Chapter 144 – Curse of the pyramid

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 When I arrived at the mysterious room of the pyramid,
it was pitch black.

「【Night vision】!」

When I used the magic, the surroundings became visible in the same way as a while ago.

But, there’s a terrible smell in this room.
It’s a little hard to breathe as there’s an ammonia-like smell of something rotting.

And then, the floor.
If you examined whether it was soil, there were a large number of corpses that looked like bats piled up.

When I looked around slowly, on the wall in the depths of the room―
there was it.

That’s right, it’s the【Golden mask】as expected.

But, it feels slightly different from the golden mask of Tutankhamun.
It’s a little plain and seems to have an angry facial expression.

It’s probably used for『Threat』.

When I approached it whilst stepping on a large number of piled up things,
I noticed something strange.

The large number of piled up things decrease as I approach the mask,
the piled up things, that is to say the bat corpses don’t piled up around the mask at all.

There’s something here.

I tried to use【Appraisal】on the mask.

│【Golden mask of curse】
│Mask made of gold.
│Put the person, who approaches, under various abnormal conditions.
│The closer one approaches,
│the more powerful the abnormal conditions are.
│Rarity: ★★★★★

Dangerous! It’s too dangerous!!

I slowly moved backwards.

I hurriedly cast【Appraisal】on myself but I wasn’t under any abnormal conditions.
Good, it might have been dangerous if I approached a little bit more.

The bat must have suffered from a disease due to the mask’s power.

And, at that moment!
From the vent hole, a healthy bat,
entered the room.

The bat flew around energetically inside the room,
flying toward the mask……

It suddenly stalled in the air……
and fell on the floor with a *koron* and stopped moving.

Just like a『Bat bait』.

But, isn’t this bad?

It’s still fine if the bats die inside this room,
but if it leave the room whilst suffering from a disease,
it will become a source of infection. If this is handled poorly, there’s a possibility of a human being infected by it as well.

Perhaps there is some prevalence of disease in this region until now and this place might be the source of infection.

But, what to do?
Should I block the vent so that the bats can’t go in and out?

Since the vent hole was specifically built, it seems there would be a problem closing it completely too.

Using【Earth magic】,
I transformed this room’s only vent hole shaped like a screen door so that only wind can pass through.

With this, things like bats and rats won’t be able to enter.

Then, I should return home as well, huh.

I put a tracking beacon on the『Golden mask of curse』for the time being,
and returned to Japan.


「I’m homee!」
「「Welcome back!」」

I was greeted by Aya and Elena.

「You stink, oniichan!!」

Not only Aya but Elena moved back as well.

「Do I smell that bad?」
「D-, Don’t move! The smell will spread out!」

Aya and Elena fled towards the living room. Beyond the door―

「Don’t come over here, oniichan!」

Terrible! So terrible!!

I used【Teleportation】to the bathroom whilst wearing shoes,
putting my clothes, shoes, underwear and the like away in the inventory,
I washed every nook and cranny of my body in the shower.

When I became thoroughly clean, I went into the living room wearing new clothes,
Aya approached and began to *sniff sniff* sniffed my scent.

「Thought it still stinks a little, it can’t be helped.」
「Look here, I almost died.」

「Did you almost die from being too stinky?」
「No! I was nearly killed by a curse!」

「Curse!? What’s that?」
「Are you alright, Seiji-sama!?」
「It’s fine, there’s no problem.」

When I showed the video recording of the tracking beacon I put on myself, I described the events happened inside the room.

「Then, did you bring the golden mask with you?」
「It wouldn’t be possible to take such a thing where I would die by just approaching!」

「Come to think of it, that’s right.~
But, it’s dangerous if that room is discovered.」
「That room doesn’t seem to be connected to the passage,
I think it will not be easily discovered.」

But,『Curse』, huh.~

That reminds me of the【Curse lifting potion】but still unable to make due to lack of ingredients.
Let’s try to look for materials full-scale.

If I can make【Curse lifting potion】and splash it over the golden mask of curse, can it lift its curse?

To splash it over a precious cultural asset but there’s no helping it.

End of vol. 8: Pyramid

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  1. rizyun May 6, 2016 / 3:01 pm

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    • deadlybell May 6, 2016 / 3:17 pm

      most likely since the stale air that once held the smell of decomposing mummy


      • Rock May 6, 2016 / 4:39 pm

        and dead bats…. including bats parents


        • Waht September 19, 2016 / 4:24 am

          And fungi and lethal pathogens, which were steadily growing throughout the years, within the dark, damp and unventilated chambers of the pyramid.


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    • LovelyJane May 12, 2016 / 12:09 am

      No he isn’t immune to curses, rather he is not immune to anything that is able to affect “Human” race and I don’t remember if he was ever given divine protection of a God-tier level either, the “lightning spirit” summon does not count, as mentioned its a Spirit-tier level, most likely just “higher Spirit-tier level”, to be immune to sickness, curses, confusion, rage, mental or physical aliments or any status inflicting effects, it requires certain God-tier level of blessing or divine protection given by them or certain blessed “artifacts” that provides immunity to certain status effects.

      On a different point, the imouto is explicitly stupidly dumb idiot and annoying in this chapter 144.


      • LovelyJane May 12, 2016 / 12:12 am

        Forgot to mention high level of “Holy”-tier magic might be able to grant protection to a certain degree possibly, if I remember correctly, Lela knows Holy-tier magics, but at which level or tier or what Holy-tier spells she can use I don’t know.


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