Chapter 111 – Start of War

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 Next morning, Aya and I said our goodbye to Elena.

「Elena, I’m off.」
「Elena-chan, see you later.」

「Seiji-sama, Aya-chan……
As expected, I’d like to go as well. Please, bring me along.」

「It’s no good. This time, Elena is participating in this war as a princess rather than an adventurer.
So, it’s not a position that moves easily, is it?」
「Y-, yes.」

「Well then, lend me the magic rod.
So I can also fight Elena’s part.」
「Okay, I understand.」

I received the magic rod from Elena.
I, along with Aya, went to the rendezvous point.

Upon arriving at the rendezvous point, 2, 000 adventurers had been assembled.

「Hey, newbie. This way.」
「Hey there, Rachel-san.」

Rachel-san brought along everyone from the magician unit.
Busty Misha-san was still hostile with Aya.
Cassandra the Nekomimi seemed to be drowsy,
and Hilda, who was carrying a great deal of luggage again, came as well.

「By the way, newbie. Who’s that woman next to you?
Your woman?」
「It’s my imouto.」

I introduced Aya to everyone of the magician unit.
Aya seemed to be worried about Hilda, who was made to work as a luggage carrier.

After a while, Lyle Gewalt appeared before the assembled adventurers.
Lyle Gewalt went up to the morning-assembly-like pedestal and began to explain this time’s strategy to the adventurers.

I’m Lyle Gewalt.
This time’s strategy will now be explained so listen carefully.」

Lyle Gewalt explained that the Goblin King’s army is inside the forest and gave a subjugation order to the adventurers but……

reluctantly said nothing about the fact that in the midst of the goblin army, the『King』is there.

While concealing such important information, you’re letting them fight!?
Such a heartless fellow.

「Rondo・Warstar will designate the specific strategy.」

Being called by Lyle Gewalt, Rondo climb up to the morning-assembly-like pedestal.

「Kyaa! You’re so cool, Rondo-sama.~」

You’re so noisy, Misha-san!

「I’m Rondo. I will now designate the specific strategy.
First, Rachel, come over here.」
「N!? Me!?」

Being called suddenly, Rachel went up to the morning-assemby-like pedestal with a tense look.

For some reason, Misha and Cassandra went with Rachel as well.
You guys weren’t called.

「Oh, unbelievably big breasts.」

The adventurers cheered towards Misha-san? But, it reached, improving Misha-san’s mood, she fought back with a flying kiss.
What did you really go there for?……

「Ahem! This person…these people are the members of the magician unit of our army.
I want the people with combat experience with magic be move temporarily to this unit.」

From the adventurers, about 30 magicians were selected and have been temporarily incorporated into the magician unit.

「In any case, the goblin army has a large number.
First, the magician unit will reduce their numbers,
and the rest of you will attack and crush the discrete remainder.」

Aya will belong to this unit as well.

「The commander on-site is……
Rachel. I entrust the command to you.」
「M-, Me!? I-, I understand.」

Rachel-san is the leader of the adventurers!?

「Then, everybody, make a sortie!」

With Lyle Gewalt’s command, the adventurers made a sortie for the goblin subjugation.


「I’m with the leader of this unit again.~」
「Since I’m always the leader, isn’t it fine?  I will display my best to Rondo-sama as well!」

「By the way, leader.」
「What is it, newbie?」

「When a formidable enemy, who seems like we can’t beat, appears, what would we do?」
「Haa!?  There are 2, 000 adventurers, it would be impossible to not beat a goblin.」
「There might be High Ranks, mightn’t there?」

「What is the High Rank of goblin, Cassandra?」
「Well, it’s Goblin, Hobgoblin, Goblin General, Goblin Prince and Goblin King, isn’t it?」
「When a General appeared, it might become quite dangerous.」

It’s already hopeless with a General?
I completely forgot about the normal person’s common sense.~

「Then, we’ll retreat if a General appeared.」
「Which direction will we retreat?」
「That’s, towards the headquarters…… is it no good?」

「Oniichan, why don’t we retreat towards the demon army?」
「Why would we need to retreat towards there, Aya?」
「It’s MPK, oniichan.」

「Hey, newbie. What’s『Empikee』?」
「Well, uh, it’s a strategy to lure out the monsters into the enemy.」
「I think it’s okay, isn’t it?」
「If it fail, won’t we be pincer attacked by the Goblins and Demon army?」
「Oh, as expected, that strategy is definitely a no!」

When we advanced through the forest while having such talk, a report came in from the reconnaissance unit that they discovered the Goblins.

「Now, how are we going to fight?」
「Leader, let’s do something flashy.」
「Flashy? Why?」

「Aristocrats treat themselves as mere spectators and watch from a safe plain, right?」

「Even if we simply defeat the goblins and return,
they are going to be like『Oh, I see』in the end, right?
They are watching as a mere spectators,
so let’s show them・・a spectacle, a really great magic!
And then, we might get an additional reward.」

「That’s, fine……
Oh, it’s useless after all.
Our magic power won’t last after doing such flashiness.」
「Then, leave that to me.
I have a good stuff that can recover magic power.」
「What did you say!?」

I took out a candy and let Rachel eat it.

「Oh, sweet! Magic power seems to recovery with this!」
「Such a good thing, is it fine?」
「It’s fine since I have a lot of it.」

「Alright! If we have this, let’s do something flashy!」

I handed out candies to each of the 3 magicians,
and gave the rest to Hilda.

「Since I’m leaving these candies to Hilda,
if there’s a person whom magic power is diminished, distribute them please,
I’m counting on you.」
「Y-, yes.」
「Then, try to eat 1 as well.」
「Is it okay?」

I threw the sweetest candy into Hilda’s mouth.

「Oh, sweet!! M-, My cheeks are melting!」
「I’m counting on you.」

Thus, the preparations were in order.
The reconnaissance unit lured in dozen of goblins and returned.

「Magician unit, commence firing!」

Thus, the skirmish of the goblins and adventurers has began.

The war will be called『The war of central plain』later on.
It was this moment that the curtain was raised.

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  1. Seinvolf March 20, 2016 / 1:00 pm

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    It’s time to warrrrr!!!


  2. afk48 March 20, 2016 / 3:46 pm

    if i were seiji i would have been Lyle and other aristocrats half dead to show my might first.
    why bother hiding your strength when you can easily teleport away if you are at a disadvantage.


    • Jei March 20, 2016 / 4:16 pm

      Now, now. What would you say to Elena then? to her sister? “Just wanna show who’s da boss?” If he dont give a shit to other ppl, I would want him to do that as well. >.>


  3. jetzer0 March 20, 2016 / 6:29 pm

    what happened to their objective of stopping the war between the demons and humans


    • Jei March 20, 2016 / 7:54 pm

      I presume that it’s probably still on-going. Since they still have time before the true collision of the two armies.


  4. Krozam March 21, 2016 / 12:19 am

    So they’re ready to retreat if there’s one Goblin General? Weren’t there, like, 100 of them? Plus one Prince and the King… I’m afraid Seiji will have to do everything himself again, with the adventurers being this useless, lol.

    Actually, even with his OP magic, his mana isn’t quite limitless, after all… so this might require some advanced strategy.


  5. KyleAkuma March 21, 2016 / 1:23 am



  6. Orario March 23, 2016 / 10:09 pm

    Thank you for the chapter!


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