Chapter 106 – Whereabouts of the Goblin King

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「C-, Can I sleep together with you?」

The victory party was over and I’m currently relaxing in my room at the inn in Ikebu town.
When Lela made a sneaking visit.

「I’m sorry but I’m going out today so it’s no good.」
「Now? Where are you going at this hour?」
「It’s just a somewhat minor business.」
「I-, I see……」

I’m going to look for the whereabouts of the Goblin King.
I didn’t mention the King to Lela because she might get scared again.

That said, Lela leveled up considerably in this time’s battle.

│Name: Lela Lyle Gewalt (♀)
│Occupation: Princess knight

│Level: 25
│HP: 1, 454
│MP: 758

│Power: 113 Endurance: 118
│Ability: 97 Magic power: 85

│【Light magic】(Lv2)
│【Body reinforcement magic】(Lv3)
│【Sword techniques】(Lv4)
│【Shield techniques】(Lv4)

Her level rose to 25, and her light magic, sword techniques and shield techniques rose altogether.
Back in the fighting competition, she didn’t possess body reinforcement magic. I wonder if he acquired it after that.

What is『Occupation: Princess knight』!
She is neither a princess nor a horse rider.

The『Princess knight』is probably a conceptual thing.

Though it was『Occupation: Aristocrat’s daughter』before, I wonder when did it change?

My level became 38 while Elena had become 29.

Furthermore, Elena’s body reinforcement magic became level 3 while her ice magic had become level 5!

After sending Lela to her own room, who seemed to have something to say,
I went to the forest alone at night.


 First, I teleported to『Scab village』with【Teleportation】and headed toward the east from there. I rushed through the forest using【Lightning flash】at night.

However, inside the forest there were hardly goblins and orcs.

In the end, I arrived at the outskirts of『Nippo town』but didn’t find the Goblin King.

However, I managed to travel across such distance which takes about 4 days by carriage in about 4 hours.【Lightning flash】is awesome. But, it diminished my MP with gusto……

Once I returned to the『Scab village』, I also checked up on other directions.
In the end, I managed to investigate both the north and west in about 4 hours but didn’t find anything.

I gave up on the surroundings of『Scab village』and went back to『Ikebu town』. I checked up on the western direction from there.

When the night was about to turn into dawn.
I found it at last.

The Goblin King!

In addition,
1 Prince,
100 Generals,
1, 000 Hobgoblins,
and there are also about 10, 000 normal goblins!

As expected of the troops the King led, the number is impressive.
A war potential to the extent that it can directly compete with the military assembled in『Shinju town』.

But, why in such a place?
The troops led by the Goblin Princes until now had been attacking from the north twice.
In other words, the goblins’ den should be in the north.

If the King’s troops also came from the north, via this place, where are they heading?
The King’s aim is unknown.

I approached the Goblin King using【Night shade】.

The King is colossal!
Its size is about a three-story building.

Although it seemed I was able to kill it now, I stopped because I had a bad feeling.

Secretly, I put【Tracking beacon】on the King and returned.


 When I returned to the inn in Ikebu―

For some reason, Elena and Lela were sleeping on the bed in my room hugging each other.
What on earth are these two people doing?

Since it can’t be helped, I decided to take out the sleeping bag and sleep on the floor.
I mean, I’m sleepy.

Immediately after I dozed off a little, somebody had come and poked my cheek.

「What time did you return? Sleeping at such a place with a happy expression.」

N?  Who is it? I’m sleepy, leave me alone.

「At any rate, playing with women until late at night. Is a big breasted woman so good?」

What are you saying? I don’t know who it is, but be quiet. I’m sleeping.

「If you just approach, even I will willingly do……」

「Aaah! Noisy!」

While complaining, when I opened my eyes and look―

While massaging her chest, Lela was surprised and her eyes turned into dots.

「Ah, Se-, Seiji…… y-, y-, you’re up!?」
「Muu, I’m sleepy so be quiet.」
「A-, Ah…… hmph! Such eyes prove that you were playing with women.」

「Playing with women? I didn’t do such a thing. I searched for the Goblin King for a whole night!」
「N?  Goblin King!?」

「Oh, yeah. I found it but since I think it’s not heading to this town, it’s fine.」
「I-, Is that so? That’s good. You didn’t play with a woman with big breasts?」
「What’s that?」

Lela, knowing that there was no danger of the Goblin King, heaved a sigh of relief.

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    Elena > Lela >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>~> Aya

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    「Muu, I’m sleepy so be quite.」

    I have been seeing this for quite some time but its “quiet” and not “quite”, was hoping someone would point it out or you’ll realize that its a different word… a-anyway! I-Its not like I-I was c-concern about y-you or a-a-anything okay!


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    All 3 are great. One was a snot but that’s clearly from being raised by her dad. She’s shown she’s got a good side to her left once her shell was cracked through. Sadly all half his age or close to it and one’s his sister.. poor guy.


  5. LovelyJane March 18, 2016 / 1:38 am

    What is『Occupation: Princess knight』!
    She is neither a princess nor a horse rider.

    The『Princess knight』is probably a conceptual thing.

    Though it was『Occupation: Aristocrat’s daughter』before, I wonder when did it change?

    Because the part where you carry her in a princess carry in that other chapter when the battle ended…

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