Chapter 16 – Magic Acquisition method

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「Teach me magic!」

「That’s a bit sudden, Aya」
「Cause Niichan and Elena-chan can also use magic, right? I also want to use magic~」

「 Even if you say that, I was only able to suddenly use it after I touched the 【Mana Crystal Fragment】 item.」

「Where do we find it then?」
「The King has some.」
「Then we just have to ask the king to let me touch it.」
「We can’t, since Elena fled from the King.」
「I see~」

「Come to think of it, Elena, how did you learn magic?」
「I was bestowed the magic from the【Mana Crystal】 of the 【Temple】.」
「「【Mana Crystal】 of the 【Temple】?」」

Aya talked over my words.

「 Will I be able to get magic from the 【Mana Crystal】?」
「Yes, there are a number of【Temples】 built around the continent, each holds a【Mana Crystal】. When you touch the 【Mana Crystal】, you will acquire magic skills. 」
「Then I want to go and touch a【Mana Crystal】 too.」

「Is there a【Temple】 in the town we were in?」
「Yes, that town is called 【Delaidos Royal Capital】, the【Temple】 in 【Delaidos Imperial Capital】 is a 【Wind Temple】 where you can be bestowed 【Wind Magic】.」
「Hm? Do you mean that the power that each 【Temple】 bestows is already decided?」
「Yes, when I was 10 years old, I visited a number of 【Temples】 where I was bestowed with 【Water Magic】 and 【Recovery Magic】.」

「What about 【Wind Magic】? You didn’t go to the【Temple】 of the 【Delaidos Royal Capital】?」
「I did go to the 【Temple】 of the 【Delaidos Royal Capital】, however I was not able to be bestowed with 【Wind Magic】.」

「Do you mean that even if you touch a 【Mana Crystal】, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be bestowed with its power?」
「Yes, I believe it’s because I’ve mostly stayed inside since I was child and wasn’t exposed to enough of the wind, therefore I wasn’t bestowed with 【Wind Magic】.」

「So how you live your childhood is what decides whether you are able to be bestowed or unable to be bestowed?」
「Yes, a 【Fisherman】 who soaks himself in water everyday will be able to acquire 【Water Magic】, a【Farmer】who nurtures the soil everyday will be able to acquire 【Earth Magic】, a 【Hunter】who scours himself in nature will be able to acquire【Wind Magic】.」

「Here! Here! I take a bath everyday!」
「So you take a bath everyday. In that case, I certainly believe you’ll be able to be bestowed with 【Water Magic】.」

「What other kinds of 【Temples】 are there?」
「Well, there are 5 different types: 3 hold 【Elemental Magic】 which are Water, Wind and Earth, then we have those of【Recovery Magic】 and 【Body Strengthening】.」
「That’s it?」

「There’s no【Fire Magic】?」
「There is a 【Mana Crystal】 of【Fire Magic】, however there is no【Temple of Fire】.」
「I see, so all the locations with【Mana Crystals】 don’t necessarily have a 【Temple】.」

「What’s the difference between places with and without a 【Temple】?」
「【Fire Magic】 for example, has very few people who are bestowed with its power, therefore not a lot of people visit it.」
「I see! There aren’t any people who get burnt everyday from their childhood.」

「Then where are other【Mana Crystals】?」
「Well, I do not know all their locations, but there was a【Mana Crystal】of 【Light Magic】 near the 【Mana Crystal】of 【Fire Magic】.There is also 【Mana Crystal】 for 【Lightning Magic】 in the 【Wind Temple】, 【Ice Magic】 in the 【Water Temple】 and 【Dark Magic】 in the 【Earth Temple】.Those are all I am aware of.」

「What about【Space-Time Magic】and【Information Magic】?」
「 I have heard of【Information Magic】, where was it….. but I have never heard of【Space-Time Magic】. I am sorry.」

「Then first of all~ For I who takes a bath everyday, let’s go to the 【Water Temple】! Maybe I can also get【Ice Magic】 while we’re at it. I really like ice.」

「Elena, is there a 【Water Temple】 near 【Delaidos Royal Capital】?」
「Umm, it takes approximately five days by carriage.」
「We can’t go as I’ve only got 4 days left for my paid leave.」
「Eeehh! Just one more day should be fine!」
「Don’t be unreasonable!」

「Rather, Aya, do you really intend on going to another world?」
「I mean, I can go with Nii-chan’s【Teleportation】, right?」
「Well that’s true, but」
「Then let’s go.」

「Seiji-sama, I want to go to see the children from the church.」
「See, Elena says she wants to go too.」

「Hmm, well it’s fine I guess… Then first we’ll go see the 【Wind Temple】 of the 【Dolaidos Imperial Capital】. It’s fine if we go to the church after, right?」

「Now then, we should take the opportunity and go now.」
「It’s unfortunate, but we can’t go today.」
「Why not~ stingy!」
「I can only move between worlds once a day. I returned from the other world just now so I can’t use it until tomorrow.」
「So that’s why~ then we’ll depart tomorrow.」

「Well then, do you want to go shopping at the supermarket today?」
「Why the supermarket?」
「 For the children in the church, I want to treat them to something delicious.」
「That sounds great, I am sure the children will be delighted.」
「Another world sounds like it will be fun, how nice~」

And thus, we went out to go shopping at the supermarket.

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