Chapter 116 – The Prince’s fury

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 The Goblin Prince is approaching Aya and I who took a fighting stance, ready intercept.

From behind the Prince―
there were 20 Goblin Generals,
200 Hobgoblins,
and 2, 000 common goblins following.
A battalion of more than 2, 000 strong.

「What now, oniichan!?」
「N?  Are you scared?
If you’re scared, why don’t you go to where Elena is?」
「No way!」

While talking about all that, the Prince appeared before our eyes.
The Prince, with the feeling of warding off a pebble at one’s feet, swung down its great sword towards me.


My Mithril sword met the Prince’s great sword.

The Prince was surprised that a human with a tiny body had been able to receive its attack and took a half-step back.

『What is this fellow? Is it not a normal human being?』
『You’re a one rude fellow, I’m a normal human being.』

『Y-You talked!!?』

It was further astonished when I spoke in Goblin Language,
the Prince took another half-step back.

The group of goblins, who came from behind, raised their vigilance with the Prince’s attitude and encircled us while taking a little distance.

「Oniichan, just now,
why were you imitating the squeal of the goblins?」
「I didn’t imitate their squeals.
I was having a conversation with the Prince in the Goblin Language.」

「N!? You speak Goblin Language?」
「That’s right, you didn’t know?」

『Although you can speak our language, why are you imitating the squeal of the humans!?』
『I’m not imitating squeals!
I was talking in the human language!!』

『What did you say? That human squeal, is a language!!?』

Good grief, these two……

『You guys go ahead, leave this human to me!』

When the Prince issued the command, the group of goblins avoided us and resumed their marching toward the central plains.
But, the Prince’s dialogue just now is a death flag.

「As one would expect, isn’t that number bad, oniichan?」
「If we don’t deal with them somehow or another, that would be trouble.」

『Well, the nuisances are gone.
Let’s go with a single combat, fair and square.』

「Aya, this fellow wants to fight one on one.
Do you want to fight one on one, Aya?」
「Me!? Is it alright?」
「Well, I’ll help when needed.」
「Un, I understand.」

When I move behind, Aya took a step forward―

『What! The female is going to fight!?
You’re underestimating me, huh.』

The Prince, in a fit of anger, swung down its sword toward Aya.

Aya dodged the attack using【Wind gust】and quickly snuck around the Prince’s back.

Aya, who avoided the attack, was hidden in the shadow of the Prince’s very huge sword.
The Prince has lost sight of Aya for an instant.


Suddenly, the Prince screamed.
What on earth did Aya do?

When the Prince turned around―
Blood oozed out from its arse……

Where did you attack, Aya……

「Ugee, I attacked a strange place.」

Aya returned to where I am and wash the knife using【Water magic】.

『Curse you! Curse you! Good, such humiliation!!
Don’t think you can live and come back!!!』

The Prince was furious while holding its arse.

「Hey, Aya. It said that don’t expect to return alive.」
「Can you wash this knife later, oniichan?」
「Since I’ll wash it, fight properly.」
「I understand.」

The Prince, in a fit of anger, made a long sweeping stroke.
Of course, such an attack couldn’t possibly hit Aya.
When its attack was dodged, its back was taken,
followed by more blow to its arse.


The Prince’s holes has finally become 3.
It wasn’t 3 vertically but 3 horizontally……

It was staggering and can only barely stand.

「Hey, don’t mess around and finish him off properly.」
「Well, other than its arse, there’s no place where I can strike that wasn’t obstructed by its armor.」

The Prince couldn’t move anymore and seemed to be crawling while holding its arse.
Poor thing……

『G-, Go ahead and kill me right now.』

The Prince was resigned to die.

「Kill me now, it said.」
「Ee, no way. You do it, oniichan.」
「I don’t want either.」

「Then, what are we going to do?」
「Let’s just return.」
「Un, let’s do that.」

『That said, we’re going to return.』
『W-, Wait. You’re going just like that!!?』1

Aya and I went back to the central plain leaving the Prince wailing behind.

Translator notes and reference:

1My thoughts exactly. Oy, Seiji. Clean up your mess.↩

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  1. Nameless Reader March 25, 2016 / 5:50 am

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    Haha these siblings. ^.^. I’m glad he didn’t die I lie him. What a funny Goblin. “Human squeals” he said.


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    • FuriousGeorge May 18, 2016 / 2:07 am

      I find this reference funnier than the amateurish puns.


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    Thanks for the release


  9. evil March 25, 2016 / 7:55 pm

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