Chapter 121 – Weight of gold

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 I brought the King to the anteroom tent where Lyle Gewalt waits.

「Your Highness!?」
「Lyle Gewalt!?」

「Such instantaneous.
Indeed, such magic……」

「What is the meaning of this, Lyle Gewalt!
Explain it properly!」

Lyle Gewalt explained the circumstances to the King……

「T-, T-, Then, I am,
g-, going to meet with the Demon lord!?」
「Yes, otherwise, we’ll get destroyed.」

「If that happens, will you to protect me?」

「If that happens, everybody will be killed.」
「T-, that’s……」


 Somehow or another, the King was convinced? And,
we went towards Demon lord-sama’s place.

The discussion with Demon lord-sama was held with a small number of people.
On the demonkind’s side was only Demon lord-sama while on the humans’ side were only the King and me.

『Demon lord-sama, this man is the King of humans.』
『Such a seemingly weak guy is the King!?』

I agree that he doesn’t look like a King.

「Oy, Seiji.」
「What is it, Your Highness? We’re in front of Demon lord-sama, you know?」
「I’m just going to confirm one thing……
did it not get exposed that we have been deceived to go to war against the demonkind by the goblins and orcs?」

「What did you say!?」


Just now, Demon lord-sama……

「Oy, King of the humans. The remarks you’ve made just now, was it true!?」

Demon lord-sama……

「Say.~ Demon lord-sama,
Can you perhaps speak Delaidos Common Language?」

「Oh, that’s right.」

The King’s face turned pale.

「That being the case, you didn’t need my interpretation too, did you?」
「Why do I, as the Demon lord, need to speak human language as well!? You just interpret properly.」
「Y-, yes.」

A poor-quality excuse!


 ※The following were expressly interpreted by Seiji.

『King of humans, I’ll ask once more.
Were you trying to wage war against the demonkind?』
「T-, That’s……
I’ve been deceived by the goblins and orcs……」

『It doesn’t matter here whether you were deceived or not.
You assembled soldiers for war. Correct?』
「But, we actually fought against the goblins……」

「Uh, yes, Demon lord-sama…it’s as you have said……」

The King abase himself.

『Then war it shall be!』
「Could you just let bygones be bygones somehow or another……?」

『Let bygones be bygones, you say?』
「As as result, didn’t we succeeded in subjugating the Goblin King……」

『Who defeated the Goblin King?』
「It’s…… Demon lord-sama……」

『It seems that human adventurers receive bounty when they defeat a monster, is that right?』
「Y-, yes.」

『Then, let’s do it this way.
A bounty for defeating the Gobling King,
compensation for the money and trouble required for dispatching the troops,
and apology for trying to wage war against us.
If you can clear these 3 conditions, I’ll will overlook this matter from now on.』
「I-, I understand.」

Is it fine to accept readily without hearing the contents of the conditions?

『Then, the first condition……
The Goblin King’s bounty, 1 million Aurum.
The funds we needed for dispatching the troops, 1 million Aurum.
All together, 2 million Aurum is my demand.』

「Two million!?
I-, I understand.
I’ll have it prepare right away so please wait a moment.」

『The deadline is by sunset today.』

N-, No matter how you look at it, that’s impossible!」
『Is that so, that being the case, it will be war.』

It seems that the Demon lord-sama is completely not willing to yield.


 The King and I returned to the anteroom tent where Lyle Gewalt is waiting.

「How did the discussion go, Your Highness?」

Towards the anxious Lyle Gewalt,
the King answered while hanging his head low.

「It had been agreed upon that we have to pay 2 million Aurum by sunset today.」

「2 million!? By sunset today!?
Procuring the money which the aristocrats brought for the expedition……
No, 2 million is still……
What will happen if we failed to procure the money?」
「It will be war.」
「T-, that’s……」

「Well, it seems to me that Demon lord-sama didn’t have any intention to yield.」
「Seiji, you bastard! Don’t say such irresponsible things!
You should also think about what to do!」

Why do I have to think as well?
It’s troublesomeee.

「Let me see, I have 2 million Aurum.」
「Wa!? You have? What do you mean?」

I took out a lesure sheet and spread it on the ground,
and then, I took out 20, 000 pieces of 100 Aurum gold coins from the inventory.

Since 1 gold coin was about 200 grams, so 20, 000 weighed a total of 4 tons.
Because of its heavy weight, the ground was nearly hollowed so I hurriedly used Earth magic to harden the ground.

「W-, Where did you get that from!?」
「It’s magic.」

「Such a thing, we can now avoid the war with this.」
「Wait a moment, this is my money!」

「What are you saying even though it’s a national crisis!」
「It’s not my country!」

「T-, That’s, that’s right but……」

「If I saved the country with this money,
what would the country do for me?」
「T-, That’s right…… an aristocratic title……」
「I don’t need that sort of thing!」

「T-, Then, what do you want?」
「Then, I want to have Elena.」
「What did you say!?」
「Just kidding.」

Well, it looks like I almost got her!

「Return it later with double the amount. The deadline is 30 days.」
「I-, I understand……」

An easy 2 million Aurum profit in 30 days.

Afterwards, Lyle Gewalt summon 200 soldiers, ordering them to transport about 200 crates.
They carried the crates with 100 gold coins each to Demon lord-sama’s place.

A 100 gold coins weighing 200g apiece, was 20kg per crate.
It weighed the same as 10 2-litre plastic bottles.

It has become a considerable heavy work.
Soldiers, your efforts are appreciated.

But, aren’t these gold coins too inconvenient as currency?


『Demon lord-sama, the 2 million Aurum have been prepared.」

『Well, you really brought 2 million Aurum…..』

The Demon lord look at us with mixed expression of surprise and amazement―

and, grins with sinister expression.

『The next condition is……』

The Demon lord-sama threw another strange condition.

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