Chapter 118 – The Goblin King’s menace

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 The main force of the Demon lord’s army moved toward the frontline.
I was in the middle of the Demon lord’s army and was moving together with the Demon lord-sama and Bunmi-san.

『Demon lord-sama, I’ll still fight.』
『Bunmi, can you win?』

『I can’t but perhaps……
By all means, please give me a chance.』
『Well, fine. If you’re going to go that far, then fight.』

『Yes, thank you.』

Bunmi-san went ahead towards the frontline.

『Then, I’m going to support Bunmi-san, Demon lord-sama.』
『Wait. Human…you said you’re called Seiji?』
『Yes, what is it?』

『There’s still something I’d like to ask you.』

I’ve been detained by the Demon lord-sama and was asked about various matters concerning the humans, including this time’s war.
Of course, I didn’t mention things that the would be disadvantageous to the humans’ side.

『Is the humans’ country called Delaidos Kingdom?』
『Yes, that’s right.』

When I answered the Demon lord’s question―

『The Goblin King has appearedddd!!!』

A scream rose from the front.

When I confirmed it, above the forest’s trees, the upper body of the giant Goblin King can be seen.
*Thud thud* As the ground shook, the Goblin King showed itself in the plains.

Other than the Goblin King, they came out from the forest one after another as well.
The demon-human joint forces had already begun to fight.

『Demon lord-sama, let’s hurry up a bit more.』
『Seiji, just wait a moment.
I told Bunmi that I’ll leave it to him.
Meddling is unnecessary until that guy gives up.』

I give up, I’d like to go and help……

With the Goblin King’s appearance, mere soldiers and adventurers withdrew one after another and took some distance from the King.

There were several people who stood before the King, blocking its way.
It was Bunmi-san and Aya.
There were also the trio from the magician unit, Elena and Rondo at a little distance away.

Although Bunmi-san gestures Aya to back down, Aya isn’t retreating.
Elena as well, seems to be told to back down by Rondo, but isn’t going to retreat either.
Good grief, both of them are stubborn……

However, given the situation, I’d like to help even more……
I give up~

『Hey, Seiji.
Who’s that woman next to Bunmi?』
『S-, She’s…… my imouto, Aya……』
『What!? Your imouto!?』

During this and that, Bunmi-san and Aya’s fight against the Goblin King had begun.

In order to not get in the way of their King’s battle, the goblin minions had also taken a distance.
On the outer part, the human-demon soldiers and the adventurers intercept the goblin minions.
On the inner part, the tandem of Bunmi-san and Aya are fighting against the Goblin King.

Taking advantage of the Demon Lord’s opening, I【Teleported】near Aya.
I put【Slow】magic on the Goblin King and【Quick】magic on Aya,
and quickly returned to my original position where the Demon lord-sama is.
During which, approximately 2 seconds passed.
Somehow or another, it seemed the Demon lord-sama didn’t notice.

Under the effect of slow, the Goblin King became slightly slower. It vigorously swung its enormous club the size of a road roller in its right hand downward!

Bunmi-san blocked it with a shield.
Along with a big *thud*, it formed a crater under the feet of Bunmi-san.
Bunmi-san grimaced and got down on one knee.

That was closee! Close to death!

During that interval, Aya snuck around behind the King’s back.
Not that attack again!

After Aya snuck around behind the King’s back, she tried to attack its vital spot……
With the excessive difference in physique, her hand couldn’t reach the vital spot……

*Pyon Pyon* Even when Aya jumped up and down, she still couldn’t reach it……

And at the same time, the magician unit’s magic attacks had exploded on the King’s face.
But, the magic attacks did almost no damage as well, only blocking its vision for a moment.

Immediately after, the King’s face distorted in pain.
Huge lumps of ice pierced the King’s shoulder.
That ice was probably Elena’s magic.

The King slightly staggered in pain.

And, on the back of the staggered leg’s knee……
Aya’s knife was pierced.

The King noticed Aya, who was at its feet, and flung up a hind foot, trying to attack her.
Aya quickly dodged the attack.

The King desperately stomped its foot repeatedly to trample Aya underfoot.

When the King was distracted by Aya―
This time, Elena rushed out.
Rondo was stunned by Elena’s sudden movement.

Elena rushed over to Bunmi-san, healing his wounds quickly with recovery magic. She turned on her heels and returned to where the magician unit is.

『Well, that chivalrous female has excellent movements.
Is that how the humans fight?
But, are women stronger amongst the humans?
The ones who have been fighting are only women.』

『That’s not true.』

Afterwards, Bunmi and the women’s cooperation became fierce.
(Rondo’s atmosphere……)
The Goblin King’s physical strength was gradually being diminished.

『If we leave it to Bunmi as is, they might be able to win, mightn’t they?』

While having such talk with the Demon lord―

The Goblin King lost its temper from being played around.
It started to stomp its feet in frustration.

As one would expect with the Goblin King’s physique, even stomping its feet in frustration,
it shook the ground like an earthquake. Everyone, who was fighting in the frontline, lost their balance.

*Evil grin*

Having witnessed it, the Goblin King broke into a faint smile.

The Goblin King brandished its enormous club and began to put power into it.

At the same time, my【Vigilance】went off, informing me of the『Danger』.

『Bunmi-san! Watch out! Dodge it!!』

Bunmi-san, who was going to block the attack, heard my shout and immediately dodged the club which the Goblin King swung downward.

It’s as though a local earthquake had occurred.

Although Bunmi-san avoided the full-force of the downward swing attack of the Goblin King,
it crashed into the ground, causing an earthquake to occur.

Even the humans and demonkind, and goblin minions who were battling from afar couldn’t withstand the tremor. They stopped fighting and sat down on the spot.

Meanwhile, Cassandra-san the Nekomimi magician, lost her balance by the sudden tremor and fell down.

My【Vigilance】magic went off, informing of『Danger』once again.
I promptly moved toward Cassandra-san using【Teleportation】but―

In the next moment, in front of Cassandra-san and I, was a huge rock approaching.

The Goblin King―
hurled the huge rock at its feet, aiming at Cassandra-san who fell over.

Mou, there’s not enough time!

I set up a barrier at once and took a defensive stance with the Mithril sword in hand.

But, the rock didn’t reach the barrier.

In front of the barrier, Bunmi-san blocked the huge rock……
and together with huge rock he blocked, he tumbled down right there and then.

Bunmi-san’s both arms fell senseless at the impact when he blocked the huge rock, bending in a strange direction.

「Elena!  Come here!!」

I stood before the Goblin King, blocking its way to protect Elena, who was treating Bunmi-san.

『Yare yare, didn’t I say it’s not necessary to interfere that much?
Oh, but it can’t be helped.』

When I turned towards the side―
『Demon lord-sama』was walking toward the Goblin King―
holding a pitch-black『Japanese sword』.

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