Chapter 107 – The route of War

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 When I woke up from my nap, it was already noon.

For some reason, Elena and Lela were in my room, getting along with each other and peacefully having tea.

When I checked the tracking beacon that had been attached to the Goblin King, the King moved further south. Where is it going?

「Oh, Seiji-sama, good morning.」
「Seiji, you’re finally up. Good morning.」

「Oh, good morning.」

Setting aside the question of why are they in my room.

I explained the Goblin King’s movement to the two people.

「……That said.
The Goblin King, is moving southwards from the western forest of Ikebu town.
What do the two of you think of this movement?」

「By any chance, do they intend to attack the Ikebu town from the west!?」
「No, that’s unlikely.
They had already passed the Ikebu town.」

「Seiji-sama, is the Goblin King perhaps aiming for the Demon town?」
「Demon town?
Indeed, if I’m not mistaken, it is situated to the west of Shinju town?
I see, that’s right.
So, their strategy is to let the humans and demons battle and occupy both towns in that interval.」

「Seiji-sama, if we tell this to the demons, we might be able to prevent the war.」

Although I don’t think it’s going to be successful, I nodded to Elena.

「Alright. Well then, shall we go and stop the war?」
「Yes, Seiji-sama.」

I took Elena’s hand and was about to use【Teleportation】.

「W-, Wait for me. Please bring me along as well.」

Lela said so with serious look.

「It’s no good.」
「W-, Why? Is it because I’m weak?」

「Lela, you’ve become sufficiently strong.
That’s why, you need to protect this town.」
「But, there are soldiers in this town as well.
Even if I’m not here, they are enough to protect this town.」

Protecting the town isn’t only about suppressing the monsters.
You being here and defending the town, is the moral support of the townspeople.」

「The townspeople doesn’t matter, I want you….
I want to protect you, Elena-sama and otousama.」

「Look, listen carefully.
When we go and battle against the demons and the Goblin King, what everyone is really worried about is『The town which one can return to, might be already occupied』and can’t move with a peace of mind.
However, Lela will protect it.
It will be the moral support of all the people who are participating in this war.」

「I am, moral support……」

「Yes, not just the townspeople, your otousama and other aristocrats, soldiers, adventurers and, even Elena and I.」「Yes.」

Elena also nodded to my speech.

「Even Seiji and Elena-sama……」
「That’s right. Will you protect it?」

「……I understand, I, will protect this town.」
「Thank you.」

I firmly shook hands with Lela.

Together with Elena, I used【Teleportation】to Shinju town.


 When we arrived at Shinju town, the whole town had become tense.
The war will start soon and the soldiers can feel it on their skins.

We went to Rondo’s place to report the movements of the Goblin King.

When we arrived at Rondo’s camp, they let us through upon seeing our faces and guided us to Rondo’s place.
Even here, the soldiers were busily preparing.

「Rondo-sama, Princess Elena-sama and Seiji-dono have come.」
「What!? It’s good that they’ve come, take them inside.」

「Yo! Rondo, it seems you’re quite busy. Is the war starting soon?」
「Yes, we’re preparing to depart to the frontline soon. We’ll probably set off tomorrow.」
「So that’s the current situation, huh?」

「Yes, what were you doing lately?」
「We went and defended the Suga and Ikebu town.」

「Defended? W-, What happened?」

I explained the situation of Suga and Ikebu town to Rondo.

「Lela, as in, Iron wall Lela?」
「Yes, she’s now completely the hero of Ikebu town.」

「I see, if Iron wall Lela protects the town, I can be relieved.」

「Then, shall we talk about the main issue?」
「Main issue? The talk just now wasn’t the main issue?」

「The main issue is, I’ve found the Goblin King and have information on it.」
「What!? You’ve found the Goblin King!? Lyle Gewalt-dono must hear the information as well!」

While making me hurry, Rondo guided us to Lyle Gewalt’s place.
Lyle Gewalt seized Azos’ mansion and set up a temporary military headquarters.

「What!? Lela defended the Ikebu town!?」

It seemed Lyle Gewalt thought that Lela left the town and escaped.

「That’s not the main issue but the movements of the Goblin King.」
「What!? Goblin King!?」

They were surprised many times already.

「The Goblin King is moving southwards from the western forest of Ikebu town.
According to Elena, it might be headed towards the Demon town. It seems to be so.」

「I see. If they are to attack, the Demons will retreat and defend the town at once. It will cut down a considerable amount of fighting force.」

「Oy oy, are you really intending to go to war against the Demons?」
「Who would let such an opportunity slip by?」

This old bird seems to think only about the war.

「It’s not guaranteed that the Goblin King will attack the Demon town.
What will you do if the Demons and the Goblin King formed an alliance?」
「I-, It’s bad.」

We decided to leave the decision to Lyle Gewalt and left the military headquarters.

「Hey, Seiji. What will you do after this?」

After leaving the military headquarters, Rondo spoke.

「I’m going to the Adventurers’ Guild and become a volunteer.」
「What?  Why bother becoming a volunteer?」

「I wanted to visit the Mana crystal of Earth but I heard that it’s not allowed if one is not a volunteer.」

「Since I can make arrangements to visit the mana crystal, why don’t you join my troops?」

Being tempted by a man is slightly unpleasant but…
When I thought for a moment―

「Depending on the situation, I might work without permission. Would that still be fine?」

「Oh, that’s fine.」
「Alright. Well then, please treat me well.」

When Rondo and I shook hands, Elena suddenly interrupted.

「Please, let me participate as well!」
Elena-sama participating in the war, that’s ridiculous!
Elena-sama, please wait in this town.」

Well, that’s normally right.

The Royal Family is responsible for causing this war.
I can’t just observe in a safe place!」

Rondo was taken aback by Elena’s seriousness.

「……I understand, Elena-sama will stay by my side.」

「What about me?」
「Seiji will participate in the magician unit.
You may move freely there to some extent.」

「Magician unit!?」

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    Rondo was taken aback by Elena’s seriousness.

    「……I understand, Elena-sama will stay by my side.」

    「What about me?」
    「Seiji will participate in the magician unit.
    You may move freely there to some extent.」

    「Magician unit!?」 – The Flag of NTR was finally risen….

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