Chapter 136 – 4 Languages

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 The day after the cosplay convention was held and the gold and silver were manufactured,
I was woken up by a『loud noise』.

Did I have the alarm set up even though I’m still on paid leave?

When I took a look at my smartphone with sleepy eyes, it was still 4 o’clock in the morning.
Besides, the real nature of the sound wasn’t the smartphone’s alarm!

Then, what was that sound?

I finally found out when I got up,
it wasn’t the smartphone’s alarm,
it was the sound of【Vigilance】magic indicating『Danger』!

Who has fall into danger?

When I checked the tracking beacon, it was Nancy who had fallen into danger.

When I check Nancy’s video,
she has collapsed in a back alley, motionless.
This is dangerous.

I knocked on the door of Aya and Elena’s room hurriedly.

「Seiji-sama, good morning.」
「Oniichan, what is it at such time?
Hey, it’s not even four o’clock yet!」

Aya and Elena got up while rubbing their sleepy eyes.

「Nancy is in danger, we need to go and help her.」

「That’s terrible!
……By the way, who’s Nancy?」

That reminds me, I’m the only one who met Nancy.

「Nancy is an american girl making a trip around the world whom I’ve attached a tracking beacon to.」

I showed the video of the collapsed Nancy.

「It’s terrible, we have to go to help.」
「Get ready to go out quickly.」
「I understand.」
「Get ready in 30 seconds.」

5 minutes later, preparations to go out has been completed,
We【teleport】on the suburbs of Egypt where Nancy has collapsed.


 When we arrived at the place where Nancy had collapsed,
From the surrounding, suspicious men were approaching.

I stood in the way of the men to protect Nancy.


The men were surprised and stopped, they tried to talk.

「هل تعرف مع تلك المرأة؟」

I don’t know what you are talking about.

I used【Language acquisition】.

┌─<Language Acquisition>─
│【Standard Arabic】acquisition
│ Please choose the acquisition level:

│・Level 1 (Consumption: 50 MP)
│  You can speak by babbling.

│・Level 2 (Consumption: 100 MP)
│  You can speak at an everyday conversational level.

│・Level 3 (Consumption: 200 MP)
│  You can speak fluently.
│  You can read simple characters.

│・Level 4 (Consumption: 500 MP)
│  You can speak fluently.
│  You can read and write characters used in everyday life.

│・Level 5 (Consumption: 1000 MP)
│  You can speak with the entirety of the language.
│  You can read and write all the characters.

It was standard Arabic, huh.

I used 1, 000 MP and acquired Level 5 standard Arabic.

『I’m sorry, can you repeat that?』

『What, you understand our language, huh. That being the case, this will be quick.
Are you an acquaintance of that woman?』
『Ah, that’s right.』

『If so, that’s good. Do you need help?』
『It’s fine, thank you.』

It seems that these people have come only because they are worried about Nancy.
Sorry for doubting you.

The men walked off just like that.

「Elena, come.」
「Seiji-sama, understood, coming.」

Eh? Elena’s way of talking……
Ah, yeah, since we’ve left Japan, the target language of『Magic stone of temporary language acquisition』is no longer Japanese.

I talked to Elena in Delaidos Common Language.

『Please heal this person.』
『Yes, I understand.』

Elena cast recovery magic on Nancy,
I’m now relieved with this.

「I see, because it’s not Japan, Elena doesn’t understand much of Japanese.」

Aya talked in Japanese.
It was complicated……

『Seiji-sama, this person probably collapsed due to dehydration.』
『I see, well then……』

T-, This is!?
A story development where one has to make somebody drink water using mouth-to-mouth feeding!?

『I’ll make her drink water using Water magic.』
『T-, That’s right, please do so.』

That’s rightー

After a while, Nancy regained consciousness.

「Huh? I’m sleeping in a place like this?」

Nancy talked in English.
It got more and more complicated.

「You collapsed here, Nancy. Can you remember what happened?」
「Huh? Who are you?」

Is it perhaps, amnesia!?

It was different, she just forgot because we only met once.

「That’s right, you’re Seiji whom I met in Japan!
What a coincidence to meet in a place like this.」

Well, it’s not a coincidence, I’ve come here intentionally to help.

「Nancy, what on earth happened to you?」
「More importantly, Seiji,
do you have something to eat?
I haven’t eaten anything since morning.」

I took out a PET bottle of milk tea and anpan from the inventory and gave it to Nancy.

Nancy seemed to be very thirsty and began to chug the milk tea.
Because it was a milk tea with fragrance of flower, which I made with so much effort, you could’ve savor it more when drinking it.


Nancy drank half of the milk tea and heaved a sigh.
She began to stare at the milk tea with *jiro jiro*.

「What’s this tea?」
「It wasn’t delicious?」

「It’s too delicious!
Somehow, it has a smell of flowers!」

She seemed to be pleased.

Next, Nancy took out the ampan from the bag and began to eat it.

There is something black inside this bread.」
「Because it’s an anpan, it contains anko inside.」

「Ampan? What kind of bread is this?」
「You don’t know what ampan is? It’s a Japanese bread.」

「Anpan, huh.~」

Nancy tried to eat the anko timidly.

「Oh, sweet! What’s this!?」

「Anko is something like a jam made with beans.」
「This bean jam something is delicious!
The only Japanese food I know are sushi and tempura,
so there is something like this too, huh.」

Nancy ate the anpan in no time.

「By the way, who are the two people in the back?」
「They are Aya, my sister and Elena, a friend of mine.」

「Eee, are both of them Japanese?」

No matter how you look at it, Elena didn’t look like Japanese. Though, it would be troublesome when she was asked about nationality and then she answered properly.

「That’s right, both Aya and Elena are Japanese.」
「Eee, so there’s also white Japanese, huh.~」

I was able to deceive her somehow, it seemed.

「By the way, Seiji. I have a favor to ask.~」
「What favor?」

「Please lend me some money!」

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  1. Ixiaz April 24, 2016 / 4:58 pm

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