Chapter 119 – Demon lord-sama’s fighting style

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 The Demon lord-sama held a pitch-black Japanese sword.

Cool! I want that katana!!

『What’s wrong, Seiji? It’s dangerous for you to look away.』

That’s right,
I put【Slow】on the Goblin King and【Quick】on Aya, Demon lord-sama and me, and prepared the Mithril sword.

『What’s this? It’s similar to body reinforcement magic.
Were you the one who put it on, Seiji?』
『Ah, yes. The magic has similar effect to【Movement speed reinfocement】.』
『I see, humans’ magic is interesting.』

While having such a talk―

The Goblin King swung down its enormous club.
I promptly took a distance.

The Demon lord-sama took on the club with the pitch-black Japanese sword.
At the same time, the ground shook.

The Demon-lord-sama was as fit as a fiddle.

『Hou, it has considerable offensive power,
No wonder even Bunmi was injured.』

Huh? Something is strange.
When Bunmi-san blocked the King’s attack, the area under his feet became a crater.
But it didn’t happen in the case of the Demon lord-sama.

The Demon-lord took on the King’s attack 2 times, 3 times. Each time, a wave-like ripples spread through the ground.

That’s it! Diffusing the impact using Earth magic!

I immediately jump to test it out,
as I land, I tried to diffuse the impact with Earth magic.

Interesting! Although the ground’s surface is soft, it feels like concrete when I jump.


I tried to further increase the impact I absorb from the ground.
This time, I can jump similar to a trampoline!

『Oy, Seiji. What are you playing at?』
「Oh, I’m sorry. Just, it seemed interesting.』

I’ve been scolded by the Demon lord-sama. The Demon lord-sama began to fight the King and isn’t it somewhat difficult to make a move on?

Aya was troubled and didn’t know what to do.

「Nee, oniichan. Who’s that person?」
「That man is the Demon lord-sama.」

「Ee, so that person is the Demon lord, huh.
What were you doing a little while ago, oniichan?
You made strange movements.」

「Look at the Demon lord-sama’s feet carefully.」
「Ah, he’s doing some kind of magic!」
「That’s right, I was imitating it.」

「How do you do that?」
「Absorb the impact on the ground with magic.」

「Absorb the impact?」
「You do it like this.」

I showed it by running and jumping.

「I see, I’m going to try it as well.」

As Aya said so, she began to run around the Goblin King quickly using the Earth magic’s impact.

『You guys have been annoying since a little while ago!
Be quiet.』

「Aya, it seems it annoys the Demon lord-sama.」
「I didn’t know.」

Aya, snuck around behind the King’s back and began to attack its foot.

The Goblin King seemed to be annoyed by Aya’s attack and occasionally tried to stomp its foot.

It’s dangerous.
It can’t be helped, I’m going to fight as well.

I kicked the ground with Earth magic, increasing my speed, and charged toward the Goblin King.
The single blow of the Mithril sword had been nearly warded off, dealing a 30 cm deep scratch.

The Goblin King grimaced from the pain and scowled at me.

That action caused it to take its eyes off of Demon lord-sama for an instant.

Demon lord-sama didn’t overlook the chance,

with a single blow of the Demon lord-sama’s Japanese sword,
30 cm below the knee of the Goblin King’s left leg had been completely severed.

As one would expect, the Goblin King could not remain standing,
and fell down on its knees……

In the next instant!


Demon lord-sama landed and sheathed the Japanese sword―

Behind him,
with a *goron*, the Goblin King’s head rolled over to the ground.

Fa!? When did Demon Lord-sama attack!?

The Goblin King, who had been decapitated,
keeled over just like that.
The impact resounded throughout the surroundings.

The Demon lord-sama held the freshly-severed head of the Goblin King,
raising it up high.

『Demon lord-sama defeated the Goblin King!!』

The demonkind soldiers cheered.

The surviving goblins, who saw the freshly-severed head of the Goblin King, escaped at full speed.

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