Chapter 244 – Black part and white part

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Translator: Jei
To be proofread by: BlackKnight

When I was relaxing with the girls after eating their leftovers with great relish―
Yurie-san suddenly stood up and said,
「There’s something I’d like for everyone to see.」

「What is it, Yurie-san? Being formal so suddenly.」
Yurie-san was a little hesitant,
but she nodded as if having determined on something.

Yurie-san lifted her skirt up a little……

「Y-, Yurie-kun!?」
And then……
from Yurie-san’s skirt,
a pitch-black……
Elena and I promptly took a battle stance.
「Onii-chan, Elena-chan, what happened suddenly?」

「Yurie-kun, what’s that black something?」
「This is~.」

Before I knew it, Mai-san and Aya looked under of Yurie-san’s skirt.

The attack……
isn’t coming, huh……

That’s right, isn’t it?

It wasn’t a tentacle.

However, that black is……
is probably a black underwear, nevertheless, why does she want to show it?

Has her hentai character returned?
「What’s this, Yurie-san?」
「I don’t know, but when I noticed, it became this way.
It won’t come off.」

N? It won’t come off?
Isn’t it the underwear?

「Everyone, and onii-san too, look.」
「A-, Ah.」

I was urged by Mai-san and looked under Yurie-san’s skirt.
In there was
a thigh……

And, a pitch-black, belt-shaped thing coiled around that thigh.

「It’s that black, huh.」

This blackness, it looks like I’ve seen it somewhere before……

But what is it?
Metal? Plastic?
No, it’s something like a cloth since it『perfectly fit』on Yurie-san’s thigh, huh?

I used【Appraisal】on it.

The moment the【Appraisal】magic hit toward that pitch-black something, there was a feeling that it was being diffused, and then it was negated.
Ah, this is-!
It’s the same as that『Black shield』!?

I confirmed in her status that there’s no curse.
But even then, why can’t this be taken off?

「Can I touch it for a bit?」
「Y-, Yes.」

「Onii-chan, you mustn’t touch a strange place!」
「I know it already.」
For a moment, I thought I was touching a skin, but……
it’s flexible, though it feels like metal.

It’s slightly thick, is it something like a bracelet?
Since it’s attached on the foot, is it called an『anklet[1]』?

It seems this black part sticks to the skin, and it doesn’t move an inch.
It’s probably attached by the devil-kin.

Judging from the fact that Yurie-san doesn’t remember it being attached to her, she’s probably asleep when it had been attached.

To mess with the thigh of a sleeping girl among other things……
it’s enviou-…they deserve to die.

「This can’t be taken off, are you alright? Or is it painful?」
「Yes, I’m fine.
It’s as though I’m not wearing it at all.」

It’s like the catch copy of the underwear or something.

It’s a relief for the time being if it’s the case, but……
it’s uncontrollable if it makes my【Appraisal】ineffective.

Let’s try to consult someone when I go to the other world.
Butte-sama probably knows something about this.
「Uhm, can I lower my skirt now?」
「No, just a bit more.」

We can’t do anything about this black part, but what about the part in the surrounding?
I focused on the part above the black part.

As expected, when I turned my eyes upward from the black part,
a white part came into view.

It’s obvious that this white part is like a cloth with silky texture.

This part doesn’t stick to the skin, and I can insert my finger into the gap.
「Err… onii-san?」

Being able to insert a finger into the gap of the white part is out of the question for now,
even more, I can move it by pulling it *slide*.

*Slide slide*
Good, good! If I move it as is, it’d be taken off……


Aya’s『flying knee strike』sank into my face.
The white part which I was holding, and pulling was an inviolable territory where a DT must not touch just like that……
With my consciousness fading away……
the girls’ white eyes[2] turned towards me, and deeply pierced my heart.


I was having breakfast while watching the morning’s wide show with everyone.

Since Ringo also stayed overnight, the number of people is even greater than yesterday.
「Yurie-san’s matter is still being shown on the TV.」
「I give up~. With this, Yurie-san will never be able to go to the junior college.」
「If that’s the case, then leave it to me.」

Ringo-san suddenly stood up.

Ringo took out clothes and wig from her bag.

I see, that means, it’s a disguise!
「No, that’s impossible. I can’t wear such lady-like clothes.」

Certainly, they’re lady-like clothes which the former Yurie-san will never look good on.
But if it’s the Yurie-san who came back from the other world with a changed character……


The girls noisily crammed themselves into Aya’s room.

And then, an unknown ojou-sama came out of the room.

「H-, How is it?」

Yurie-san made a spin in front of me bashfully.

Who’s this?

Translators notes:

[1]I thought it’s coiled around the thigh? lol.

[2]Looking coldly on someone.

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  1. deadlybell August 17, 2016 / 10:18 am

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    That anklet thingy seems to make Yurie more submissive.


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