Chapter 138 – Bad influence

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 Aya left for junor college,
while Elena and I took a nap until the after noon.

We became completely energized after taking a nap and went back to Egypt using【Teleportation】.
In Egypt, it was 7 o’clock in the morning.

The children were just about to leave the place.
When I inquired, it seems they work at the quarry nearby.

Egypt, quarry……
Are they also building a pyramid?

「Good morning, Seiji.」

After a while, Nancy woke up.

「Good morning, Nancy.
Want some sandwich?」
「Sure, thanks.」

Elena, Nancy and I are having sandwich and tea for breakfast in Egypt time, lunch in Japan time.

「What are you going to do after this, Nancy?」

「First, I’m going to report the ketchup burglar from yesterday to the police,
after that, I’m going to take a long-distance bus to Cairo.
I have to go to the U.S Embassy and file a reissuance of my passport.」

「I see, then, we’ll accompany you to Cairo.」
「Thank you, Seiji.」

Nancy gave me a hug.

Wait a minute, Nancy.
For a 30-year old cherry boy, the stimulation is too strong!

When I unintentionally looked at Elena, she had become sullen and her cheeks puffed out. C-, Cute.

Nancy noticed it as well,
and also hug Elena.

Suddenly being by Nancy, Elena is surprised and puzzled.
This-, this is, cute.

Nancy is truly an American.


 We went to the local police station together with Nancy.
It was to report about yesterday’s ketchup burglar.

「Well then, see you later Seiji.」
「Then, let’s meet at this place in 2 hours.」

Nancy waved her hand and walked into the police station.

When Nancy was out of sight, Elena started a conversation suddenly.

「Seiji-sama, why did that lady suddenly hug me?」
「That’s because, a hug is a greeting in Nancy’s country.」

「That was a greeting!?」
「Oh, different countries also have different cultures.」

Elena was lost in thought for some reason,
with a look that she suddenly decided something―

「S-, Seiji-sama!」
「What is it?」

Elena suddenly hugged me!!

「Elena!? What happened all of a sudden?」
「Ah, it’s a greeting!」

Indeed, because of Nancy,
Elena learned something strange!

I’ll treat you to sushi next time.

Just like that, Elena and I went to a back alley with nobody around.


 We teleported from the back alley straight to『Italy』.
It was to sell the chunk of pure gold that had been made using magic.

You might ask, why Italy?

In Egypt, the local currency has become no better than a piece of paper,
foreign currency such as US Dollar, Euros, Japanese Yen and the like can be used as they are.

Japanese yen can be used as well but I want to especially acquire foreign currency.
Since I can’t go to the United States yet,
the strategy is to sell the pure gold in Italy, which Nancy stopped by at, in order to obtain Euros.

「This is a different country once again, it’s called『Italy』.」

I acquired Italian using【Language Acquisition】,
and looked for a shop that buys gold.

I changed the shape of the gold chunk using【Earth magic】into a cross-shaped necklace.
It can be bought easier this way.

I found a shop, which seemed somewhat shady,
and it was easily bought for 3, 000 €.

It felt like I lost a bit in haggling but oh well.

We got hold of the money and tried to eat Gelato in Piazza di Spagna―

Food and drinks seemed prohibited in Piazza di Spagna,
so we deliciously ate near the Gelato shop whilst looking at the piazza.


 I tried to sneak a peek at Nancy through the tracking beacon,
since it would probably take some time,
we temporarily returned to Japan.

「Welcome home, oniichan.」

Aya had returned from the junior college but she looked very sleepy,
well, unlike Elena and me, she didn’t take a nap.

「What do you want to do if we teleport to Egypt again, Aya? Are you going to come with us?」
「I’m sleepy so I’ll pass for now.~」

As Aya said so, she went back to her room and slept.


 After a while we arrived in Egypt, Nancy came out of the police station.

「How was it?」
「For the time being, they were notified but.
I think the luggage would be hard to recover.
Were you able to prepare money?」

「We were able to prepare though it was Euros.」
「Great, if it’s Euros, it can also be used in our destination.
So, how much can you lend?」

「Is around 1, 000 Euros enough?」
「It’s enough, you’re such a big help.
Thank you, Seiji!」

Upon receiving the money, Nancy kissed me on the cheek.
That attack was an overkill to a DT!!

Elena is Elena, puffing her cheeks again at the sight.

Won’t it influence Elena in a strange way?
It might cause her to use kiss as a greeting!

Let’s treat Nancy to an even higher quality sushi next time.


 The 3 of us came to the building of a bus company.
It seems that the long-distance bus to Cairo will depart from this place.

We bought tickets to Cairo and boarded the long-distance bus.

「Is this a bus? It’s almost as big as a train.」
「Has Elena never ridden a bus before?」
「Yes, this is the first time.」

The bus with the very excited Elena on board departed to Cairo about 30 minutes behind schedule.

When we came out of the town area, the desert spread as far as the eye could see.
As expected of Egypt, the scale was different.

「So there’s also a place like this in this world, huh, Seiji-sama.」
「Yea, this is also my first seeing this.」

「Oh, there’s a strange creature!」

When I look to see what it was, it was camel.

「It’s called camel, it’s a creature which subtitutes the horse when travelling in the desert.」
「So it’s a horse that can travel through the desert, huh. It’s amazing!
Do monsters not appear here?」
「Indeed, monsters do not appear here.」

I answered laughingly―

It would be impossible to come across such terrible fellows on Earth.
We, during this time, had no way of knowing……

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