Chapter 124 – Where is this?

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『The 3rd condition is……
Seiji! It’s you!』

C-, Come againnnn!!?

『What do you mean by that, Demon lord-sama?』

『What I’m saying is, become my subordinate.』

『……I refuse.』

『Why did you refuse!?
Furthermore, don’t answer willfully and properly ask the King.』
『I refuse.』

I’m not going to be considerate anymore.

『I had enough, if you don’t want to interpret it,
I’m going to say it directly.』

If that’s the case then do so from the beginning!

「O King, give me Seiji.」
「Wa?  What do you mean, Demon lord-sama?」

「Give me Seiji to become my subordinate, it’s the 3rd condition.」

「……I-, I understand, if such a person is enough, take him as you like.」
「Oi! Don’t trade me at your own convenience!」

「Are you okay, Seiji?
If you don’t want to become my subordinate then it will be war?」

I’ve been working so hard up to here to avoid the war……

that’s the last straw.

「I’ve had enough.
If you want war then do as you please!」

「What did you say? But your county will fall, is that fine?」

「Do as Demon lord-sama says.
Seiji, be the sacrifice for the fate of our country.」

「Are you an idiot, Your Highness?
Do you think you will convince me with such an argument?
That makes no sense so I’m going back.
Be relieved because I’m going to take care of Elena,
you guys go to war as you please and be ruined.」

『Wait, Seiji!
Don’t think you can return alive by going against my orders!』

『Because you’re going to kill me?』
『Yes, if you don’t want to be killed, follow my instructions.』

『If I’m going to make others listen to me using violence―
Demon lord, you yourself,
are you going to give in to violence and listen?』

『What did you say!?』

「Seiji, speak in a language I can understand.」

「You keep your mouth shut!」

『What would you do if I say it this way?
Oi, Demon lord!
Become my subordinate if you don’t want to be killed.
All of the Demonkind will be killed if you refuse!』

『It seems you really want to die……』
『You too.』

Demon lord slowly drew his black katana then and there.


The King had been paralyzed due to fear on the spot.

I snuck behind the Demon lord using【Teleportation】,
touched his back,
and used【Teleportation】to another location just like that.


「Wa!? What on earth is this!?
Where is this!?」

Demon lord and I had come to a glade.
This was where we fought against the Goblin Prince.

「Showing the defeat of the Demon lord to others is,
indeed pitiable I think.」

「Hou, is this where you want to die?」
「This is where you will have your unsightly defeat.」

I keep the provocation within bounds as I must prepare for the fight.

I cast【Magic power reinforcement・Quick】on me,
and【Magic power reinforcement・Slow】on the Demon lord.

「You bastard, you cast some magic on me again!」

He didn’t know what kind of magic it is?
Then, I cast【Appraisal】while I’m at it.


「What’s with the strange face?
If you’re not coming, I will!」

I’ve obtained a strange information when I used【Appraisal】……

Level 5【Sword Art】.
I’ve been expecting this but level 5?~

Level 3【Earth magic】.
I knew this because I saw him use it in the middle of the fight.

And then Level 4【???】.
This is unexpected!
For the Demon lord to unexpectedly have this kind of thing……
It’s probably because of this that he hates it when【Appraisal】is used on him.

This will surely be the Demon lord’s『Trump card』.~
When it is used, should I be surprised?

No, wait! So that means……
The story I’ve heard at that time……

「What are you pondering on about!?」

The Demon lord, who became irritated, kicked the ground and attacked.

The ground was slightly cleaved by the impact of the Demon lord’s katana when I avoided the attack.

Hii, if he didn’t have【Slow】on him, it would’ve been more dreadful.

「You bastard, because of your strange magic, my movements are restrained.」

I took out the【Replica sword】from the inventory and took a fighting stance.

「A replica sword?
Are you going to fight against me with such a toy!?」

It’s a rare opportunity so I want to fight a katana with a katana.

While the setting sun dyed the forest in red,
Demon lord and I readied our katanas and faced each other.

As if on cue, we kicked the ground at the same time―

and clashed!

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  1. afk48 April 5, 2016 / 7:27 am

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