Chapter 113 – Demon lord’s army and the adventurers troop

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 The adventurers troop moved eastwards.

After a while, bursts of magic and collisions of weapons, the sound of battle could be heard from behind.

I can hear sounds of battle from behind.」
「Oh, are the demon army and goblins battling each other?」
「I think so, probably.」

「Well, they are both our enemies.
But, are they mutual enemies as well?……」
「It seems so.」

With this, it was cleared up that demon army and goblin army at the back aren’t allies.
If they were allies, it would be considerably dangerous……

However, what kind of guys will the demon army be?

「Then, let’s be cautious about the demon lord’s army’s movement,
and continue the goblin subjugation!」
「Yes! Well then,
I’m going to scout out the demon army.」
「You’re going to scout out?」
「Please, leave it to me.」
「Alright, go.」

Well~ then, what will the demonkind be?~
I, with heart filled with excitement, left for a scouting duty.


 I went to a position where the demon and goblin army battling each other can be seen.

The appearance of demonkind―
it was like a common human being……

If there is something different,
it would be the horn protruding on their forehead.
If feels like a shortened unicorn horn.

If you look at the battle, it seems everyone could use magic,
even their physical ability seems to be stronger than that of a human being.


N?  A demonkind seemed to notice me and said something. Demon language?
I used【Language Acquisition】at once.

┌─<Language Acquisition>─
│【Demon language】acquisition
│ Please choose the acquisition level:

│・Level 1 (Consumption: 50 MP)
│  You can speak by babbling.

│・Level 2 (Consumption: 100 MP)
│  You can speak at an everyday conversational level.

│・Level 3 (Consumption: 200 MP)
│  You can speak fluently.
│  You can read simple characters.

│・Level 4 (Consumption: 500 MP)
│  You can speak fluently.
│  You can read and write characters used in everyday life.

│・Level 5 (Consumption: 1000 MP)
│  You can speak with the entirety of the language.
│  You can read and write all the characters.

Hooray! It’s demon language!
I consumed 1000 MP and acquired level 5【Demon language】.

『The hiding human seems to be a scout.』
『Leave it alone if it’s not going to attack.』

They seem to be talking about me.
Should I try to talk using the demon language?

『I’m a human adventurer. Do you need help?』
「What!? You can speak our language?』
『Yes, I can speak it.』

『If that’s the case, give me answers to various questions quickly.』
『Okay, what are they?』

『Is it you guys who fought with the goblins in this area a little while ago?』
『Yes, we are now moving slightly eastward.』

『What are these goblins? Why are there so many goblins in a place such as this? Do you know something?』
『The Goblin King is heading towards here.
These guys are the minions.』

『The Goblin King!!?』

The demons were surprised and puzzled upon hearing the name ‘Goblin King’.

『There’s one more thing I’d like to know.』
「Yes, what is it?」

『Is the human assembled their soldiers not to start a war against the demons but to subjugate the Goblin King?』

『I-, I wonder.~』(Feigning ignorance without hesitation.)

「I-, I see……」

A leader-like demonkind of the demon army issued a command, several people went to relay a message to the demon army’s HQ.


 After conducting the reconnaissance, I returned to the where Rachel-san is.

「I’m back.」
「How was it?」

「I managed to talk with the Demon army.」
it seems they want to cooperate with us in the goblin subjugation.」
「A-, Are you serious!?」
「It’s true.」

Rachel-san was puzzled.
When I stared at Rachel-san with an earnest look,
Rachel-san said that she’ll trust me.

「Listen carefully everyone!
It seems the demon army will cooperate with us to subjugate the goblins.」


「Listen! The demon army isn’t an enemy!
If we encounter them, don’t absolutely launch an attack! Understood!!?」

The adventurers just kept being noisy.

「If you understand, answer!」
「「O-, Ou!」」

Rachel-san forced the adventurers to answer and resumed the goblin subjugation once again.

With the demon army’s cooperation, the goblin army’s strength will be dispersed.
The number of goblins that approached here had been decreased and were easily dispatched.

「It’s an easy victory. Shall we attack from here?」

Rachel-san led the adventurers troop to advance and pressed the attack.
We’ll come across with the demon army soon……
I wonder if it’s fine.

When the adventurers troop advanced through the forest in pursuit of several escaping goblins-
The forest suddenly opened, revealing a place with pleasant prospect.

The adventurers turned to the left all at once and froze in place.

Exactly at same time as the adventurers rushed out to the open space,
the demon army had also rushed out here.

When you look closely, the demon army had been frozen in place as well looking in our direction.

Both sides were frozen and the place was lapsed in silence……

Raising my hand, I walked towards the demon army alone.

Then, the other side’s leader walked over here as well.

『The adventurer from a little while ago, are you really not going to attack us?』
「I-, Is that so?」

Both armies held their breaths and watched attentively the exchanges between the demonkind’s leader and I.

『Let’s shake hands?』

The demonkind leader and I shook hands.
And, I clenched our hands together and raised it up high.


Cheers broke out from both sides!

『Let’s defeat the goblins together.』
『Oh, please treat us well.』

The demon army and the adventurers troop.
The two races’ group combined, joining hands for a single objective―

It was a historical moment.

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 113 – Demon lord’s army and the adventurers troop

    • sherrynity March 22, 2016 / 2:44 pm

      ….now, that’s an important question, isn’t it? 🙂

      (I sincerely hope he won’t get an Orc Princess)

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  1. hayate90 March 22, 2016 / 2:11 pm

    good chapter, but it feels like the demons are a bit too easy in trusting a race that just declared war against them, even if it was a misunderstanding


    • xacual March 22, 2016 / 2:53 pm

      There was never an open declaration of war that I can recall. The demons built up an army because they saw the humans building up an army. It’s why the demon asked Seiji if the human army was for the sake of handling the Goblin King because it explains why the humans would have an army here at this position.

      The problem will be the aftermath of this cooperation since a lot of the human nobles seem to still be thinking they’re fighting the demons.

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      • Wisecrack23 March 22, 2016 / 2:58 pm

        Hmm… I was beaten to the punch by about 3 mins. Oh well, as long as the point got across.


    • Wisecrack23 March 22, 2016 / 2:56 pm

      I don’t think they formally declared war, rather they just amassed an army at the demon country’s border causing unrest which resulted in the demon country amassing their army at the border in response for defensive purposes.


    • Waht September 18, 2016 / 3:58 am

      In WW1’s Christmas, there were a series of unofficial cease-fire between British and German forces, to exchange holiday greetings. There was even a soccer game between the two enemy forces.
      If that crap happened in real life, I am willing to believe something like this can happen as well.
      (Sure, it’s a very far-fetched comparison, but it does stretch your suspension of disbelief.)

      Also, non-sequitur: Demon Language? That’s like saying “Do you want to learn Human Language”? What a flop.


  2. Seinvolf March 22, 2016 / 2:30 pm

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    The persuade power of the hero…


  3. deadlybell March 22, 2016 / 3:17 pm

    AHAHAHAHA he pulled that advert war solution out of his ass XD nice

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  4. kouk2002 March 22, 2016 / 3:30 pm

    Haha, well that was easy, thought demon and human army would fight each other at least little bit. Thanks for the release


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    Thanks for the chapter .


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    Thank you for the chapter!!!


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    This author is a little too easygoing with the plot devices huh.. Oh well


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