Chapter 22 – Lightning Magic

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「【Electric Shock】!」

An electric shock was released from my hand and without flying for even 1m, it fell to the ground.

「Nii-chan’s magic isn’t flying at all.」
「I know that!」

Right, the earth is grounded so electricity gets turned towards the ground.
I tried to focus on not just 【Generate Electricity】, but also on 【Electricity Control】, and tried using 【Electric Shock】 once again.

「【Electric Shock】!」

This time, without immediately falling to the ground, it flew for about 10m.
After that, I repeatedly made adjustment and was gradually able to make some distance.

「Won’t you exhaust your MP if you use so much magic, Nii-chan?」

「Hm? My MP is more than 3000 so it won’t get exhausted so quickly.」
「How much is my MP?」
「Yours is 170, Elena’s is 100.」
「So there was that much difference…… it’s unfair only you get that much, Nii-chan!」
「That’s because when the level of a magic rises, MP seems to increases. So if you work hard, it’ll rise..」

「By the way, Nii-chan.」
「What is it?」
「Don’t you have any 【Candy】 on you?」
「That’s rather sudden.」

From my inventory, I took out a bag of strawberry flavoured 【Candy】 and handed it over to Aya.

「What is that?」
「You don’t know about 【Candy】, Elena-chan?」
「Yes, I’ve never seen it before.」
「Then Ill also give Elena some. Say aah~」

Aya threw a 【Candy】 into Elena’s mouth.

「Mhh!? Sweet and derishish~!!」
「Right~ I really like this strawberry 【Candy】. I suddenly feel that I’m being filled with power.」
「You’re right, it feels like my magic power is being filled..」
「That’s exaggerated.」

「That’s not true at all! Try using 【Appraisal】, I’m sure my MP has recovered.」
「There’s probably no way 【Candy】 can recover MP.」

It recovered!
When I used 【Appraisal】, the MP had recovered!
The amount a piece of 【Candy】recovers seems to be about 100 I believe?

「How is it? Has my MP recovered?」
「Yeah, it recovered.」
「See! After all, it’s just like I said!」
「For it to recover MP, 【Candy】 really is amazing.」

After that, we licked our 【Candy】 and then continued our special magic training.

「I did it! I can also send electricity flying!」
「My 【Water Magic】 too. I was able to make fly far away without an incantation.」

After seeing my and Aya’s magic, Elena seemed to have copied us and practised using magic without an incantation.

After practice, I used 【Appraisal】 on the two again.
Elena’s 【Water Magic】 rose to level 2.
Aya’s 【Lightning Magic】 had rose to level 3.
Along with it, their MP increased accordingly.

「Now then, I’ll be using lightning now. Everyone, please be careful!」
「Oh~! *clap clap* Go on Nii-chan!」
「Do your best, Seiji-sama!」
「Sure thing!」

I set my sights on a single growing tree slightly separated from the others–

「【Lightning Strike】!」


With an incredible explosion, the tree which I targeted was broken in half and was set ablaze.

「My ears are ringing! Stupid Nii-chan!」
「That was amazing, Seiji-sama!!」
「Thanks, that it was more powerful than I thought surprised me, sorry about that.」

However, it will stand out with this much power.
Let’s not use this in public as much as possible since there seems to be only one other person who can use 【Lightning Magic】.

I immediately tried 【Electrolysis】 next.
It says electrolysis, but what comes to my mind is the electrolysis of water. It would be troublesome to prepare the equipment for that so–
To try it out, I applied the 【Electrolysis】 magic on a 【Stone】 that was lying around.


When the magic was executed, the 【Stone】 I was holding in my hand decomposed. All that remained was a little amount of 【Black Sand】 in my right hand and 【White Sand】 in my left hand.
When I used 【Appraisal】 on each of them–

The 【Black Sand】 was 【Iron Sand】, the 【White Sand】 was 【Quartz】.

If this magic can decompose anything, it might be a very useful magic to use.

Elena and Aya were watching when I used 【Electrolysis】, but it seemed they didn’t understand what I did.

When I was thinking about that–
My 【Vigilance】 magic suddenly gave a response. I knew that from the other side of the cliff in front of me, something that required 『Caution』 was approaching.

「Elena, Aya! Something’s approaching, be careful!」
「Y-yes!」「Eh!? What?」

After a short moment, 3 adventurer looking people were rushing out from the other side of the cliff at full speed.
They seemed to notice us and called out.

「An orc is chasing us! Run away!」

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