Chapter 115 – Releasing from a ditch

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 In front of Aya and I,
were 50 Goblin generals approaching.

「Aren’t they a bit too much, oniichan?」
「Are you scared, Aya?」

「A-, After all, aren’t there 50 monsters?」

「We don’t need to kill them all for now since our goal is to constrain them.」
「Is that so, then how are we going to do it?」

I placed both of my hands on the ground like a certain Alchemist and used【Earth magic】.1

*rumble rumble rumble*

「What are you doing, oniichan!?」
「I’m digging a ditch.
After all, when I say constrain the enemies, it’s with this.」

Using【Earth magic】, I created a『Ditch』with a width and depth of 5 m and a length of 200 m.

「But, oniichan. The goblin general……
would be able to climb up the ditch?」

Since the goblin general has a huge body, it was trying climb up the ditch.

「*flustered* Wait, time out!」

I frantically pushed down the general who was trying to climb up.
Aya was laughing in the back.

「Oy, you idiot. We’re in the midst of the battle here! Help me!」
「Oh, that’s right. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.」

I dealt with the general who was climbing and entrusted the expansion of the ditch to Aya at top speed.

When the ditch expanded to 10 m in width and depth, the General could no longer climb up.

「Fuu, we were able to do it somehow, huh.」
「Oniichan, the generals who didn’t fall into the ditch, snuck around to the left and right.」

「*Flustered* Wait, time out! time out!」

It’s impossible to increase the length of the ditch any further.
There are a total of 25 generals who didn’t fall into the ditch.
10 of them are trying to go around to the right and 15 to the left.

「I leave the 10 monsters in the right to you, Aya.」

I blocked the 15 monsters, who went around to the left, with the magic rod in hand.

Unexpectedly, the 15 Generals are going to force their way through without intending to fight me.

I sent the generals flying with the magic rod,
they fell into the ditch one after another.

When I tidied up the 15 monsters and was going to somehow support Aya―

She defeated 1 General and was battling with the 4 of them.
Hm? 5 of them escaped?

Anyway, I sent the 4, whom she was battling, flying into the ditch.

「I’m sorry, oniichan. I’ve let 5 of them get away.」

When I checked the map, the 5 monsters who escaped were moving towards the central plains.

「Well, the guys over there would be able to cope if it’s about 5 of them.」

After a while, I watched the 44 generals who fell into the ditch―

Some were trying to climb up riding the shoulders of others,
some were trying to throw weapons,
some were trying to hit the ditch’s wall one way or another.

I decided to dump water and ice from the surface in order to prevent them from getting away.


 After a while,
the demon-adventurers mixed troop got out of the forest and arrived at the central plains.

But, at the same time, the 5 goblin generals, who managed to escape from us, caught up to them,
Directly at the entrance of the forest, it seems a battle has started.

When I looked at the map, because the response from the goblin generals didn’t vanish no matter what, they were probably having a hard fight.
The joint military unit gradually retreated while fighting.

However, after a while, reinforcements came from the main forces of the aristocracy union army and demon army, respectively.

Since Elena is also mixed in in the reinforcements, it’s probably Rondo’s troops.

Alright, it seems they will somehow manage with this.

「Aya, let’s set a number of generals free again.」
「I understand, set them free little by little.」
「Such a thing.」

Of the generals who were wandering about inside the ditch, I aimed at the group that has about 10 monsters huddled together―
I created stone walls toward their left and right, confining them.

This time, I created a stairway on the temporary prison leading outside.

「Hey, come out.~」

While being wary of us, the 10 generals climbed up the stairway,
and went toward the central plains.

「Is it fine to set 10 of them free?」
「Oh, it’s completely fine since reinforcements appeared from Rondo’s troops and the demon army.
Elena is also included in the reinforcements as well.」
「Then it’s fine.」

When I checked Elena’s situation through【Tracking】―

There were injured people appeared among the adventurers and demonkind,
Elena went around, healing the injured people of both troops without hesitation.

The reinforcement unit of Rondo and the demon army saw Elena’s behavior……
『Oh, they’re allies』and seemed to instantly come to an understanding,
both sides cooperated properly, forming a hope in the fight against the goblin generals.

Thanks to the reinforcements of both militaries, the 5 generals were soon defeated.
A relieved expression spread over both sides.

「There’s more coming!!」

With someone’s scream, everyone in the place turned their gazes toward the forest.
Then, 10 goblin generals jumped out of the forest.

They were caught off guard by the relief caused by defeating the 5 generals and weren’t prepared to intercept,
Did I release them a bit early!?

While the nervousness ran through everyone!

Countless spheres of ice poured down toward the 10 generals!
It was Elena’s【Hailstorm】.

Although it wasn’t enough to bring the generals down,
surprised at the damage of the【Hailstorm】magic, the generals’ advance momentarily stopped.

During which, the humans and demonkind were able to make preparations together.

The 10 generals, who were weakened by the【Hailstorm】, were soon defeated before the human-demon allied forces.



「Well, shall we try to release 15 next?」
「Oniichan, you such an S……」


 Rondo, having received the information of another approximately 35 generals,
requested more reinforcements from the aristocracy union HQ.

Those of the demon army also seemed to call for reinforcement in the same way as well.
When another 15 generals I released appeared in the central plains,
they were routed by the overwhelming number of soldiers.


 I, looking for the suitable time, released the remaining 19 monsters.
「Oniichan, all the generals have been released……
What would we do?」

「We are the guest’s・・・・opponent.」

As I said so, in front of me who took a fighting stance―

the figure of the Goblin Prince has appeared.

Translator notes and reference:

1Just in case someone didn’t recognize that certain alchemist, it’s referencing the Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric.↩

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