at that time, okay?』
When I finished my conversation with Nancy, and hung up the phone, Ringo drew near.

「Was the person on the phone just now called Nancy?」
「Yeah, that’s right.」

「Is she coming to Japan?」
Can you perhaps understand English, Ringo?」

I’m good at English!」

「Then, I’ll introduce you to Nancy next time.」

Ringo is pleased, jumping up and down.
Do you want to make friends with a foreigner?

「By the way, can you speak English, Aya?」

Aya looks away……
When I turn towards Mai-san and Yurie-san―
they look away too.

What? They can’t speak English, huh.
I…since I learned it using magic, I can’t be proud of it, but……

N, magic?

That reminds me, can’t they learn English if they use the【Magic stone of temporary language acquisition +2】!?
Actually, they should study diligently,
but if I take Aya and the others to the US this time using【teleportation】,
I’ll have them use【Magic stone of temporary language acquisition +2】and learn English.

In that case, they can talk with Nancy properly when she come.


Although everyone stayed overnight on that day,
Yurie-san had stopped being featured in the wide show the next day,
so she was able to come back home.

However, Mai-san was still worried to leave Yurie-san alone, so she went and stayed at Yurie-san’s house.

If Mai-san stays at Yurie-san’s and it’s the former Yurie-san, I’ll be worried for sure, but……
there won’t any problem if it’s the present Yurie-san.


After that, even after how many days passed,
Yurie-san did not recover from having her character changed.

Will she be able to recover properly……?

Translator’s notes:

[1]I took the liberty to change it to its English counterpart so that you could recognize it immediately despite the ellipsis, but it should be うわさをすれば影” (uwasa o sureba kage), which translates to “Gossip (about someone) and (its) shadow (appears).”

[2]Lit. means ‘shop’, but I think this is more appropriate.

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  1. Seinvolf August 17, 2016 / 7:25 pm

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    Luckily Aya wasnt Annoying this time…. cus she didnt talk at all (lol)

    Btw maybe Seiji will be related in work woth Nancy-

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    • Kazuya August 18, 2016 / 6:37 am

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    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    They’re not going to turn it into a magic accessory shop will they?


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