Chapter 21 – Drying Magic

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The three of us went to the grassland right outside the town.

As for how we got here–
I first looked towards the roof of a tall building and used 【Teleportation】 alone, then I looked towards the grassland and used 【Teleportation】 again. Having bookmarked the grassland, I went back and used 【Teleportation】 to get to the grassland with the 3 of us.

「Now then, let’s try out our magic.」

「First, Elena. Could you show us an example?」
「Yes, please leave it to me! 」
「Ooh~ *clap clap clap*」

「By the way, Seiji-sama, do you have any water on you?」
「Water? I do have mineral water.」

I take out a plastic bottle of mineral water from the inventory, opened the cap and gave it to Elena.

「Thank you very much. I’ll be using 【Water Magic】. Please watch carefully.」

Oh, so the water wasn’t for drinking, but was for using magic.


Elena, began to chant a strange incantation.
I’ve never chanted an incantantion like that though–
Is that chanting really necessary?

Whe Elena finished chanting, the water in the plastic bottle began to faintly glow.
Eventually the water flowed out of the plastic bottle and began to form a sphere in the air.

The sphere of water floating in the air began to slowly move, following Elena’s finger.

However, at that moment!


When Elena made a cute sweet–
The sphere of water that was just above my head bursted and splash over me, orz.

「I’m so sorry! Seiji-sama!」
「Ahaha, Nii-chan is soaked! 」

「To hit the great me with that attack, you sure are motivated Elena!」
「Th-that’s not it, I’m really sorry. I’ll wipe it immediately.」

「Ah, Elena-chan, wait a moment.」
「What is it, Aya-san?」
「I’ll use【Wind Magic】 and dry my dripping wet Nii-chan!」
「No, I’ll catch a cold if you do it so leisurely like that.」
「No no, it’ll be fine so leave it to me. Elena-chan too, don’t wipe him.」
「Jeez, it doesn’t really matter so just do it quickly.」

「Well then, here it goes! Wind, blow~!!」

Along with Aya’s strange shout, whoosh, the wind blew.

「I did it! The wind blew!」
「Precisely, it’s only natural that the wind is blowing, isn’t it?」
「That’s not it! Are you making a fun of my 【Wind Magic】?」
「That’s not really it– but, I’m trying to get dry so rather than regular wind, make a wind like a blow dryer please.」
「Ah, right, a blow dryer.」

Aya held out her hands like she was holding a blow dryer in front of me–


with a strange shout.


「Ah, it works!」

A blow dryer-like wind, was blown on my face.
However, the strength of the wind is 「Weak」.

「I’m not going to dry like this, make it stronger.」
「Jeez, you sure are a demanding Nii-chan. Dryer・Average~!」


「Oh, the wind got stronger than before. You did it, but why 『Average』?」
「Jeez, be quiet. Things have an order to them!」
「Okay then.」
「Then next is… Dryer・Strong!!」


A powerful wind was blown on my face.

「Hold on, not in the face. Dry the wet areas, also it’s a little cold.」
「Cold? Oh right, I need to make 『Warm Air』. But, how am I supposed to make 『Warm Air』?」
「How would I know.」

「The warm air of a blow dryer, it’s electricity that heats up the air, right?」
「That’s right, air passes through an electrically-heated coil which warms up the air.」

「Since I can also use 【Lightning Magic】, could I also make warm air?」

While blowing me with cold air, Aya was mumbling.
Anything is fine, so please hurry up, I’ll really catch a cold.

「Dryer・Warm Air!!」


「Oh, it’s warm!」
「Yay! It worked!」

When me and Aya had completed the 【Warm Dryer Magic】, Elena was dumbfounded.

「Amazing Aya-san, to have created a new magic!」

Aya and Elena held each other’s hands and jumped up and down in delight of having completed a new magic.

But then–
Aya suddenly lost strength and sunk to the ground.

「What’s wrong, Aya-san!?」
「It seems like I’m worn out.」
「Worn out? Could it be an overuse of magic?」

I used 【Appraisal】 on Aya.

│Name: Maruyama Aya
│Occupation: High School Student
│Condition: (Temporary Language Acquisition)

│Level: 1
│HP: 100
│MP: 10/170 (+30)

│Power: 8
│Ability: 12
│Endurance: 7
│Magic Power: 17 (+3)

│【Wind Magic】
│ (Level: 2 ↑, Rarity: ★)
│ • Wind Control
│ • Dryer Weak ★NEW
│ • Dryer Average ★NEW
│ • Dryer Strong ★NEW

│【Lightning Magic】
│ (Level: 2, Rarity: ★★★★)
│ • Generate Electricity
│ • Electricity Control

│【Composite Magic】 ★NEW
│ (Level: 1, Rarity: ★★★★)
│ • Warm Dryer ★NEW

No way! Various things were increased and added!
Is magic something that has such a high degree of freedom?

「As I thought, your MP is almost exhausted. However, the level of 【Wind Magic】rose and a new entry was added to 【Composite Magic】.」

「Seriously!? Yay!! I hope my MP quickly recovers~」

I take out a picnic cloth my from inventory and spread it out, lo let Aya and Elena sit.

「Sit here.」
「Yeah, okay…… in exchange, let us see Nii-chan’s magic this time.」

「Sure, leave it to me. Watch carefully, watch it carefully–!」

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