Chapter 242 – The female college student’s behind closed doors disappearance case

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Translator: Jei
Proofreader: BlackKnight

Yurie-san who notices the date is blown off, and starts to become confused.

「Ah, she seems to have realized.」

At Aya’s remark, the eyes of everyone who were there focused on the tracking beacon’s video.
Yurie-san picked her cell phone up and tried to confirm it, but―
she noticed that she received a lot of emails, and got more and more confused.
And then, Yurie-san tries to call Mai-san first.

「Mai-san, you understand, right?
What happened in the other world is a secret, okay?」
「U-, Understood.」

Immediately after that, Mai-san’s cell phone began to ring.
「Hello, Yurie-san?」
『W-, W-, What should I-, I-, I-, I do……』

She seems to be considerably confused.

「Are you in your house right now?」
『U-, Un.』
「Please wait, I’ll go there right now.」

Mai-san, while covering the phone……

「Onii-san, please go with me to Yurie-kun’s house right now!」
「Yeah, understood.」


Actually, it will be strange if they just talked on the phone and we rushed up immediately, but……
Mai-san hurries up too much.

Ten minutes after the phone call, Mai-san rang the doorbell of Yurie-san’s mansion[1].
I sent Mai-san off and returned immediately, and checked the tracking beacon’s video.
『C-, Captain—!』

In the video, the two people hugged each other.

『Yurie-kun, do you remember how were you until now?』
『Uhh, if I remember correctly……』
According to Yurie-san’s testimony―

1. When she was preparing for her meeting with Mai-san, suddenly, she was in a shrine-like place.
2. When she was being puzzled in the midst of the people who had two grown horns, a magic-like something was cast on her, and she lost her consciousness.
3. When she noticed, she was transmigrated as a『bad girl』.
4. She was ordered to go and teach the neighboring country which they have a disagreement with a lesson.

she seems to have this knowledge.
The shrine-like place is probably the devil-kin’s place.
Is the magic-like something the【Sleep】magic?

The things such as bad girl, and the disagreement are probably the influence of『confusion』.
Accompanied by Mai-san, Yurie-san went to report to the police.


After Yurie-san was inquired about the situation by the police,
the police asked her to receive a thorough examination at the hospital.

Mai-san accompanied Yurie-san the whole time.

『Captain, I’m sorry for everything.』
『You can rely on me during such times.
It’s because I’m the captain no matter what happens!』

They hugged each other again……

However, the way Yurie-san hugs…seems slightly different from before.
Is it only my imagination?


After the thorough examination at the hospital,
Yurie-san was inquired about the situation again at the police station.

「I’m very sorry.」

A policewoman performs a dogeza in front of Yurie-san.
Why does the police apologizing?

「Actually, Yurie-san’s case right now has been leaked out into the TV station……」
When the policewoman turns on the TV installed in the interrogation-like room……
『A female college student suddenly vanished from behind closed doors!
Where on earth has she disappeared to!?』

Yurie-san’s matter is somehow being reported in a wide show[2]!

『To begin with, what do you think, novelist Katsu-sensei?』

It seems that the program style is the host will ask a comment from a celebrity.

『This is what they commonly called murder behind closed doors.』
『She’s not dead……』

『Perhaps, the chain at the door is fastened afterwards……』
『Fastened afterwards?』
『It’s fastened to the door from the back of the house afterwards.』
『It’s a mansion……』

This novelist called Katsu or something like that is stupid.
『Next, what do you think, Magician ○○-san[3]?』
『This is simple.』

『A hole in the floor…』
『It doesn’t have a hole.』

『Then, in the wall…』
『That place doesn’t have a hole too.』

『Then, I don’t know.』

This fellow is of no use as well.
『In the end, the behind closed doors’ mystery remained a mystery……
I hope that Yurie…no, Y-san to be found as soon as possible.』

Uwa, this host……
mentioned the real name in the live broadcast!!
『Ah, please wait a moment.
A new intel came in just now!
It said that the missing Yu.. Y-san has been found.
Reporter ×× is live in front of △△ police station.
Reporter ××, how’s the situation?』

『This is reporter ×× on the scene.
Y-san’s whereabouts was unknown, but I found out that she came home this morning.
It seemed that she came over to the policestation accompanied by a friend.
As of now, it seems that a police interview is being carried out at this △△ policestation.』

She’s completely being treated like a criminal……
『What do you mean she came back home?』
『According to the informed source’s information, it seemed that she was in her home when she got up this morning.
She doesn’t seem to have the memory of the time when she had disappeared.』

『She doesn’t know it anymore, huh. This is getting more and more interesting…don’t you think?
Let’s continue this matter as soon as a new information becomes available.』

You plan to pursue this further……?
「Aya, be careful at the junior college tomorrow.」
「Y-, Yes.」


「We came.」

It was Mai-san and Yurie-san who opened the front door.
Well, I knew that they will come since I was looking at the tracking beacon’s video……

「I saw it on the TV.
It seems to be serious, huh.」
「I think that the reporter is waiting in front of my house……
I’m sorry, but can you put me up for the night?」

「Thank you very much.」「I’m sorry.」

「Are you going to stay for the night too, Mai-san?」
「Un, I’d like to be by Yurie-san’s side for a while.
Is it fine?」
「Sure, it’s fine.」
Everyone had gathered in my house in the end.

I hope that the reporter quickly gives up too~.

Translators notes:

[1]In Japan, mansions aren’t huge houses or estates for the rich and famous, they’re small-ish apartment for regular people.
[2]”Wide show” means news and talk show, and is a terminology invented and generally used at present in Japan. Wide show usually picks up scandals.
[3]The censored characters should be セロ(Cyril)

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