Chapter 123 – Reward

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「Good, everyone is together.」
「How was the talk with the demonkind, Seiji?」

I went to where the 4 of the magician unit were.

「About that, I have a favor to ask of everyone.」
「Favor? What on earth do you want?」

「In short, if we cooperate and make attribute reinforcement magic stone, the country will be saved!?」
「Yes, that’s right. Can I rely on you guys?」

「Ou, of course!」
「I might get praised by Rondo-sama.~」
「I’ll receive lots of reward.」
「I will do my best!」

Well, even I, alone, can make Wind, Water and Earth.
Oh, well. It’s too troublesome to explain.

First, I had the 3 people make attribute reinforcement magic stone.

Finally, it’s Hilda but……
I’m worried because Hilda seems to have less MP than the other 3.

When I used【Appraisal】on Hilda, who adamantly went on, she just barely had any MP left.

Hilda somehow managed to make a magic stone……
Hilda used too much MP and seemed to be considerably tired.

I had the 4 people recover their MP with Japanese sweets as thanks and they were greatly pleased with it.
Especially Hilda, who had rounded eyes from the excessive sweetness.

Having completed the 4 magic stones, I was about to go the the next location when I was called to a halt.

「There is something I’d like to know, Seiji.」
「What is it, Cassandra-san?」

「What happened to the demonkind who was injured by protecting me?」

「That person is fine, he was completely healed by Elena’s recovery magic.」
「I see, that was good.」

It seems she was worried about Bunmi-san, who was injured because of her.

After thanking the 4 people once more,
I went to the next location.


「Elena, Aya. And Rondo is here as well, huh.」
「To suddenly appear, what a rude fellow.
It’s only natural for me to be here because this is my tent.
Leaving that aside, how did the meeting with the demonkind go?」

Mou, explaining every single time. It’s so tiresome.~

「That said, I need Elena’s recovery magic and Aya’s Ice magic.」

With Aya and Elena’s cooperation, we made attribute reinforcement magic stones of Ice and Recovery magic.

But, whenever I see Elena and the cute color of the crafted pink magic stone,
it was as though a complete embodiment of Elena’s beauty.

「What are you smirking at while grasping the magic stone tightly, onnichan?」
「I didn’t smirk!」

I pulled myself together and made the remaining darkness and lightning magic stone by myself.

With this, the 9 kinds is complete!!

Somehow, I did various work today.
T-, Tired……


 I went back to the anteroom tent where the King and Lyle Gewalt awaits.

「Are these the attribute reinforcement magic stones……
Surprisingly, they are all masterpieces.」

「I hope that you remember about the reward.」
「I understand.
Who are the collaborators?」

「First, the recovery magic is Elena’s.」
「I see! My daughter Elena!」

「Then, Light is Lela’s.」
「I see! My daughter Lela!」

What is this, this twos mood matched together.

「Wind, Water, Earth and Fire are from the four people of magician unit at Rondo’s place.」
「I see, the magicians at Rondo’s place, huh.」

「Ice is my imouto, Aya’s. And darkness is mine.」
「L-, Lightning?」

「About the Lightning…… its acquisition origin is a secret.」
「I-, I see…… it can’t be helped, I won’t inquire about it.」

「Leaving that aside, I ask for proper rewards to everyone!
It’s not only the matter about the attribute reinforcement magic stones,
Elena healed a demonkind’s important figure, who was seriously injured,
Lela protected the Ikebu town with only 100 soldiers,
The four of the magician unit played an active role in the goblin subjugation,
Aya and I…… well, we’re good.」

「Ah, I understand.」

The King and I went to meet Demon lord-sama with the 9 kinds of attribute reinforcement magic stone.


『What! You’ve brought the 9 kinds of magic stone!?』

I lined up the magic stones which I collected in front of Demon lord-sama.

Demon lord-sama stared at the 9 kinds of magic stones for awhile and called a demonkind who can use【Appraisal】.

『Indeed, all of 9 kinds have been gathered……
But! Where did you obtained these!?』

Demon lord-sama held the Lightning attribute reinforcement magic stone and pointed at it.

『Its acquisition origin is a secret.
Or is the 3rd condition the disclosure of the origin of its acquisition?』
『You bastard!』

「Oy, Seiji. What did Demon lord-sama say? He seemed to be angry or something.」

Don’t interrupt the talk, Your Highness.

『Well, Alright.
Then, the 3rd condition.』

Well, I’m sure that the last condition is also worthless anyway.

『The 3rd condition is……
Seiji! It’s you!』

C-, Come againnnn!!?

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  1. Sarksz April 4, 2016 / 1:22 am

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    • BestGirlNeverWins April 5, 2016 / 5:00 am

      Unfortunately, given how he was called the Demon King, and directly referenced to as the King, it does seem that he is male. Also…Seiji didn’t describe him in a womanly way at all. All we got was a “large, bulky and impressive build”, which sounds like a male body description more than a female’s. So yea. Unexpected BL route opened up. xD


      • SkullyKoshiro April 5, 2016 / 7:38 am

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  2. chronarize April 4, 2016 / 1:28 am

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    • Bishop1902 April 5, 2016 / 5:53 am

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    • BestGirlNeverWins April 5, 2016 / 4:36 am

      Yup…BL route unlocked?


  4. Kiroza April 4, 2016 / 1:47 am

    Argh, the cliff hanger, i didn’t even know this series had proper cliff hangers. Thanks for the chapter


  5. Servant:Reader April 4, 2016 / 1:50 am

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  7. kouk2002 April 4, 2016 / 2:10 am

    Hahaha, now really hoping we back to daily releases, at least until we see how he literally saves his own arse.

    That said, he can’t exactly comply when he doesn’t spend much time in that world, and isn’t even really on the humans side, more just helps Elena because she is cute. Probably would of abandoned the world had she not been there or had that personality and looks.


  8. dant April 4, 2016 / 2:23 am

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    Seiji: I refuse!


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    I do t think any one would believe me that I just caught up in 1 day!!!
    And a question is the demon king a guy or a woman?


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