Chapter 19 – Wind Mana Crystal

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「The admission fee to the 【Wind Mana Crystal】 is 『 4500 Aurum』 per person.」

「Wha–!? So they’re charging money! And on top of that, it’s so expensive!!」

「What is it Nii-chan?」
「They say it’s 『 4500 Aurum』 per person.」
「I’m sorry, since my attendant took care of everything when I went here, I didn’t know they charged money.」

「Nii-chan, how much do you have now?」
「Umm, right now I have… 8890 Aurum.」
「Then we’re short 110 Aurum for two people!」
「It’s because you girls bought so many clothes.」
「Seiji-sama, I-I’m sorry.」

「「It not your fault, Elena.」」

Once again, my words overlapped with Aya.

「If it’s only one person, then of course it’ll be me.」
「This is my money! Obviously I’ll decide who’ll go.」

「Nii-chan can already use magic! Here you should let your cute little sister go!」
「That’s right~ If you become my slave and listen to anything I say, I may let you go.」
「Why do I have to be Nii-chan’s slave!!」
「Then, I decide who can go.」

「Excuse me, Seiji-sama.」
「What is it Elena? Do you want to try touching the 【Wind Mana Crystal】 again? It’s fine to go this time if you want to go.」
「No! I already touched it so I’m fine. Besides that, why not let Aya-san go?」
「I love you Elena-chan–! See, Elena-chan also said that I should go!」
「Why do you want Aya to go?」
「She wants to go that much, I feel sorry for her.」
「Elena-chan loves me after all! I’ll give you a kiss~!」
「Stop it!」

While giving the reckless Aya a chop, I scratched my head.

「If Seiji-sama wants a slave, then I will be one.」
「Hol–! Wait wait!」
「You can’t Elena-chan! If you become a slave to this useless Nii-chan, he’ll have you do many things while being naked! Nii-chan you pervert!!」
「Who’s a pervert! Elena too, don’t thoughtlessly say such a remark!」
「I-I’m sorry. B-but…」
「Alright, I’ll let Aya go. So Elena, don’t ever say such a remark again..」
「Yes, I understand.」

「Thank you, Nii-chan~ I’ll give you a kiss.」
「I politely decline!」

Aya went to visit the 【Wind Mana Crystal】 and returned after about 30 minutes.

「It was amazing.」
「 What did the 【Wind Mana Crystal】 look like?」
「Well, it looks like it grew from the ground, it was metal-like and jewel-like, it was very beautiful, it was enormous.」
「I don’t really get it, but were you able to acquire magic?」
「I dunno.」
「You dunno you say…… didn’t you hear a message 『Magic Acquired』 in your mind?」
「I didn’t hear anything like that. However, some kind of light did enter my body.」
「I don’t really get it, but shall we check whether you acquired magic or not with 【Appraisal】?」
「Yeah, 【Appraisal】! Do it!」

「Then, here it goes.【Appraisal】!」

│Name: Maruyama Aya
│Occupation: High School Student
│Condition: (Temporary Language Acquisition)

│Level: 1
│HP: 100
│MP: 100

│Power: 8
│Ability: 10
│Endurance: 7
│Magic Power: 11

│【Wind Magic】
│ (Level: 1, Rarity: ★)
│ • Wind Control

It seems the occupation became 『High School Student』.
Is it because there hasn’t been an entrance for the junior college?

「Though it’s level 1, you acquired 【Wind Magic】. It’s 【Wind Control】.」
「Yay! I want to use【Wind Control】 right now!!」
「Wait wait, if you use magic in such a place, it will probably cause trouble for the people around us.」
「Then let’s go outside the town! I want to exterminate monsters with【Wind Magic】!」

「 No no, you aren’t going to exterminate monsters! Besides, We’ll also be going to see the 【Lightning Mana Crystal】.」
「So there was a【Lightning Mana Crystal】. A mysterious and beautiful magic girl who controls lightning and wind…… sounds great.」

I left my little sister who relapsed into chuunibyou alone.
Well, I can’t pay the admission fee anyway, so for now, let’s just go and have a look.

「The admission fee to the 【Lightning Mana Crystal】 is 『 10 Aurum』 per person.」

「Wha!? S-so cheap!!」

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