Chapter 109 – Mana crystal of Earth

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 When I woke up the next day, Aya and Elena were sleeping and hugging each other on my bed.
Was Aya longing for others so much?
Well, she is new to Tokyo and because she spent the past few days alone, it can’t be helped to some extent.

When I prepared breakfast, Aya and Elena had finally woken up.

While the 3 of us were eating breakfast, I explained to Aya the situation she left out.

Illustration(By みてみん)

1. The Orc invasion to the Ikebu town.
Thinking about it now, it seems to be the advance party of the Goblin Prince’s troops that came after.
It was absurd, scattering their army.

2. The Slums’ disturbance in the Shinju town.
Once I told Aya that we saved the slaves, I was scolded with「Why didn’t you take one?」.
It was protested by the protection of human rights organization!

3. The mixed troops of goblins and orcs invasion.
Currently, the Prince that time was the strongest.
Also, they completely win over the orcs,
and made use of the secret weapon–monster ball.

4. The goblin troops invade the Ikebu town.
Although it was troublesome, we deliberately let Lela’s troops stationed in the town to play the active role in order for the townspeople to have a peace of mind.
The enemy wasn’t that strong.
The Prince only approached using brute force as well.

Finally when I told Aya that Rondo seemed to have good will towards her……

「Who is Rondo?」

Was what she said. Rondo, don’t mind it.


 After finishing our preparations, we went to Shinju town using【Teleportation】.

When we arrived at Rondo’s camp, they had already begun tidying up the tent.

「Yo! Rondo. Are you going to the frontline now?」
「Aa, that’s right. You too, quickly prepare for the departure to the frontline……
A-, A-, Aya-san! H-, Hello.」

Rondo’s voice cracked into falsetto.

「Ah, greetings.」

Hey, Aya. Say something a bit longer!

「Rondo, I want to visit the『Mana crystal of Earth』before the departure, is it fine?」
「Eh, aah, is that so?
Go and come back quickly.」


 Led by Rondo’s subordinates, we arrived at the『Mana crystal of Earth』.

Finally, Earth magic. I’m looking forward to it because there are many internet novels that has Earth magic cheat.

The three of us placed our hands on the Mana crystal of Earth which shone in yellow light.

Light poured out from the Mana crystal and went inside our bodies.
Hooray! All 3 of us acquired it!

I tried to use【Appraisal】―
Aya and Elena have level 1.
While I acquired level 3【Earth magic】.

「It seems the 3 of us managed to acquire it.」
「Truly? What level is mine?」
「Aya and Elena have level 1.
While I have level 3.」
「You’re amazing, Seiji-sama!」

「Why is only oniichan always getting high level?」
「Because I studied properly.」
「I’d like to study even more as well!」

I’m really pleased with the acquisition of Earth magic.

I checked the details of the magic.

┌─<Earth magic>──
│【Soil contorl】(Rarity: ★)
│ ・Enable to control soil.

│【Stone control】(Rarity: ★★)
│ ・Enable to control stones.

│【Ore control】(Rarity: ★★★)
│ ・Enable to control ore.

What the hell is this!?
Isn’t it only a pure control magic!?
If the level rose, it will be possible to control something hard?

Since I have no time to give the magic a try, we went back to Rondo’s place for the time being.


 When we returned to Rondo’s camp, the soldiers were busily packing.
Rondo, who was overseeing it, spoke to us who just came back.

「How was it?」
「How was what?」
「Were you able to acquire Earth magic?」
「Oh, I was able to acquire it.」
「Oh! Congratulations.
By the way, who else acquired it?」
「The 3 of us managed to acquire it.」
「Wa?  All 3 of you?」

He’s so surprised……
What is the probability of being able to acquire it? Is it lower than I thought?

We played around a lot with the Earth magic until Rondo’s troops preparation were completed.

Elena helped to fill up holes created by the construction of the camp.
Aya messed about by making statue of David with soil.

「Aya-san, it’s wonderful!」

Rondo praised Aya’s statue of David, but Aya, who seemed to be irritated, just ignored Rondo.

After a while, before Aya managed to start making the crotch part of the statue of David, the soldiers preparation for the departure to the frontline have been completed.

Rondo signaled the soldiers to depart to the frontline.
Rondo’s troops of about 2, 000 people, began to march in a slight hurry.

I parted with Aya and Elena, and walked along with the four of the magician unit.
For some reason, Rondo kept Aya and me away. I wonder why?

The magician unit gave all their luggage to the child slave and walked empty handed.
The child slave, who has a small skinny body, carried the huge luggage with utmost effort.

Uumu, I can’t look…….

「Why don’t you let me carry half of the luggage?」
「N-, No, this is, my job.」

Uumu, what to do.
I’ll directly talk to the leader, Rachel!

「Oy, Rachel-san.」
「What is it, newbie?」

Since I’m a newbie, why don’t you let me carry half of the luggage?」
「Don’t worry about the luggage because we have Hilda to carry it.」

I’m worried about Hilda herself but what should I say?

「Well, I want to help you senpais.~ Please, let me carry it.」
「What a strange fellow. Well, it’s particularly good.」

I received 80% of the luggage from Hilda, carried it on my shoulder and began to walk.

「Hou, a strong man spite of being a newbie.」
「Uissu!1 I’m honored to be of help!」

When I’m walking vigorously―
I heard a low voice from behind.

「T-, Thank you, very much.」

Translator notes and reference:

1Not really sure how it used here, but the uissu I know is the same as ossu, a casual greeting which stem from ohayou gozaimasu.↩

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 109 – Mana crystal of Earth

  1. Seinvolf March 18, 2016 / 11:19 am

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    How much control the earth magic is?


  2. Mach March 18, 2016 / 12:14 pm

    He just needs to have fire magic to be a complete cheat. He could just use electrolysis on simple rocks gathered from earth magic, then fuse certain components to make new compounds and temper metals/materials with fire magic and finally clean them from the impurities with a strong current and/or heat.

    And just maybe… make fantasy metals? Unobtainium would be possible with other combinations…


    • yuu-oniichan March 18, 2016 / 1:00 pm

      Given the lackadaisical nature of the finances so far, I’m apt not to believe that the author will even go that far lol


      • Mach March 18, 2016 / 1:34 pm

        well, since he took the opportunity to experience compounding, he probably would be interested in trying smithing.


  3. Krozam March 18, 2016 / 7:47 pm

    I like how easily Seiji slipped into the humble newbie role, and how he managed to help the slave girl without making an unnecessary scene. He has enough power to wipe out the entire army, but he doesn’t let it go to his head. A bit of a Gary Stu, I guess, but a likeable character nonetheless.


  4. Orario March 23, 2016 / 10:02 pm

    Thank you for the chapter!


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