Chapter 114 – Going back and forth

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 The adventurers troop and the demonkind were endeavoring in the right and left flank, respectively.
The four of the magician unit, Demonkind’s leader, Aya and I took the command at the center.

Hilda had been running around to distribute candies, not only to the adventurers troop but to the demonkind as well.

The demonkind were puzzled when they got the candies at first,
when the leader ate the candy first, everyone gradually began to eat it with pleasure as well.
Hilda, who distributed the candies, was greatly loved by everyone of the demonkind.

The demon-adventurers mixed troop routed the goblins with unstoppable momentum.

「Unexpectedly, fighting together with the demonkind……」
『Unexpectedly, fighting together with the humans……』

Rachel and the demonkind’s leader said the same thing in Delaidos common language and demon language, respectively.

Although the demonkind have high physical and magic ability,
the way they used magic was different from humans, using body reinforcement magic as a core. The way they fought was they closed in between their hand-to-hand strikes and cast their spell directly.

As I’m observing the demokind―
on the contrary, the demonkind’s leader questioned me.

『Are the humans comprised of those who use magic and those who doesn’t?』
『Yes, that’s right. Are the demonkind different?』
『Demonkind who can’t use magic don’t participant in battle.』
『I see.』

The demonkind only have those who can use magic as soldiers?

Everyone of the demonkind fought using same battle style.
A single demonkind is a jack of all trades, they are good at close combat, magic and recovery magic.

On the human side, there are scout unit, tank unit, vanguard unit, archer unit, magician unit and non-combatant unit such as healers and Hilda. They specialized in their respective roles.

The demonkind’s leader seemed to be greatly interested about the role assignment of the humans.

All told, as we advanced―
On the map, a bad movement has occurred.

When I say bad movement, it’s not upfront but in the rear.

A part of aristocracy union army has started to marched toward the demon army.

What are those fellows doing!?

Somehow or another, after I acquired【Earth magic】, it enabled me to determine the position by footsteps. It seems that I could now also pinpoint the position of allies.

「Rachel-san, I’m going to report the situation to Rondo in a bit.」
「That’s right, we better do so, huh. Understood, go.」

The demonkind and adventurers, who fought with each other, had formed a certain degree of mutual understanding. I think it would be okay for the interpreter to be gone temporarily if it’s only a bit.

I went back to『Central plain』in a hurry.


「Rondo, what happened!?」
「Oh, Seiji. Sorry. I tried to stop it but Branford-dono has made a sortie.」

Branford is the fox-eyed aristocrat who can use【Appraisal】.

「I’m going to borrow Elena in a bit.
Help me stop those guys, Elena.」
「Yes, Seiji-sama.」
「Wai-! -t.」

I ignored the standstill Rondo―
and teleported out together with Elena.

「How are we going to stop it, Seiji-sama?」
「Elena, make it rain.
Make it feel that it fell naturally if possible.」
「Okay, I understand.」

I let Elena put on the equipment with water attribute reinforcement and send down rain.

Dark clouds loomed over in front of Branford’s sortied troops and *pitter-patter* began to rain.
But, Branford’s army didn’t stop marching.

「Alright, gradually strengthen the rain.」

The rain gradually became strong and finally became a torrential rain.
But, the marching still didn’t stop.
It can’t be helped, we’re going for the last resort.

I let lightning fall from the clouds.
Of course, I made sure that it wouldn’t hit people as much as possible.

Branford’s army, who were surprised by the lightning strike, stopped marching and withdrew.

「Elena, sorry but please continue to send down rain for a while.」
「Yes, I understand.」

While I had Elena sending down rain, I brought Rondo forcefully and stormed in at Lyle Gewalt.

「Lyle Gewalt! Stop Branford’s army!」
「What is it suddenly!?」
「The adventurers had joined forces with Demon army to subjugate the Goblins.」
「What!?  Joined forces with the Demon army!?」

If you start the war with the demon army now, the adventurers, who are joined forces with the demon army, are going to be affected.
At least wait until the adventurers come back.」
「I understand, I’ll call back Branford.」

I leave it to Lyle Gewalt and returned to where Elena is.

「Elena, thank you. It’s already fine.」

Elena seemed to be doing her utmost in keeping the rain and was breathing raggedly.
I had Elena eat Japanese sweets―

This time, the demon-adventurers mixed troop has a movement.
Surprisingly, they withdrew. Is something in there!?

「Bad. Elena, it seems there was also something going on on the adventurers. I’m going out in a bit.」
「Be careful, Seiji-sama.」


 When I came to where the escaping demon-adventurers mixed troop are―
there were 50 goblin generals and a goblin prince chasing after them.

I found Rachel in the escaping joint military troop and spoke to her while running.

「Rachel-san, what happened!?」
「You’ve returned, Seiji? I’m sorry, those guys suddenly attacked. It’s impossible with this force.」
「No, I think you’ve made the right decision.」

「But, if we return to the plain as is, what would those aristocrats say……」
「Then, I’ll restrain those fellows.
Please use that chance to return to the HQ and make preparations to intercept.」

「D-, Do you want to die!?」
「I don’t intend to die. Well, you should leave.」
「I-, I understand. Don’t absolutely die.」

I stopped in place and prepare to counter attack―

「Oniichan, me too.」
「You’re coming, Aya?」
「Of course!」

Aya and I, just the two of us―
will engage the looming goblin army.

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