Chapter 110 – Out of control Busty-san

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 That day, we marched toward the central plain all day long,
finally, when it was almost evening, we arrived at frontline’s encampment.

At the same time as our arrival at the frontline’s encampment, reactions showed in two places on the map.

One of them was the goblins.
The Goblin King had stopped inside the northern forest. That place is probably those guys’ campground.
Furthermore, I also found out that one portion of the goblins are approaching this direction. They are probably going to watch how things will play out in this place.

The other one was the『Demon army』.
I found out that the army is about 10, 000, the same as the Aristocracy union’s army and is encamped in the western central plain.

The other troops of the Aristocracy Union had already arrived at the frontline’s encampment, nearly 15, 000 soldiers and adventurers jostled each other.
There were shrewd merchants doing business, guild branches were established and military brothel was built. Just like a town.

I, along with the four people of the magician unit, went inside the tent that has been assigned to our unit.

「Here is our tent?
Newbie, bring in the luggage quickly.」

I, along with Hilda, carried the luggage inside the tent.

「Then, I’m going out for a bit because I happen to have a little business.」
「N?  Are you going to embrace a woman at once in the military brothel?
If you like, I can lend Hilda to you?」

Rachel told a not so funny joke with a smirk.

「That’s not it, I’m going out to Rondo’s place for a while.」
「Rondo? Rondo, as in Rondo・Warstar-sama?」
「Yes, that’s right.」

「Rondo-sama wouldn’t meet adventurers like us.」
「No, because Rondo is my acquaintance, we often meet.」

「!? You are acquainted with Rondo-sama!!?」

Busty-san, er, rather Misha-san joined in as well and asked.

「Yes, my imouto has been moving together with Rondo, so we meet and talked many times.」

「How did you get acquainted?
Please introduce me as well!」
「It started when I competed in the fighting competition which Rondo also participated in.」

Speaking of the fighting competition that Rondo-sama has participated in……
Newbie, what’s your name?」
「No wayyy, did you forget, Rachel-san?
My name is Seiji.」

「Seiji!? Speaking of Seiji, when the monster spear user went on a rampage, the name of the black-haired swordsman who beat that monster and won the championship……
Are you, that genuine Seiji!?」

It somehow feels strange that such story had been spread……

「Certainly, I fought against the spear user in the finals and won the championship……」
「Seriously!?  You were quite an amazing fellow.」

「Nee, Seiji-sama.~」

Somehow, Busty-san is making eyes at me!

「Won’t you introduce~ me~ to Rondo-sama?~」
「I-, It’s particularly fine.」
「Hooray.~ <3」

Busty-san hooked her arms through mine, I was at a loss.
Rachel-san was stunned.
Cassandra, whom I thought was only quiet, was already asleep.

I, while being clung to by Misha-san, went to Rondo’s place.


「How is the magician unit, Seiji?
Huh? That woman, if I’m not mistaken……」
「Rondo-sama, I’m~ a member of the magician unit.~ Misha desu.~<3」
「Oh, it was certainly that name.」

「The newbie, Seiju-kun~ brought me along~ because I said I’d like to meet you.~<3」

Is it just me or is Misha-san’s tone annoying?

When Misha-san glared at Aya and Elena, who stood next to Rondo―
She approached next to Rondo and began her seduction.

Rondo looked at me with eyes asking for help. I ignored it.
Aya and Elena hurriedly went beside me.

「B-, By the way, what are we going to talk about?」

While Misha-san was nestling close, Rondo advanced our talk. He was maintaining a resolute attitude.
Amazing, Rondo. Magnificent will power.

「I plan to make a report because I identified the positions and numbers of the goblins and demons.」

Rondo pushed Misha-san aside, took out a map and spread it on the table.
I explained the positional relationship of the respective armies on the map.


Illustration(By みてみん)

 We, the Aristocracy Union army is 15, 000 strong.

The Demon Lord’s army is 10, 000 strong and seems to be unaware of the Goblin King.

The Goblin King’s army is 10, 000 strong and have been deemed to be aware of both.

Judging from the positional relationship, the Goblin King seems to be thinking of going for the fisherman’s benefits.

「This information is useful indeed.
Let’s go and report it to Lyle Gewalt-dono.
Sorry, but except for Seiji who’s going with me, everyone wait here.」

In order to escape, Rondo led me and went to Lyle Gewalt’s place.
Would those remaining 3 people get along well?
I’m worried……


「……that’s the situation, Lyle Gewalt-dono.」
「I see, the Goblin King is in such a position……
We need to have some countermeasure against it.」

「Lyle Gewalt-dono, how about making the adventurers to go there?
If it’s the adventurers, they are used to the movement inside the forest.」
「I see, let’s do that then.」

As a result of the discussion, the adventurers of each of the units have been assembled and tasked to go and subjugate the Goblin King’s army.


 When we returned, Aya and Misha-san were glaring at each other while Elena was appeasing the two in a hurry-scurry.

「What are you doing, Aya!?」
「Oniichan, this woman is bad!」
「What was that!? This thieving cat!!」
「B-, Both of you, fighting is not good. Let’s get along well.」

How did this happen!?

「At any rate, why are you aiming for Rondo-sama!?」
「Don’t lump me together with you!
I don’t have a liking for the likes of Rondo!」
「Kiiii! I won’t forgive you for bad-mouthing Rondo-sama!!」

Rondo, who should have come back together with me, had somehow disappeared somewhere.
That fellow, escaped.

I somehow managed to appease Misha-san, who went out of control, and escorted her to the magician unit’s tent.

Although the war will begin soon, what is this person thinking about?……

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  1. xtachibana March 19, 2016 / 1:35 pm

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