Chapter 126 – Lightning spirit

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「Demon lord, is such a thing your『trump』?」

「My【Lightning】is『such a thing』, you say!?」

「Oh, I can also do a magic of that level.」
「I-, Idiot.
I’m the only one who can use【Lightning magic】!」

「Well, yes, now that you mention it, it’s not like that though?」

I crouched down near the Demon lord―
and struck a【Lightning】thicker than that of the Demon lord’s.


The Demon lord screamed. *Pukusukusu*
I became interested and dropped lightning many times.


The Demon lord was paralyzed in fear.

「T-, The magic uniquely for me……」
「It’s a story until several months ago that there was only 1 person who can use Lightning magic.
Now, there are 4 people who can use it including you and me.」

「I-, It’s a lie!
The only one who can use this magic is the chosen, it’s a symbol of a king……
And precisely because I mastered this magic, I became a Demon lord……」

「Is that what you think?……
How should I put it, did you think that you already mastered Lightning magic when you can only use it as far as【Lightning strike】?」

「I mean, you can only use【Lightning strike】,
can you use the magic after it?」
「T-, There’s more after it!?」

「Alright, oniisan, I’ll show it to you especially.」

After taking a dignified pose―
I summoned that fellow.

「【Summon Lightning spirit】!!」

「Ta-dah! I’ve arrived.」

「W-, What on earth is this!?」

「You’re that Demon lord-kun I wanted to meet all the while,
you never improved,
I’m getting impatient!」

「What is this!!?」
「This fellow is the Lightning spirit.」


「Demon lord-kun.」
「Y-, yes.」

Why is that this Lightning spirit seems bossy?
And what’s this, the Demon lord sat up respectfully as well.

「If you only practice【Lightning strike】,
you will never be able to use Lightning on other things.」
「N!? But, since it’s Lightning magic,
isn’t it natural to practice【Lightning strike】?」

「You don’t understand.~ Seiji, show this Demon lord-kun your magic.」
「Eh, why must I do such a thing?」

「As one of the only 4【Lightning magic】users, don’t you have such a thing called camaraderie?」
「*Sigh* Finee!」

I showed the【Incandescent light bulb】magic to the Demon lord.

「This is Light magic!?」
「No, this is Lightning magic as well.」

「No, but……」

「Seiji, explain it.」
「So troublesome.
In short, when lightning strikes it flashes, right?
Originally, Lightning possesses power to emit light.
Just now is the magic that produced light.」


Demon lord has been lost in thought.

「Show that thing, Seiji.
You know, the thing that can become warm.」
「【Heating wire】magic.」

I picked up a wood that had fallen nearby,
and heated it up to the ignition point with【Heating wire】magic and―
the wood began to burn vigorously.

「Fire magic…… or, not?」
「No, this is also【Lightning magic】.
When a tree is struck by lightning, it bursts into flames, right?
In other words, Lightning also has power to burn things.」

understand nothing about Lightning……」
「It’s such a thing.」

「Demon lord-kun, do you understand that you need to practice magic other than【Lightning strike】properly as well from now on?」
「Spirit-sama, I understand.」

「Umu, with this, I’m going to return.
You, summon me next time!
Well then, farewell.」

The lightning spirit went back while keeping its bossy attitude.

The Demon lord ceremoniously turned towards me―

「It’s my loss.」

He admitted his defeat.
That was easy!

「It’s frustrating but,
since I lost, I’m now your subordinate.」
「I don’t want it.」

「To make the Demon lord as a subordinate, the image is so bad.
Besides, I don’t need subordinates.」

「Then, it’s not what you’re trying to imply?」
「That’s right.~
I’m going to give you three orders then.」

「I understand, say whatever you like.」

「1. Be on cordial terms with the humans as much as possible.」

「Is it fine for it to be only as much as possible?」
「Oh, it’s fine for it to be only as much as possible.
It’s not really necessary to endure being on cordial terms if you can’t put up with it.」
「I understand.」

「2. If I went and visit the Demon town, I’ll be welcomed.」
「The katana. Because it’s a good katana, I want to obtain something similar as well as see the Demon town.」
「I understand, I’ll inform my subordinates.」

「3. Don’t introduce yourself as the Demon lord.」
「W-, What did you say!?
I understand, then,
you can call yourself the Demon lord, Seiji.」

「I refuse! Why would I call myself Demon lord?」
「Then, what are you implying?」

「When talking to the humans, instead of the『Demon lord』, you should introduce yourself as『King of the demonkind』.
The『Demon lord』has a bad image.
It might cause a misunderstanding.」

「Is it fine only when talking with humans?」
「Oh, you may introduce yourself as anything in your country.」

「I understand, I accept all the terms.
But, why are you trying to make the humans and demonkind be on cordial terms?
If there is someone powerful like you, you can even destroy the demonkind.」

「What will I do after I destroyed the demonkind?」
「After that?」

「If an enemy like the Goblin King is attacking and I’m not there at that time,
with only the humans, they will be defeated.」
「In short, we’re going to become a shield for the humans?」

「Wrong. To begin with, wasn’t it simply because the humans and the demonkind fought together that the Goblin King was defeated?」
「It’s not like that, we should’ve been able to win even if it was only the demonkind!」

「You probably didn’t know but on the Goblin’s side there were 4 Goblin Princes other than the Goblin King.
1 King, 4 Princes, more than 100 Generals and combined with common goblins, there were more than 20, 000 in total.
Would you still be able to win?」

「It only brings harm when one loses his head over power.
When an opponent one can’t defeat appears,
even if one joins hands with others to fight a common enemy, there’s still a possibility that they will not win.
To some extent, one must naturally not close the path of discussion if the opponent can be negotiated with.」
「I see, that’s right……
I understand,
We’ll try to get along with the humans as much as possible.」

「Alright, let’s shake hands then.」

The『Demon lord』was changed to『King of the demonkind』,
and we exchanged firm handshake.


「How should I put it, King of the Demonkind,
have you visited the Lighting mana crystal?」

「Actually, I was living in the Royal Capital when I was a child.」
「Even though you’re a demonkind?」

「One can’t distinguish a demonkind in his childhood, who hasn’t grown horn yet, from humans.」

「Even if it’s so, why would a demonkind be in a human town?」
「I don’t know but I was probably separated from my parents at birth.
When I became aware of the things around myself, I was living a life on the streets of the Royal Capital.」

「So that’s why you can speak Delaidos Common Language, huh.
Huh? But it should cost 10 Aurum to visit the lightning mana crystal, right?
Why did you bother to visit the Lightning mana crystal?」

「Don’t you know? In the Royal Capital, once a year, there’s a thing called liberalization of mana crystal, a child who turned 10 years old that year can visit for free only on that day.」

「I see, so you went and visited the mana crystal and acquired lightning magic?」
「Oh, that’s right.
I was so happy when I acquired the lightning magic,
and then, a man, who introduced himself as a magic researcher, heard that I acquired lightning magic. He came over accompanied with an appraiser and said that they will cast【Appraisal】on me.」

Since you’re a demonkind, isn’t it bad for you to be appraised?」

「I didn’t know that I’m a demonkind at that time.
I, who was so happy, had consented to the【Appraisal】.」
「Uh oh.」

「Of course, they found out that I’m a demonkind.
I became an outcast,
and managed to somehow escape from the human’s country.
That’s why I arrived at the demonkind’s country after a struggle.」

Is it because of the trauma of that time that the King of the demonkind hates【Appraisal】?

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  1. deadlybell April 6, 2016 / 9:27 am

    no wonder hes so…..touchy about magic being case on him lol


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    Good thing for the Lightning Spirit that she got to be dignified during her summon for once?


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    Shouldn’t the Demon King only see a ball of lightning since he doesn’t have the other elemental attribute like Aya before?


    • Jei May 18, 2016 / 3:47 pm

      He can probably see it not in ball form but in some sort of fuzzy ethereal form since the demon lord has level 4 lightning magic. IIRC Aya only has level 2/3? Lightning magic.


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    So, when the MC tries to show how many different applications of Lightning there are outside of “Lightning Strike”, the MC uses….Basically just lightning. He runs electricity through an object.

    What about “hydrolysis”? The ability to cleave an object into two elements? What about turning yourself into a gale of lightning to pass through objects?
    Derp. The derp intensifies.


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